By the way, Lotus is underneath the sheep.

Sheep's bed......?

I don't know, Renchan seems so happy.

Uh, what's that? Looking at Len-chan, is it true that she was crushed by a sheep...? It doesn't seem painful. I'd rather be happy.

Mirai-san. That's the point. "

"Ah, yes. What?"

"I can give you this sheep."

Oh, no. Are you sure?

I accidentally stopped at Kimpika-san. Stay staring. Unexpectedly, Kimpika-san retreats further.

Amazing pressure wow

I'm scared, Mirai-chan

Shut up.

"Really? Would you like to withdraw your foreword?

"Ah, ah. I won't. But, of course, it's not free."

"Mm... No, that's right. It's a rare monster that I can't get right now. Naturally."

Yeah, I'd rather be told it's free.... no, I feel like there are a lot of people who throw money at the audience.

"The audience is going to be paralyzed."

What happened suddenly?

I don't know, but we're not bad! I'm sure! Maybe... no, that's it... "

You're starting to lose confidence ~

Forgive me now.

I was tossed 10,000 yen. That's why it's like this... No, thank you, but...

"Yeah. So, what's the deal? If you want to hang out with Renchan or date her, I'll call the game master who's there."

"Would you stop!? That's exactly what I wouldn't ask of a little girl like that!

"Hah!? Are you trying to tell me that Renchan's not attractive? I'll kill her!


Yabe, this sister is so annoying!

What are you talking about? You're under sentence of death because you're unattractive to Renchan.

Enjoy the audience too ~

I won't forgive you. Never!

"Hey, shut up."


Yes, I'm calm now. I want to have a heart...

I don't know which one is my sister anymore.

The boiling point will be too low when Ron-chan is involved.

Leave me alone...

"Again, Kimpika-san, what's the point?

Don't pull so much, let's cum.

"Ah, yeah... If you don't mind, could you give me an interview?"


Coverage? Eh, no, what...?

Actually, I'm writing an article on Gamers Net.


"Eh, no, Ma?

It's the biggest information site!

Gamers Net. I know. I've been watching. For now, game-related information is a site that is said to be correct if you look at it.

That kind of site wants to cover Renchan? Too much to talk about?

"You look incredible."


Honestly, we can't really find out.

"Mirai's vigilance is natural."

I don't think you can do business cards here either.

It is, right? I can't deny the possibility of a fake. I want a sheep for Renchan, but I don't know what to do...

Well then, I'll contact you tomorrow through operations. How about that?

"Ah... I see. I wonder if the operation can confirm that...."

I'm sorry I got caught up in this on my own, but that's okay, right?

Well, I'll get back to you.

"Ah, yes. Um... please...?

Kimpika nodded and looked back at her companions.

Those people had very white eyes on me.

"Klamas. Can I talk to you for a second?"

"Mostly about Klamas' work."

"Eh, it's a fungus. I'll make it worse."

"Eh, ah, wait a minute, no, just tell me the truth....."

Ah... I took him with me. Well, yeah.

"There's nothing wrong with me this time!

That's all I care about ww

If it's true, does Ron-chan become an article...? Too much fun. "

That's it. What kind of article would that be?

Well, I still don't know if I'll take it.

I've been a little derailed, but today's festival is almost over. It's almost eight o'clock at night. Time for Renchan to fall. You miss me a bit, you're holding my right hand forever.

Len-chan, wait a little longer.


Take a relaxing look at the distant sky in the corner of the bustling Touch Square. It's about time, it's about time.

Since it was decided that Renchan would come, there was something prepared by the development rather than the operation. I talked to Yamashita and decided to make it a surprise. This was one of the meetings that day.

Soon. Soon.

Then, I heard a high whistle, and immediately afterwards, a fire flower bloomed in the night sky.


Len-chan was surprised when her eyes turned round. Looks like you surprised me.

"Hey, sweetheart! What was that!?

"Yeah, it's fireworks. Speaking of festivals, we need this."


This is Len's first fireworks. I really want you to enjoy it.

Fireworks!? It's fireworks!?

There must have been no fireworks in this game!

It must have been implemented for this event.

Yeah. Well, that's it.

In fact, it seems that there are actually some fans of Renchan in the development. Rather, it seems that many people in charge of development are fans of Renchan. Are you okay with this company?

It is the fireworks that these people made for Renchan with their break time.

Loved by a lot of people, it's a lonely, complicated mood that makes oneechan happy.

So, hey, hey.


"Nothing. I'm just replenishing my lunch."

I squeezed Len-chan from behind. Hmm, soft and warm.

Afterwards, the trembling bass echoes many times, and several flowers bloom in the sky. Len-chan was watching fireworks with a big hatchet.

"I think it was worth a day today."

You exaggerate.

Speaking of Mirai, it's Mirai.

"This is... eheheheheheheheh...?

I don't know.

Look at the fireworks with Renchan. Fireworks that disappear after blooming many times.

Yeah, it's a great finish for today.

While gently stroking Len-chan, I thought about that.