"What are you doing, Mirai-chan..."

When I dropped my shoulders slightly, a familiar voice came from behind me. Looking back,


A dragon. Probably the same as Edgar's dragon. Cool. There are two of them in that dragon. One is Alice, the usual witch dress today.

The other is a very easy-to-understand wizard costume. It's even equipped with a black curly hat. Her hair is pink.

"Er... Lulu-san?"

"Nh... Hi, Lulu, it's me."

"Is that...?

Different atmosphere when commenting? Looking seriously, Lulu hid behind Alice.

Ah, I knew it was like this.

I thought Mirai and Renchan would be fine, but that didn't happen.

When I heard about the collaboration, I thought I'd finally get over it.

"Eh, eh? What do you mean?"

The audience seems to understand, but I have no idea. I don't know what that means.


"Hmm? What's wrong, Alice?"

"This kid, Lulu. I see people. Unlike when commenting, it's okay because the person you're commenting on isn't in front of you."


I don't think so, I look at Mr. Lulu. Mr Lulu, who had only a little expression on his face, quickly hid behind Alice. Somehow, I was surprised that the impression when I made the comment was too different.

"Er... How are you doing on your own? It wasn't like that when I saw it."

That's when you're stuck in a dungeon with a solo.

If you're not in front of me, you'll be fine.

Well, I still don't talk to myself, so I was surprised by the cute words of justice.

I was only a little convinced. Nevertheless, I didn't think Mr Lulu would do this in public. I think it would be a bit troublesome if it stayed the way it is, but what should I do?

"Come on, Lulu. That's the collaboration Lulu told you about. What are you gonna do if you don't get out front?

"Nh... I know. I'll be right back. Great."

"Yeah, I see. Let's get out of here, now!

"Uhh... yes..."

No. Is this really okay? Shouldn't we call it off? I'm very worried.

"I don't know. You were supposed to come alone at first, weren't you? What would you have done without me?

"If I came alone... I'd be fine. I couldn't."

"Yeah... I'm glad you're here...."

Really. Without Alice, we might not even have been able to talk.

Well, I was just wondering what to do. I think it is the child who always breaks the situation and enjoys the world with all his might.


From behind, Ron's voice. Looking back, Ren-chan looked at Lulu's dragon with her sparkling eyes.

"Whoa, whoa! That's it!"

At last, Roon-chan noticed!

Lulu, good luck!

If you make me cry, I won't forgive you.


Our viewers are a little too radical, aren't they?

Apparently I was the only one who thought so.

I proposed collaboration from Lulu in the first place.

Lulu-chan, I called myself, so I have to do my best.

I don't think the creator can bother the collaboration first.

Everyone's pretty tough...

"Ron. Say hello first.


Energetic reply. Len-chan soon noticed Lulu behind Alice. He rushes in at once. And Alice forced Lulu forward at that moment. What an early shift.

What an early shift. If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't miss it.

Well, we're all watching.

It's a technique trained for this time. Limited to usage.

Really. Alice has a subtle look on her face.

"Nice to meet you! Come on, now!

"Nh... Nice to meet you. Lulu, it's me."

"Bye! Lucky for her!

Trying to lift your lucky head.

I'm sorry! That's the owl right there!

"What!? Lucky!?"

Panicked Lotus. But soon they found Lucky. Somehow on top of a big white owl's head. Is it not heavy?


Ah, Len-chan is stubborn. The owls are upset for the sake of clarity. The owls stopped by in a hurry and put the lucky one back on Leng's head.

"Already.... Lucky for you, you have to say no.


When Roon-chan says that with a lucky hug, the lucky one licks her cheek. All right. Photos. Screenshots.

"Ah, Lulu-san! This kid is lucky!

That's how you stick your lucky one in front of you. Lulu stared at Lucky for a while.


That's what I said.

"Yeah! Ehehe, she's cute. That's good, Lucky!


My pussy.

My pussy.

I feel like everyone's hearts have come together. Alice and Lulu were muttering.

"Um! Where's that dragon!?

"Nh... I called Tame yesterday. Good work, good work."

Er, Mr Lulu's chest tightens. Maybe I'm finally getting used to it a little bit.

"By the way, his name is Needs Heg."

I don't like the name ww

If I thought I'd give you a fancy name, I wouldn't believe it.

In a sense, it suits you, but ww

Sure, dragons are cool. I think a cool name is better than a fancy name. But it's tough.