Six in the evening. It is the delivery time.

"It's a river tour!

I did it!

Do you have a swimsuit?!

I don't think it's a good idea to rejoice in Renchan's swimsuit.

You idiot, Mirai is a bit spoken and behaved, but it looks good!

Looks good!

Only the appearance!

"Okay. I will banish you."

Wait a minute.

"I'm sorry. I'm in good shape. Forgive me."

I'll do anything!

"All right, I'll remember that."

"Ah, I feel like I said something extra..."

Ahahah. I'll never forget that word.

Well, that's why? Today, we are delivering a river tour in collaboration with Lulu. The rendezvous point is that square in the lost forest. Well, what does Mr. Lulu look like?

By the way, delivery is my account. Lulu wants you to do it. And he asked me to collect more money and scatter it around to get the eggs of the Four Holy Beasts. It's a terrible waste of time.

That's why there are a lot of people led by Lulu, that is, people who don't see it for the first time.

"First look."

Lulu-chan told me today.

I heard you had a little girl!

The pervert is misleading!

"Rest assured. Everyone here."

I see.

Are you convinced?

When I had a little trouble reacting, I heard Len's laughter. If you look at the big tree, you'll find a lot of owls around you sometime. How did that happen?

It's my first time seeing you, it's Ron.

"She's really a little girl."

I've heard the rumors, but really?

Does that mean you're sick too...? In the meantime, please raise money for this. "

"Ah, guys. Thank you.... No, you know what? I suddenly wonder if 30,000 yen is enough for me."


That's the upper limit!

Aren't there too many oil kings?

No, really. I'm throwing money at it one after the other. No, I appreciate that, but I'm in a bit of trouble.

Uh... uh... That's right!



Len-chan came back with about thirty owls. Yeah... yeah. Don't say anything.

"Hey Millay, who's gonna break in if you don't?

I'm telling you, we can't do this!

There's only one thing we can say!

Renchan, you're so cute!

What the hell...

Well, the first time I saw it, it was a strain on my shoulders. Next, adore Renchan. And shout. "

Renchan, you're so cute!

Yes, that's it!

What the hell are these guys? No, really, what are these guys? Oh, wait, is this what I always do? Is that it? Maybe I'm pretty bad?

"Hey, honey?

Oops, let's switch. It's no problem for Ron-chan!

Renchan, give me the menu.

"Er... Like this?"

"That's right. So, open the billing menu... here's the thing..."


Confused Lotus is cute

"I'm tilting my neck. It's cute."

"I wonder if the owls are tilting their necks in a group... I'm sorry, it's disgusting."

It's creepy.

Don't deny it. I saw it at the edge of my vision, but it was really creepy.

"All right, Ron. Touch here."

"Er... Julianga?

Hey www

"What are you trying to do to my sister?"

"I see, it's like this..."

"It's a sweet first time to see. Because it's still the beginning."

Liar Yan

"Shut up."

Don't tell Mr. Hatsumi anything weird. You'll be mistaken.

In the meantime, encourage Renchan. Ron-chan nodded with her neck tilted.


Little bit.

"Hmm. Well then, let me see what you've got."


Let me see Renchan's menu. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. All right.

I didn't see anything.

Wait a minute.

"No, hey? What is the result? I'm worried.


………… I'm a Four Holy Beasts.... "


Such a convenient thing happens www

I'm awake.

Does Renchan love you from the eggs too...

What a sensation, you feel an act. I'll question Yamashita-san later.

But the odds aren't so weird, perhaps. Since I started throwing money, I've been throwing at least ten serials every day, and if there's a lot of money, it's about a hundred serials... No, because everybody says to do more...

"Hey, honey?

"Hmm... Ron, that's amazing!


Let's keep it tight for now. Then what are you doing?

Hmm? Something wrong?

"Yes, but next time. I don't think I can play because I'm worried about you."

"Really? Okay."

When I lowered Len-chan, I started playing with Owl again. She's cute.


"Hey Miray, what are you doing so subtle?"

This guy's starting to mess with himself ~

I'm sorry to hear that.

"Shut up, that's right, and it's a garbage item!

"This is grass."

This is a lust sensor......!

Sensei sensei, I'm working too hard.

Really! I wonder why I can't find the item I want...!