"So it's a sudden delivery."

"That's it!

Put your phone on the table with the camera facing us on the bed. When I declared that with Renchan, my phone gave me the opportunity to read everyone's comments.

If I thought it was midday on a weekday, I'd be in the hospital room.

It's dark after all......

"Millay, you're a student. What happened to school?"

"I don't think anyone watching this broadcast in the middle of the day wants to hear it!

"Stop it!

That statement works for me......

It's catastrophic with a stray bullet wow

Yeah, I'm not bad. The bad thing is the one who brought up the school story.

Even if I hugged Giraffe, I hugged her from behind. Worth it.


Ron-chan, Kon-chan

"Nh! Ko-chan!

"I like you for responding properly."


So, what kind of delivery is this?

"Nothing special. We're just sitting around."

When I asked Ron-chan, she said that the answer was a giraffe. Pofu, it hits my nose. It's a plush toy.

"Look, that's what Renchan said, right?

Do you know www

It just looks like you're saying no.

Don't you know that kind of Mirai?

"Yes, but I was angry that you should say something different."

Are you mad at me? www

That's just too appropriate for me.

Ron-chan, is it right?

Ren-chan nodded with a giraffe. Fufu, how's it going? I know everything about Len-chan. You're my sister!

I can't believe it was really the right answer....

It's disgusting when you come this far.

You think Renchan feels sick!?

"You idiot, Miray is definitely the one. Len-chan is cute."

Then I forgive you.

I was forgiven!

It's too supremacist, isn't it, Renchan?

I don't care about myself ww

It doesn't matter anyway, if I try to say something like that, I will contact Giraffe again. Yeah, I think we should keep this quiet.

In particular, is it okay to distribute content that has not been determined?

"Hmm? Fine. All you have to do is look at Roon-chan, who plays with stuffed toys!

That's cute but wow

"I thought that was enough. Maybe I'm poisoned by this sister...."

What a strange encounter. Me too.

Anyway, I'd like to hear Renchan's song. That's right. Can't we go to the hospital?

Hmm. Song. Speaking of which, there were some people who were interested in Renchan's delivery. I don't know who this guy is, but can we do it here?

"It sounds like it's soundproof, so I'm fine with singing. I can't play music."

Well, it depends on how he feels.

That's why I'll ask Ron-chan. With both hands, I squeezed Len-chan's cheeks.


"Ron, I want to hear a song. What do you think?"


"Yes, song."


You took it on. That's right, Ron-chan, I understand the story. She's so cute!

So, my throat is a little tight. Ah, what a shield for Giraffe. Mmm, Giraffe-san, your shields won't break...

I can't help it, so I'll take the giraffe and hold it instead. Renchan took out the bunny in the corner of the bed when she ran out of lids. Turn the rabbit's face over here, twitching. Incidentally, it's a small stuffed toy, and it's the size that goes on Ron's palm.

Mysterious play has begun ~

What happened to the song?

Well, this is cute.

"Oh, yeah. I'm sorry."

When I put Giraffe aside, Len put the rabbit on her head. Turn around to your phone and, uh, think about it.

"Well then, let's sing..."

I'm really worried about the rabbit in my head, but it's chippy chippy chippy.

Is the rabbit still there?


Did you get a little nervous? Len is trembling a little. But I took a big breath and started singing.

Ron's song is very easy to hear. A beautiful and clear voice. I think I'm very good at subtracting my family's eyesight.

The comments on the delivery were all very complimentary. There was a comment that the next song was a quick song, but Ron-chan herself doesn't listen much to the song, so what do you think?

After singing about three famous songs that appeared in the textbook, the distribution ended. Soon your dads will be waiting for you. Len-chan was aware of it, and the last one was shy.

So I ended the broadcast and looked back at the three of them, and they all smiled bitterly.

"No, it was a good song. It was so good, Ron."

Really? Ehehe, thank you. "

Hang on, Len. I'm honestly happy because it's the first time I've heard from someone else. You're tired of hearing from me. Sadly. I didn't lie to you.

"So, what's the story?

When I heard, Mr. Kurahashi got all thumped up. My father and mother nodded with a smile, so they said they were safe.

Roon-chan saw that.

"Oh no!

I smiled happily.

Yeah, yeah. Now you can have the sheep!

"I will give it to you today."

"Huh? Shouldn't it be after the interview?

"I feel sorry for you."

Oh, I see. Yeah, Roon-chan, you smell really good. I know you're looking forward to it. I'm glad you did.

"We'll decide about the interview at a later date. I'm sorry to interrupt your family reunion."

"Oh, yes. I'm sorry. Let me take care of you."

"No, that's it."

That said, Mr. Kurahashi lowered his head again and went home to his father. I didn't know then, but he's very serious.

"I don't think it's Kimpika-san...."


Father leaning his neck. I think I still have some rest time, so I'll let you know.