"It's in order. Because it's in order. Yes, please."

Nineteen o'clock. Lots of monsters lined up in front of Len-chan, and the line is very long. Counting is cumbersome.

Ron-chan has a brush and is brushing in turn. Everyone seems to feel good, so even if I just look at it, it kind of stings.

The brushing time is about 30 seconds per animal. Of course, but we still don't have enough time, so we'll have to do it in a few days. Wolf alone will take about 50 minutes. It can't be over.

Looks like we're just going to be streaming brushing footage for a while. Well, looks like that's enough for everyone.

I've been waiting behind Len-chan's light bulb for a little consultation.

"I don't know what to do, but I still want you to be my friend."

"That's right...."

Yamashita-san is the one who will take the lead. A cool woman in a suit. I feel like I can do it anyway.

I've been playing games with Len for a month. I think it's about time that Ren-chan wants a friend of her age, so I'm consulting with her.

But after all, Yamashita-san couldn't say anything. I think it will be difficult. Ron-chan is already a special case.

Oni-chan, oni-chan

"Hmm? What's wrong, Goodwill?"

Renchan rushed over here and Yamashita disappeared. Anything, it's not good that the game master is talking to one player.

Now what? I don't think so, but there will be many things.

"Childrens of Shirokuma!

What Len has is a tiny bear. He went all the way down from the snowy mountain to see Len. You're overwhelmed with action.

Whew, the cub and bear ring cutely. It's really cute when you stroke your throat and narrow your eyes to feel good.

"Ron. Everyone's waiting in turn, okay?

"Ah, yes!

That said, Len left the bear behind and went back.

He stares at each other with a bear. Thh....

It looks like he's not alerted, so I'll try to lift him up. Oh, that's fluffy, too.

"All right, all right. It's cute."

Sit on the ground and put the bear on your feet. I don't have brushing technology like Renchan, so just stroke it and let me put up with it.

When I stroked the bear slowly, I fell on my feet, feeling good. What a cute hairball. A loving child can feel happy just by doing that.

I'm upset because I'm lying on my back. No resistance. It seems that this is fine. Fufufu...

"Thank you for waiting, Mirai-sama."

Soon, Yamashita-san came back. That was a little surprising.

"Welcome back?"

"Yes, I've looked into it a little bit, but it still seems difficult at the moment. I'm sorry."

That said, Yamashita-san lowered his head. In the short time I've been here, I think you've been looking into inviting other children.

"Ah, no, I'm sorry. Thank you very much."


Yamashita-san looks at Renchan. I see Renchan too. Ron is brushing the wolves with pleasure.

I don't think I'll be all right if I see how it goes. Alice and Edgar aren't friends either, but they seem to be seeing each other as close people. I'd like to grow my acquaintance gradually.

One day, when Renchan's illness heals, you'll be able to deal with someone without fear.

"By the way, Mirai-sama. There's something I'd love to hear."

"Huh? What?

"Did you know there's a lost forest near Saz?


I know. It's an area deep in the meadow where the giant horn rabbit was tamed a long time ago. It seems that it is an area with a lot of very large trees, and it was modeled on a native forest where everything is real. It's a very beautiful place and quite a popular area.

The monsters were all active at first, but there was also a history that the area was changed to non-active so that even beginners could easily sightsee. As popular as that, the players are.

Of course, I've been there before, but Ron hasn't taken her yet. No, because I don't have any animals that I think Renchan would like...

The monsters in the lost forest are tigers and giant bats. Tigers are monsters where Ren-chan just raised the status of the tamed tigers. So far, there have been no reports of Rare Monsters, and I'm putting them behind me.

"In fact, tomorrow's update will add new monsters."

"Hmm... May I ask what kind of monster you are?

"Yes, it's the owl."

Owl! That's a big bird. I don't know whether it is the lid or not because I haven't seen it yet.

"Actually, it is. There was a passionate fan of Renchan in the development."


"That person is a very fond of owls... I definitely want Renchan to see it...."


I mean, I made an owl monster for Renchan.

No, huh? Hmm....?

"Are you okay with that?

"Do you think it's okay?


You're not okay after all!? No, but we shouldn't be bad. Yeah, it's not bad.

"Of course it's a monster to implement, so there's no problem. Don't worry about that."


"I just gave you the information a little earlier, that's all. Yeah, no problem."

If you look closely, Yamashita-san's expression of abandonment or something. I'm tired. I'm so tired. Somehow, I think Mr. Yamashita has a lot of difficulty because he seems to be quite in the upper position.

Is this really my fault...?

When you think about it, you can smile bitterly from my face.

"Don't worry about Mirai-sama. Even with me, we're enjoying the broadcast."


"Yes, in a way, she enjoys the world the most."

Yamashita-san's smile was a very nice smile. Very cool. I wish I had grown up like this.

"Ah, Yamashita-san!

Whoa, Len-chan noticed Yamashita-san. Yamashita-san also had his expression stretched for a moment, but he gave up immediately. I was staring at Len-chan with a gentle smile.

"Hello, Renchan."


Oh! This is the rumored Yamashita-san!

The one who fought Kimpika-san's tongue!

Was it a woman...

I'm so sorry about that passage......

Ah, there's Kimpika-san too. Somehow I understand.

Yamashita saw a lot of flowing comments and had a troublesome look on his face. He's having trouble responding.

"Ron-chan, are you having fun?

"Yeah! It's so much fun!

Full smile. Ron has the best smile. I'm watching. Yamashita-san seemed to have the same smile.

"Yes, that's good. Have a lot of fun."


Mr. Yamashita turned to me as he stroked the fun Len-chan.

Now, if you'll excuse me.

"Yes, well done."

Politely lowered his head and Yamashita disappeared. No, I really feel like a woman who can work.

Mirai, do you see Yamashita-san often?

"Yeah? No, it's a follow-up report."

I see.

Oh, my God.

Really. I can't thank you enough for accepting me, Mr. Yamashita and all the other managers.

So, well, it doesn't matter. I don't think so.

Let's go to the lost woods with Hansen tomorrow.