Eighteen. It was not only me and Renchan who gathered at Renchan's home, but also a different person, Kimpika. I was invited here to get the sheep.

"This is Renchan's home....."

Kimpika-san looks at the surroundings with excitement. I always show it on the delivery, so I don't think there's anything unusual about it.

To put it simply, I feel like I'm in the world of animation.

"Yeah... Is that what this is about?

That's what it is.

The audience said that it is not very different from the world of animation in the sense that we cannot go there ourselves. I don't know.

What bothers me is that Renchan's expression is a little dark. Kimpika-san is aware of this and is in a little trouble. You're going to glance at me, aren't you?

It's good to hear it, but I wonder what it really is. I don't think I've lost interest in sheep. I nailed my gaze to the sheep next to Kimpika.

"Ron-chan, what's wrong?

When I asked her, she looked like she was about to cry.

"Um, Onee-chan. I'm glad the sheep are here."


"But is that okay? Aren't you gonna miss me?

Oh, I see. It seems that Renchan cares about Kimpika and the sheep. I think Len is worried because she will never be able to break up with her own Tammy Mons.

When I looked around, Kimpika-san looked at me like she couldn't say anything.

"Well, Renchan. I don't really want to talk about it."


"This guy hates me...."

Yes, me and Len-chan tilted their necks.

Does Tammmons hate you?

There is. It seems to have a good sensitivity. If you're not sensitive, you won't be able to listen to my orders, and you won't even be able to touch me worse. "

Are you kidding me?

Isn't it fatal for someone who likes tofufu? No, I don't think she'd hate me if I liked her too much.

Kimpika reaches out to the sheep. When the sheep glanced at Kimpika, they distance themselves from the soot. I see, this is terrible. Kimpika, who has distant eyes, is a little pathetic.

I don't care. Hate is what I'm supposed to do. "

"Ah... That's what happens."

It's only natural to be told. Nothing makes me hate you.

That made our gaze cold. No, I mean, hey?

"No, no, wait! No, it's not!

I'll ask you for an excuse at Clan Home, Clamas.

Are there any members here?

I'm disappointed in you, Kimpika......

Did members call you Kinpei too?

Hmm, maybe this isn't the biggest clan disbandment crisis? Um, I don't know if I need to follow up, but I think I should just ask.

Um... Is there a reason?

When I heard it, I glanced at me. No, I'm just asking. I don't know the rest.

"No, actually. I'm glad I got my pet eggs, but I wasn't really interested, so I've always wanted to give them to someone else."


"When I realized I was going to be a sheep, waiting for me at home."


This is terrible www

It's too much of a trap to hatch on your own ~

This is a bad operation, no doubt.

Yeah, I think that's terrible. This leads to mistrust of operations...

Please wait.


"Who is it?

Hi, my name is Yamashita.


Game Master!? Game Master Nande!?

Yeah, it's getting kind of fun.

Dear Kimpika-sama

"No, wait. If you were a game master, you'd know my name...."

Dear Kimpika-sama

"Ah, yes. That's fine."

Yamashita-san, isn't this a bit dull?

Is this a pattern of wet clothes!?

I should have displayed a caution statement in advance when choosing a pet egg.


"Ah, I remember that. I did get a caution note. If you don't hatch it manually, it's real time, and I don't remember the exact time, but please be careful because it hatches."

Exactly a week.

Whoa, this is not good money.

It would be more like a shift of responsibility with Mr. Klamas....

"No! I want you to wait! Certainly, the caution statement may have been skipped in a hurry! But with such a one-time display....."

All right. Do what you don't know.

I decided to listen to everything. No, it's definitely going to be a long time.

Better than that, Lotus.



I'm staring at the sheep for some reason. Thigh. Thigh.

Peko, when Ton-chan lowered her head, the sheep lowered as well. Smart kid.

"Can I fluff it up?

When Len asked, the sheep sat there. It seems that it is okay to wipe the lid.

"Thank you!"

And, and, and rushed over, and pooped from the side. Wow, Ton-chan's melted voice.


"No, I'm really curious!?

Look, I want to fuck with you too! May I sneak up on you, too? I don't think so.

Reach out gently. The sheep glanced at me and didn't move. Does that mean...?

I touched it on the other side of Renchan. Oh, this is amazing. Fufufu.

I wonder what to say. This way, wrap it in a muffin. Yeah, I don't even know what that means. It was a fur that polarized in a different direction from Lege. This is a good thing.

If Ren-chan and I were enjoying Sheep's Fufu, it seems that the discussion between Kimpika and Yamashita was over. Kimpika was looking back at us.

"Have you finished your barren argument?

"Ugh... No, yeah... I'll do it again at a later date....."

We shouldn't have a long discussion here. Mirai-sama, I'm sorry for the disturbance.

"Oh, no. It's okay. It's like someone suddenly complained to me."

Sometimes this kind of stimulus may be good. Mm-hmm.

Well then, take it easy, Renchan.

Kimpika calls for Renchan. Ren-chan left the sheep with a little regret. Looks like he really liked it. Very well.

"I'll apply for a transfer. I'm going to show you the trade screen, okay?

"Er... Onee-chan."

"Yes, yes. I'll see."

Stand behind Renchan and have him show you the trade screen. If you wonder how Tammy Mons gives up, what is this, a shard of sheep eggs?

Now I wonder what sheep eggs are, but I'll ask what kind of treatment they are.

Yamashita-san says that by hatching from a pet's egg and giving away from the egg only when the owner has a bad relationship with the pet, you can also give up Tammys' rights. Only for pets.

So let's finish the trade. Now the sheep are officially Renchan's pet.

"Yes, that's fine. Renchan"


Roon-chan hugs the sheep quickly. In the meantime, it's a picture, it's a screenshot, it's a lot to save!

"The sheep, too, Fufu-chan... Let's wait for my phone...."

"I want to say a lot, but I've given up."

It's Mirai, and I'm convinced of everything.

I want to make a bad mouth like Miray.

I see. I thought I'd post it, but I don't need it. "

I'm sorry!

Sorry! Best of all, enjoy a screenshot from the premium seat!

I can't help it.

The palm of my hand is as rough as ever. I don't hate it.

For now, this is the end of the day. The interview is scheduled to be held at a later date. After all, I told her it would be easier to take up time on Sundays, so I think it will be Sunday.

Well then, I'll do it now. I'm looking forward to the interview. "

"Yes, I'll be in touch."

Kimpika has lowered her head, so I'll keep it down too. After I dropped Kimpika-san off, I looked back, and there were sort of a lot of lids.

Wolf, cats, and Kells, mainly sheep. What is this?

"Welcome party or something?

You're too scared for a welcoming party.

No heart, I feel like the sheep are trembling wow

Seriously. I'm serious. "

I'm really shaking... Well, yeah. You're scared.

Catch Renchan for now. I want to enjoy the sheep too!



What is this...

"I'm here too... so cute..."

Tofu, tofu, tofu. Very, very good. "

What is this?

Hmm... I thought I'd decide tomorrow, but that's enough for today. Fuzzy with Len-chan...