"Welcome, Oshima-sama. My name is Kurashibashi of Gamers Net."

"Ah, yes. This is very polite....."

Two days after the festival, Tuesday. In the hospital parking lot, I met a man named Kurahashi. Speaking of whom, it's Kimpika.

Game Master Yamashita contacted me and apparently he is really a gamers net player. That's how we met. I'm surprised you came all the way on the Shinkansen.

"Er... Kurashibashi wants to interview Renchan, right?

"Yes, that's right. Please contact your parents again....."

"Ah, they both work here, so I'll see you soon."


Oh, you didn't know that? Well, I only touched my parents' work a little bit on TV.

Both your father and your mother work in this hospital. My father is an internal medicine and my mother is an ophthalmologist. So, in fact, the salary of the two of you is actually quite good.

"Still, raising money means that much money."

"Well, yes. That's right."

I rented an apartment nearby so I could see Renchan right away, but it would be nice if there was an auto lock. I don't want to be luxurious, and I have nothing to complain about.

It was harder than that at first. Since my mother was popular with patients, it seems that the hospital side also made it convenient, but my mother's salary alone is not enough for Ron's treatment and hospitalization expenses, so it seems that she waited for a considerable amount.

After getting married, my father used his savings to pay for everything. I was thinking about traveling abroad, but I was told that I'm sorry, but if Ron can't go, I won't travel abroad. It's only natural.

Well, when I said that, I had a subtle smile. He's a rude father.

Still, I don't have enough money. In order to treat it, I have to investigate it from Renchan's illness, and I am always in a state of lack of money. So, even though I knew there was a lot of risk, I asked for a fundraiser.

Now that I have some room, it seems that I have a team to investigate Ron's illness. Well, it still hasn't worked out, and I'm apologized for every time I see you. It is troublesome for me to apologize. Don't let a big adult lower his head to a high school student again and again. I'm sorry.

"Er... How far can I write that...?

"Eh? Um... If necessary, get permission from your father or mother. I just talked about it for reference."

"I see. I see."

"The coverage of the game, right...?

"I thought you should just touch it a little bit. People you don't know will wonder what elementary school students are playing with."

I was only a little convinced. Well, that's right. I was on TV, but not everyone was watching it. Anyone you don't know while you're broadcasting will be fine.

Visits are accepted on the 10th floor. At this time, I should be eating lunch in Ron's ward.

Now, is school good?

I'm off now.


"Excellent grades make a lot of sense."

I'm glad you kept your grades up. Somehow, I feel like I've given up everything that Ron has to do with it.

Enter a room like a prep room and turn off the lights.

"Is it getting so dark..."

"That's right. I think it's going to be tough until I get used to it."

Knock and enter the ward. I talked to my parents about the interview, so they both waited for me.

"Ah, onii-chan!


I'll take care of the rest and replenish it for you!

Sit on the bed and put Ren-chan on her lap. Hold him from behind and take a breath. Best position.

"How did this happen to my daughter...."

Your father is astonished, but he ignores anything like that. Lotus is cute, Lotus.

"Hey, how's school?

I'm rested.

"Eh? Onee-chan, you're an idiot, but you can't.


You can't change the image once it's settled. Hahahaha.

Look at my father. I was instantly distracted.

"Remember, let's do this...."

"Is that what you say to my father?

"Who established the image of an idiot? Who is it?

"No, yeah, I'm so sorry about that passage... I really regret not telling you...."

"You deserve all this."

Mother laughs when she giggles. When I looked at you, I saw a soft and gentle smile.

"But don't take too much time off. Your grades are going down again."

"Well... Be careful."

I don't want to be told to reduce my visiting time, so let's be really careful about that.

"Father, mother. That person is Kurahashi. I'm from Gamers Net and he wants to interview you. By the way, Ren-chan would love to take it."


I want a sheep.

I think the sheep did everything they could, but it's always the same!

"Ha ha ha. Okay. Now, Kurahashi, let's talk outside for a minute."

"Yes, yes. I'm sorry to interrupt the reunion time....."

"Hahahahaha. Never mind."

Ah, that's the way you laugh when you're angry with the plain. All right, don't worry about it.

I dropped off the three adults who were leaving, and put my chin on Renchan's head. Hmm. Len's hair is soft.

"Hey, it's a little heavy."


"Already.... I can't help it."

I got permission, so stay put. I think I'll relax because I don't have any plans for today while I'm playing around with Renchan.

Hold Len-chan in your arms and go to bed. Oh, there's a giraffe stuffed animal rolling around in the bed. It seems that today's gift is from Giraffe.

I'm going to slap a giraffe stuffed toy on my hand. When Len-chan saw Giraffe, she glanced at her face and went to get a stuffed animal.

I'm still a kid where I like to play with dolls. No, I'm just a kid.