"Needs heg!


Needlehead ~

The power word is too much ww

That's right, don't think I'm not wearing it with you. Me too! No, it's fine, right? I'm not mistaken.

Lulu-san, can I touch your needs heg?

"Nh... Fine... Needs Heg...."

Looks like Lulu was unexpected too.

I can't predict that name ww

Ren-chan rushed to Needs Heg-chan with a dragon change and began to touch her. Ron seems very happy. It's not like Lege, so maybe this is the right thing to do.

"But it's amazing. I heard that dragon tames have a very low success rate."

I'll talk to Lulu. You finally got used to it and replied immediately.

"Nh, I told you before, I failed over a thousand times."

"Eh? Before?


I don't think I've ever talked to Lulu-san about dragons...

No, wait. I've seen more than a thousand failures somewhere... Mostly in comments....

"For now, Edgar. You won't forgive me. Absolutely."


Was Edgar there?

I remember. The one who visited the grasslands in the early days. "

Ahh! Ahh! That was Lulu!

"You're really too different from when you comment!

You know what that is!

Ah... Yeah, I remember that too. I remembered it on the grazing land. When I met Mr. Edgar, there were comments that he had failed more than a thousand times. That was Mr. Lulu!

"Eh, I mean, has Lulu-san actually been watching you since the early days?

"Nh. I've been watching from the beginning. Ancient reference. Doya."

"Heh, heh... That's right...."

Well, that's a bit of a pleasure, or something. Yeah, I'm glad.

"Miray's in trouble."

"It feels so cute and disgusting..."

Shut up.

Lulu... I've been pretty late since my scheduled time.... "

Ah, so you're late to find Renchan's delivery!?


"I've never seen a guy say a giraffe."

Ah... No, it's not my fault, but I didn't think it would have that effect. It's really from the beginning, isn't it? I'm a little impressed.

Lulu-san! Lulu-san!

Len-chan calls Lulu. When I saw Ren-chan, I was stroking Lulu's dragon with a smile. As usual.

"Nh... What's the matter, Renchan?"

"She's cute!

When Len hugged the dragon, the dragon cleverly licked Len's cheek. Perhaps more friendly than Edgar's dragon. Is there any individual difference?

"Really? If you're happy, I'm glad."

When Lulu reaches out, the dragon stretches its neck toward Lulu. To be caressed on purpose. She may be adorable and cute.

"Besides, is it time to go to the river?

While watching the dragon at ease, Alice called out to me and returned to me. It's been 30 minutes while I've been doing that. We have to go.

"Nh... I'm sorry. I'll summon you right away. Ron-chan, I'm leaving the dragon."


With a little regret, Len-chan came back. As far as I'm concerned, I'm a little worried you might want that dragon. I think it's okay because Ren-chan has a legend.

After Lulu's dragon disappeared, Lulu called out a different name.


That's how they summoned a very small fox. Even smaller than a fox. It remained fluffy and fluffy overall, but it was also fluffy. Does the hair look brown? I think it's a color that comes to mind when I hear foxes.


Len-chan's eyes shined. I'm staring at this little fox.

I know exactly how you feel. I know exactly what you're talking about.

"What a little fox. Is this an empty fox?

That's right. How many players were deceived by that appearance..... "

Specializing in speed as it looks, and at the same time high in magic

"It's a real trauma."

I can't believe you even said that to Tame and Lulu. But I think it would be very comfortable if it were one of us.

Lulu-san! Can I come?!

"Nh... Fine."


When Len-chan spread his hands to the empty fox, the empty fox jumped into Len-chan's chest with joy. While pretending to have a fluffy tail, I'm licking Renchan's face around. Cute.

"Fuwaa... and Komoko..."

"Isn't it cute? The proud child."

Hmm, I think Lulu is cute enough to stretch her chest. No, but really, the empty fox is cute. I want to play too. I don't know. Ron-chan, is it me next?



Let Len-chan give it away and give it a hug. This is an awesome fur. I'm lucky I didn't lose...

What a surprise, Lucky was in Renchan's arm sometime. Maybe you were jealous? I feel like I'm staring at an empty fox without a heart.

"Of course Lucky is cute too, right?

Ron is holding his lucky hug. I'm always lucky to sleep on Renchan's head, but if you're getting along with other kids, isn't that interesting?

Sweet Lucky and Sweet Ron-chan gaze at the sky fox. Peace, huh?

"No, where's the river?


Alice's stunned voice returned to me. This is also bad for a cute empty fox with a fuzzy balls.