"Um, today's delivery will be a duplicate of wool harvesting and a lost forest exploration tour."

I was waiting for you.

I know the wool, but the lost forest?

The one with the update around noon. The one who added a new monster. "

"Rumor has it it's an owl."

"Oh, Owl. Maybe I should go too."

That's how fast we all get the information. You already know it's an owl. Well, no one would have thought it was the monster that was added for Renchan.

No, really. Yeah. Never mind.

So, let's start with Alice's battle.


Ah (guess)

Taking the wool......

Yeah. Well, as you can imagine.

"It's okay! It'll grow soon! Huh!?"

"No, poor sheep!

"Come on, it's warm! The sheep want to be cool too!


Yeah. Well, as you can see, Ron-chan hates it so much. It's very plump, too. I hate that, too. I knew it.

By the way, Alice may be right in a sense because it is a pet that can collect wool in the specifications. But that's not a problem.

Len-chan squeezed the sheep and couldn't move anymore. I wonder if I can get to the lost forest...

"I hate Alice."


This is tough ww

Well, it's Renchan's sheep.

I think I can take good quality wool, but Renchan definitely hates me.

It's the most difficult collection I've ever had.

Isn't that more impossible?

I can't help it. I'll help you.


"Nh... Do you want wool too...?

"No, uh... Lotus is so cute...."

Hey www

It's important not to blur. But you blurt. "

But I know how you feel. It's so cute. "


This way, Roon-chan's destructive power is lookin 'up from below. Shit. I want to support Roon-chan unconditionally.

But Alice is getting clothes for free, so I'd like to offer you as much as we can get. I don't think it would be nice to leave it in good faith.

"Thanks for the clothes, Ron."

"Nh... But... mmh..."

"Hey, you're about to cry."

"Alice, give it up. Seriously, give it up. Lotus, I'm gonna cry."

"No, yeah. That's just a little guilty. Mirai-chan, I'm giving up."

"No, no, it's okay."


For these times! You're throwing money at me!

Open the Billing menu and purchase an item. His name is also Collect Up Feed.

"I know it's the same, but I don't think there's a better name for it."

I know.

It's easy to understand as it is, but it's terrible.

Is it easy to understand? I don't know how to get it up. "

Because the description is written properly!

Remove the purchased item from the inventory. It looks like regular feed, but it's a popular item that producers often buy.

"Ron. If I let you eat this, your hair will grow soon."

"Nh... Are you sure...?

"It's true. You want me to believe you?


Oh, you left me. He believed me.

So I feed the sheep. It seems delicious, but the taste is not very different from the usual feed. I mean, I can't eat it.

Confirm that you have eaten everything and remove the scissors. Len-chan is about to cry, so let's do it quick. Along with Alice, a little bit.

That's the game, the sheep's hair disappeared in no time.


"It's supposed to be okay."

Actually, I don't know what's going to happen to me either. I wonder what will happen.

"Does Alice know?

"Yeah, I usually get my hair from Fatos sheep."

Hmm. I wonder what will happen.

The three of us watched, and all of a sudden, the hair came out. All at once, things have increased and are back to normal. It feels subtly disgusting.

Ron-chan's eyes are all round. That sounds like a surprise.

"It's a little disgusting...."

I wonder if you didn't have a way to express it anymore...

Realistically. In my head. "

"Stop it. Don't be sad."

I don't want you to say anything that is very troublesome to react to.

"How long does it take?


"I can do it twice!

All right!

We both had scissors again.



I want to do it, too.

Oh, it looks like Roon-chan was interested. I have scissors. I bought them secretly on the day I got the sheep.

So let's do it together from here. Hey, hey, hey.