Please call me back.

"This is my friend Aono. He's a little rude, but he's a good guy. Next to that is her sister Shui-chan."

Nice to meet you, Renchan.

"Yeah, you and Sound. Thank you very much."

Roon-chan lowers her head in a gloomy manner. I can't wait to say hello. I'm going to lose it.

"Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey."


As for oneechan, I'd like you to be a little more comfortable...

"Ugh... And this is my beloved sister, the cutest and most beloved in the world!

"Hey, shut up."


"I always think so, but I won't punish you...."

Leave me alone. Tell me what's wrong with your love for Ron! I'll scream in this sickbay, which is also the center of the world! Ronchaaaahn!

I'm Jialen Oshima.

"Yes, I know him well. What we're watching."

Wow! I see! Thank you!

"Isn't disregard terrible!?

Someday my best friend and sister feel cold!

"Yes, yes. I'm sorry."

"Ugh... If I miss you, I'll be sweet to you....."

"Eh, it's annoying."


No, is Goodwill really cold today!?

Um... Besides, who is she...?

Oops. Looks like Ron's interest is in Hikaru. I don't know what to do then. Yeah, I'm not jealous. You look jealous.

"Ah, it's... I'm watching the delivery...."

"Wow! Thank you!

Lotus with a smile. But Kyou-chan seems kind of nervous. Was it too soon for you to meet him?

"Do you like echo-chan tofu?

"Uh-huh... Likes"

"That's right!

When Renchan got out of bed, she took her hand. Surprised? Pull Kyou-chan round her eyes to a shelf lined with lots of stuffed toys. Ren-chan said to Kyou-chan that she would take the cat's stuffed toy.

"Isn't it cute?


Oh, I see. You want to brag. I wondered what I would do, but I was strangely convinced.

If she doesn't like it, she'll have to interrupt, but luckily she's listening to Renchan's pride. I guess I don't have to say anything about this.

"Can we get along?

I wonder. Well, let's keep an eye on it. "

Rather, it is the only one.

Well, let's just relax and watch the two of us.

In terms of the results, it seemed like we were getting along safely.

"Hmm. I'm going to gather around a lot to study... It seems kind of hard."

"Yeah... I'm not good at it."

"Ahahah. I don't know. It seems like it would be fun if we were together."



Looks like you're talking about school now. I've taught you a little bit about what school is like, but it's not what I hear from kids the same age.

Incidentally, one day, Len-chan began to call her Shizuku-chan. It had changed so naturally that I had no idea when it had changed.

Kyou-chan seems a little illuminated every time she's called, but she doesn't seem to like it.

"I also want to go to school properly....."

"Nh... I want to go..."

"Ah, sorry! I said something weird!

"Mmm. Don't worry about it."

School, huh? As expected, there's nothing you can do about it... I can't even go there at least. Because there is a lot of light even at night, Len-chan can't walk.

"When the illness is cured, let's go together."

When Len-chan said that, she smiled happily.

Well, the two of us talked like that, but things are over. I tried to put some parentheses on, but I simply decided to stay until 3: 00.

"Will you come again?

"Yeah. Can I come back next week or something...?

"Yeah! I'll be waiting!

Whoa, I promised you a reunion. But Kyou-chan, this hospital is not always close, so it is necessary for Kyou-chan to accompany her.

It seemed like she realized it late, and Kyou-chan shouted a short voice and looked back at her.

"Ah, you know, oneechan...."

Kyou-chan looks back. She stared back at Sound with no expression.

"Same time as today, okay?

When she said so, she let her face shine brightly.

Oh, my God, you're shaking your head, but I get it. If your precious sister still looks at you, you can't refuse. Very well.

Well, I'll see you next week.

"Yeah! I'll be waiting! Be careful!

Kyou-chan waved her hand small, and Len-chan waved her hand loudly. In contrast, this might be good.

"Well then, the future. I'll be back first."

I'll see you at school on Monday.

He waved gently out of the room. It's cool to dress up even at times like this.... so-called chuiyu? I won't tell you because you're going to get mad at me!

I think I'll stay here a little longer. You said you'd be fine on your own when you left.

"Did you get along?

When I asked Len, she nodded with a happy smile.


I was worried about what would happen, but in the end it was good, right?

I'll spend the rest of my time listening to you from Renchan. Ron-chan also talked a lot.