"It's everywhere...."

After-school coffee shop. I was overwhelmed at the table. Hehe.

"Listen to me, Mr Kwong."

"Yes, yes. I'll listen to you. What's the matter with you?

"Renchan is so cute and cute already!

"I've heard that 20 times today, so?

"It's time to make friends with Renchan."

"Isn't it too contagious?

I don't know. I see. But I think you'll understand this much. Somehow, there is such trust.

"I don't need that kind of weird trust. So?"

"Yeah. Can you be your friend, Len? I think Ron-chan would like it too. I love surprisingly cute things."

I have a reputation for being cool and cool, but I actually like cute things. School bags have small dog key holders, smartphones have cats, and even big stuffed toys at home.

It seems that I don't put it out much in school because I was teased when I was in elementary school. I think so, but I am.

"The future. Are you serious?

"Hmm... No, half joke."

Of course.

I know that too. She said she was too old for a proper dressing. I think you can get along, but I think you can only become a sister friend, a friend sister, rather than a friend.

But I don't know any elementary school students, so I can't ask for anything else. My friend's sister is mostly in junior high school or elementary high school. After all, it's hard when you're old.

"Hey, the future."


"Is your friend okay with being a shy kid?

"Huh? Well, yeah. I think it's okay....."

I'm not going to leave you alone all of a sudden, so I don't know if I can follow... but I think I should. Hang in there.

Well, how about my sister?

"Eh?... eh!? You had a sister!?

"I'm here."

"I wish you'd told me!

"If I told you, it would be dangerous."

"What do you mean!?

They say it's Ciscon, but I won't deny it! I don't like young girls, I like Ron. I like little kids, not like Lolicon.

"I don't care about your sister."

"I'm very angry at the way you say it....."

You're such a pain in the ass sister, too.

Yeah, I kind of figured out how the audience felt. I see, this is a little troublesome. Well, I don't have any shards to change it.

"But you're being shy, right? Can you come to the hospital?

"It's okay, I'm a fan of Renchan."

"Oh, my God."

An unexpected connection. I knew people who weren't players were watching, but I didn't think they were this close. No, it looks like they're watching a lot of pigeons.

"By the way, more than half the class is watching."


"Seriously. If you keep calling my sister cute, anyone would be interested."

Is that what this is about? Speaking of which, I was surprised to hear from Sasaki-san, who hasn't been around much lately, that he wanted to see a picture of Renchan, but I wonder if that's what happened.

I spoke very enthusiastically at that time, by the way. Even so, I was very glad to hear your story without being drawn.

Well then, yeah. I wonder if you'll meet me once. It may not suit you. "

"I see. How about tomorrow? It's Saturday and lunch."

"Ah, maybe. But are you sure it's okay for you to decide on your own? It's convenient for her....."

"It's okay. Because I don't have any friends and I'm always at home."

"I don't think that's okay. I..."

No, yeah. I don't think I should tell you because I don't know him. It depends on the person. But is that okay for elementary school students...?

"What hospital is this?"

"Ah, yeah. This station....."

Well, that's not what I'm talking about. It's about people's houses. But if you ask me for any help, I'll always take care of it. It's been a long time.

In the evening, when I logged in and looked for Renchan at home, I kind of found a rare combination.


"Ah, Mirai-chan. Sorry to bother you."

Alice, the shepherd,

"Hey, honey!

"Oops. I'm still feeling good today."

Ron jumped into my chest. She's cute today too. I wonder what it is.

………… It's a little awkward. "


Isn't it too soon to scold...?

"Did you come in earlier today?

"Yeah! The nurse kept it a secret!

Oh, yeah.

Damn right. I'd have gotten in sooner if I knew...! Failed!

I wonder if Alice noticed the early-introduced len-chan and took care of her. Honestly, thank you. When he looked at Alice like that, he roared, holding her in his arms.

What are you doing, Alice?

"Hmm... I'm still investigating. It seems that a high sensitivity of wool can produce very good quality wool. So, Renchan, please go crazy."

"Oh, yeah. But it hasn't been a week since the sheep came here."

"That's what I thought at first."

Alice leaves the sheep. Then the sheep started walking slowly and came to Len's side. Tickle and stick to Len-chan. What's wrong with this kid? Cute.


Roon-chan was hugging me and the sheep seemed somehow happy. That's right, Ron-chan, you're bringing monsters...

"If you miss it so much, don't you think you can get a good wool?


If it really involves sensitivity, I think you can get a good wool. Well, if you can, but...