Before lunch on Saturday. Wait at the coffee shop near the hospital. From now on, it will be the familiar young lady and her sister who can be said to be corrupt. I heard that you are a fan of Renchan and you have a shy personality, but I wonder what kind of child you are.

That's what I was waiting for, and the door of the coffee shop opened and the tea came in. Another girl slightly taller than Renchan came into the room.


When I called him, he immediately noticed. Come straight over here and say hello with your hands up.

"Sorry I'm late."

"No, no, I'm just too early. So, that kid's your sister?

That's right, let the kid whose back has been hidden out in front.

A girl with short black hair around her neck who has a hairstyle like a small ponytail. It seems that Han is the same age as Han. It seems true that she is shy, and she is in a hurry because she came before me. It might be a little cute.

"Sound (crackling). Introduce yourself."

"Ha, yes!

Sound, right? It feels upright. The image of a strict sister and a frightened sister seems to be established.

"It's Aono Akira! Uh, I'm a sophomore. Uh, uh... Eight, it's me! Um, um, um..."


"Ah, I'm sorry...!

"No, I'm not angry..."

Oh, yeah. I somehow figured it out.

Probably not much different at home than at school. Cool and cool, but cool is a bad way to put it. Some people may feel angry all the time.

I wonder if that's how Souchi feels. I think you're aware of the extent of it because it's a good guess.

"It's nice to meet you, Sound. The future of Oshima, a friend of his. Nice to meet you."

"Ha, yes! Best regards,

Really elementary school student? It's nice to be polite, but this is a little... this year. Why don't you be more cheeky?

Are you tough on Sound?

"I shouldn't even be angry..."

"Have you ever been angry with someone in front of you?

"Nothing like that... …………

Oh, shut up. It seems to have occurred to me. That's how it is, huh?

"Well, that's a good story. So, you're going now?

"That's right... I thought I'd ask you a little more about Souchi, but it's up to Ron after all. Let's go."

Where I like her, there's no point if she doesn't feel right. I think I should talk to Len-chan together.

Well, let's go.


Oh, are you nervous about this? Looking at the walking muzzle and the echo that followed it, I thought there were many things in the muzzle.

A small room like a prep room in Ron's ward. Whispering was somehow bluish while me and her left their luggage on the shelf. I wonder what happened to this kid.

"Yi. Sound like she's not feeling well."

"Huh? Ah... I'm just nervous. I told you. She's a fan of Renchan."

Is it like meeting a celebrity? Ron has become famous, too. My sister has a tall nose. Of course, I know she's the exception.

"And then..."


"I didn't really feel sick. No one's been hospitalized with my relatives, and this is my first time in the hospital."


If I didn't know, I'd be a little nervous. Whether it's the first floor or the second floor, where you go for medical examinations, there are a lot of people in the hospital, but it's a little different world. Not in a bad way, but in a distant way.

I don't know anybody, but nobody wanders around.


When I called my name, I trembled. You don't have to be so surprised.

"Because Ron is a good kid. Get along with him, if you like."

"Um... Yes....."

I'm getting a little worried. Are you okay...?

Anyway, let's get into the hospital room. Turn off the lights and wait for it to get dark.

"It's really going to be dark. Sound. Let's hold hands together to avoid bumping into each other."


Oh, you're such a good sister. Oh, my God, if I was a little bit confused,

"What are you talking about?

"Eh, that? Didn't you see it?

"I think we've been dating for years. You don't have to see that much."

"Oh oh...."

This kid is really afraid to say anything flat like this. Not at all.

"By the way, the future. You're telling Ron-chan properly, right?

"Hmm? Oh, yeah. Just in case. My friend is coming, I told him...."


"I don't suppose that was supposed to come here..."

I told Ron-chan, but after the first time, I felt a little lonely. I think that's because I didn't think I'd come here.

I wish you'd thought I'd miss you. I know you think! What do you think of the area?

"You know what?"

Ah, yes. Excuse me, sir.

Open the door with a little squeeze. When you get inside,



Yeah, well, what is it? I'm sorry. You were spreading stuffed toys on your bed because you didn't think I was coming. Yeah, I know. Yeah, so don't stare at me like that!

"Oh, a clean hit..."


The silkworm plush toy in the penguin costume was a plush toy.