"Len-chan, do you want to go?


So I stopped by the square. As expected, the sunlight is a warm and pleasant place. This is the only place where tall grass grows, and I think I can take a nap.


He jumped off Dia and Ron started running. From the corner of the square to the corner. Back to the corner. I'm lucky to be running with you sometime, and it looks like I'm having a little fun.

Now, what should I do...?

"I'd like to go look for owls if possible, but some of me think this is enough for today...."

Ron-chan started playing.

"I don't think it's a bad idea to take a relaxing look."

You can play in a different place than usual.

"Yeah, it's like a picnic."

Ron-chan stormed into Dear and was held up with one foot. So Len began to wipe Deer's feet and Deer began to run away. It's a strange phenomenon that Ron and Lucky are chasing after Dear.


While gazing at the two runnin 'around, I put Shiro on my back. It's not Renchan's home, but it's very good because this will calm you down.

"It's peaceful...."

What happened suddenly?

I think it's always peaceful around Mirai-chan......

I don't know what you're trying to say, but ww

I've been in a hurry lately. Touchdown Square. "

That's right. No, when I was asked if you were busy, I didn't do anything in particular. The Touch Square was almost all operated, and the festival was hosted by the viewers.

"Is that...? I didn't do anything...?

I wonder if you realize that... is that a genius?

That's very clever, Miray.

"You're making fun of me."


Of course.

I won't deny it.

Terrible. No, I haven't really done anything, so I can't complain when I get angry.

Think about what I'll do, and raise your gaze a little.


It was above the big tree, in the gap between the branches. I mean, there were a lot of them. Even though there were a lot of them, it was a real coincidence that they were found. I just happened to look up and I was just ahead.

"I wonder if it's an owl..."

I'm just staring, and it looks like you're looking at me over there. And I wonder how many of them there are.

Looking at it blurry, only one came down here. Landed softly on the silo's head. Shiro moved just for a moment, but it was troublesome or didn't move as it was. Is that okay, Mr. Wolf?

The owl was white and fluffy. It's cute to be tilting your neck with characteristic movements. When I tried it, they kept me from escaping.

Ooh... Fluffy. Wow.

"The white owl reminds me of that. The story of the wizard...."

Stop it!

Don't go any further.

"I'm sorry."

No, but she's really cute. I'd like to see what it is, but I'll call Len-chan first.

Ron-chan, Ron-chan

Call the owl quietly so as not to surprise him. Even so, Ren-chan noticed immediately, as did the owl on Shiro's head. He brightens his face and runs here.


Roon-chan stands in front of the owl, and even if Roon-chan reaches out, the owl won't escape. Ren-chan started stroking the owl.

"Wow... Cute....."

The owl also looks very pleasant with its eyes narrowed.

Ah, the owl flew softly, and now it's on Renchan's shoulder, chewing on her. Bruises. Very bruisy. But that's good!

Because the owl is so big, I can see Len-chan small.

Indeed. No, it's small from the beginning.

It's bigger than a real bird, so I guess you know what I'm trying to say.

Ren-chan kept stroking the owl for a while, but the owl suddenly spread its wings wide. Lotus is also cute.

"Eh, eh? Didn't you like it? Did you...?

Ron seemed anxious, but I don't think he's worried about it. Rather, I can tell what this owl did by looking at the big tree.

The owl comes down from the big tree. One or two times smaller than the owl in front of you. I wonder if it's a chick. It's a tiny hairball.


Little owls hang around the cheering beanie. One on each shoulder and one on top of the lucky head. No, Lucky, let's react. You're completely asleep. [M]

The owl on his head also seemed dissatisfied, and he repeatedly appealed by flying down many times. Lucky stood up to see how depressed he was.


Lucky to fly and hit a small owl. The owl avoids flickering and the lucky one jumps again, avoiding the next iteration.

Young Beast Showdown Again

What a lovely battle!

As always, there's a struggle over Renchan's head.

Don't you like Len-chan's head too much?

No, really. Why do you like it so much?

Owl, you're so big.


Soon Ren-chan sat on the ground and the owl was on the lap. Even if Len-chan hugs her from behind, she accepts without any particular resistance.

It's nice, it looks fluffy.

Mirai seems to have been missed from the beginning, can't you do it?

Unusual, Miray came first.


Yes, miraculously!

"Don't emphasize."

Excuse me, really. No, it's true. Honestly, I didn't think you'd come before me.

But I'm satisfied that you're prioritizing Renchan now. I can truly be happy just by looking at Len-chan who looks happy.