"Become this girl's sister!

What are you talking about? This person was the first thing Jialen thought.

He came to see Jialin every day since the day he first met him. Always smiling sister. Jialen's first impression of the future is someone she doesn't know or likes.

I heard from my mother that I do something called farewell. He says he's going to be someone else. I don't know. I met someone who would be my dad, but I thought he seemed kind.

However, for Jialen, my father is the man who abandoned Jialen. He was kind at first, but he knew that Jialen was an unexplained illness, and that the treatment would cost money, and that he could not take any further care of him.

However, it doesn't matter to Jialen. However, I can't forgive her crying and making her sad.

That's why Jialen hates Father.

The "Father" comes new, and my sister can. I wasn't sure.

However, I found out that the "sister" related to the "father" I hated.


Today, the future is here too. I really like people. Jialen only talked about the day she first met.

Looking at the future, Jialen was wearing a futon. Don't talk to people you don't understand. She also told me not to follow strangers.

"Ron-chan, should I talk to you sometimes?

I don't know. I can't hear you. I want you to go home soon.

"Hmm, they won't talk to me today. You miss me, don't you?

I don't know. I don't need oneechan. I wish my mother, and only my mother, could stay.

"Yeah, okay! Well, let me talk to you myself!

I didn't understand why that happened.

The future often talks about the future and about Dad. When I hear that, he may be a good dad, unlike his predecessor. But after all, it's "Father". I don't like it.

The future stood up after two hours of talking and visiting for as long as possible.

Well then, it's time to go home. I'll be back tomorrow!

Sleep tight, you're laughing and the future is gone.

Finally, it's a quiet night for Jialen's favorite.

It's a very, very quiet time. Let's take it easy and read a book.

Take it easy.





I miss you.

For about half a month, Mr. Future went on talking unilaterally and went home. I don't think he really understands. Why do you care about yourself?

Jialen couldn't even show her face. I didn't open my mouth. I really like things.

I really, really like the fact that a lot of people get closer to Jialen, which they avoid.

So I decided to ask.

Today, the future came in the usual time.


Such a vibrant voice. And just a moment.

Is that it?

The future leaned his neck.

"Can't you hide?


Slap and slap next to the bed. The future sat there after getting a little lost. He is usually so reckless, but he is a strange person.

"Er... Lon-chan?"


"Ah, yeah... Jialen, right? I'm sorry, did you feel comfortable?

The future will be depressed. My chest tingles a little.



"Why do I persist in ignoring the future?

I'm shocked by the future, but I'm not sure.

"Because I want to get along with Jialen."

"I don't want to get along."

"Oops... I don't have an island....."

Soggy, tingling chest. It just tickles a little.

"Er... Do you hate me?



"Because I'm your child."

"Hmm... You don't like Dad?



"Because I'm your dad."

"Er... Why?"

"Because my mother cried."

The words of the future have stopped. I wondered what had happened and glanced at the neighbor. For some reason, the future was smiling. A kind smile.

I see. Jialen likes her mother. "

"Yeah, I love it."

Oh, yeah.

That said, Mr. Future's smile seemed kind of distorted.

"I hate it."


Jialen's mother isn't here. She hates my mother. "


Your mother is kind. Why do you hate your mother?

"Your mother was close to another man."


"I liked a different man than your father."

That shouldn't be good. Somehow, I think so.

"What should I say when my father is not at home at work... I don't know if I was doing my best at home....."


"I don't know. Hmm... Well, yeah. I was doing something bad."

Future said he happened to witness it when he came back to pick up his belongings. From that point on, something very troublesome happened, and the mother of the future disappeared and she hated it.

"Dad tells me that he doesn't care about you, but it seems that I've seen the cause of the divorce... But if that makes it easier for your father, I'll let him know your mother left."


"Oh, sorry, sorry. It's a tough story, right? You don't have to worry about Jialen."

That's how the future strokes your head. It was a caring, very gentle stroke.

"Is Dad a good man?

"Yeah, he's a good guy."

"Well then.... I'll talk to you."

Like Jialen hates her and likes her, the future doesn't like her and likes her. If you like this person so much, you might want to talk to him.

"I want you to mind me too!

"I don't know about the future..."

"I don't know."

I don't know what I don't know.

"The future... don't you hate me?


"It's a weird disease. I don't know what kind of illness it is, and I might fall asleep. That's why you should stay away."

Most people leave, no matter how kind they are. Jialen knows it well. In that case, it would be easier not to be on the side from the beginning.

However, Mr. Future nodded and somehow put Jia Lotus on his lap.

"Mr. Future?

"I don't know about the illness, so don't you mind? Jialen is such a good girl."

"Nh... I'm a bad boy. Something terrible is happening to the future."

"That's all you have to say, good boy. Besides, Jialen should be more selfish."

Is that so? I don't know about Jialen.

"Still, yes. If I lie down...."

"What if I lie down?

"I guess I'll live here, too. Be nice then, okay?

That's the future, laughing naughtily.

At least, I thought it was different.

Goodwill is fine.


You can have a goodwill.

"Er... Lon-chan?"


Jialen nods small. The future shined brightly.

"Well then, I want you to call me oneechan! I'm going to be Ron's mother's daughter too!

Hmm? Um... Oh, onii-chan.... "

Why? Very, very, very embarrassing. When Jia Lian said with her face bright red, oneechan smiled happily.

"Thank you, Renchan!

From behind, it's squeezing. Anyway, it's kind of comfortable.

"Well then, Ron. I've finally been able to talk to you, and I'll give you a present."


That's how oneechan took the paper bag out of her bag. What came out of the bag is a puppy stuffed toy. A pure white puppy, just the right size stuffed toy for Jialen to hold.

Looking at the stuffed toy that oneechan gave me, Jialin said.


Isn't it?


I'll hug you. It was a fluffy but plump toy.

"I'm so happy... Thank you, Onee-chan."

Saying that, Jialen smiled.

"Yeah... You're welcome. I'm glad you're happy, Lotus."

Oneechan laughed with joy.

I don't know if that's the cause, but there was a sudden increase in the number of stuffed animals from here, my sister's grades dropped due to too many visits, and a restraining order was issued. Soon, my sister was at the top of Jia Lotus and my mother secretly cried, but that was another story.

"Oh, my God!

In front of the sphere of light, I put my lucky head on and covered my head with a white fox, and the rendezvous ended.

I was asked how it was with my sister at first, so as far as I can remember, I answered. Is this OK?

I wanted to see Tsutsumoto-chan.

If you can, you're cute too!

"I'm going to die from overdose. He's dead."

"Become a Buddha."

Let's do it!

"Hey, what are you doing?

Looking back. Oneechan, who was hugging Ren from behind, had somewhat nostalgic eyes.

"No, I had a hard time at that time... Ron, you really ignored everything. Actually, it was pretty depressed."

"Ah, well... I'm sorry...."

"Hmm!? Chi, no, I'm not blaming you! Ron is so cute! I want you to smile because you're the cutest with a smile!

"Yeah... Ehehe... Thank you, Onee-chan."

"No, no, no, thank you, Ron....... Shit, I think I'm bleeding."

It's ruined at the end!

Come on! Really come on!

"Shut up!

It's such a noisy, routine routine.

Just remember that quiet room. And look at your sister right in front of you.


Lotus was kind of fun, and it took oneechan a while.

It's also very fun today.