Ask the Empty Fox to show you around, one minute. No, as a guide, when the sky fox rang small, a black hole appeared in front of your eyes. It was a river.

This is no way to hide from the strange gate!?

Do you know or not? Comment!

"What? Sky fox skills?

I'm sorry, I'm just saying. Don't you yearn for a strange hideout?

You know what?




Isn't that a skill? When I asked if Lulu knew, he shook his head and replied.

"Not a skill."


"Nh... If you ask for guidance, any monster will come out."

I see.

I mean, we don't even know where this place is in the lost forest. Well, I think it's reasonable. If it were an actual guide, anyone would be able to go with such delivery.

Well, in the first place, I don't know if this is really a lost forest.

So, it was a river, but it was really big, but it was a gentle stream.

Both ends of the river are primeval forests, and we have no idea where they are. Only where we are is gravel and quite large. I don't think we're gonna be able to beat Batmington, huh? I'm not going to do it.

This side of the native forest has a veterinary path. I'm a little worried about that, too.

Lulu-san, if you go down that beast road, what is there?

"Nh... Just throw it away."

"Hee? Ah... Really?"


Well, if Lulu is good, don't hesitate.

"Nh... Bye, Lulu. What's in there?

Alice must have been there the other day.


Lulu and I look back to the river.

"Yeah, okay! Lotus is cute!



Soon Len became a swimsuit. It's a common one-piece type swimsuit. Equipped with a floating wheel. Is that float going to be gear?

Ron, it's a swimsuit. Mirai, get dressed. "

Come on, hurry!

"Ahahah. Unfortunately, you don't have my bathing suit!


"You're kidding me! You only deal with what you look like!

"No, it's not bad?

That's exactly how I feel when I tell you that. Me too!

"It's not that bad, is it?




What are you talking about between Alice and Lulu? This guy's gaze hurts. It comes to my heart. In these times, let's see Roon-chan and let her heal.

So, when it comes to Ron,


I was pinching the river with my toes. Cute.

"Ah... I'm afraid it's only natural. I've never been to the river before."

Of course I take a bath, but of course there is no water flow. A calm river is the first time that water is always flowing.

Oh, I see. That's right.

Then all of a sudden, the river was a bit harsh, wasn't it?

No, it's more like a river entrance.

Hmm. Divergent opinions. In the meantime, can we just wait here and see what happens?

Len-chan poured water and roared it over and over again. While I was doing that, my lucky head jumped into the river. Looks like I couldn't wait.

"Ah, lucky! Wait!"

Len-chan went into the river in a hurry.

"Ah... Is it shallow, here?"

"Nh. It's deep in the back, but it's shallow in front, so don't worry."

I chased Lucky a little deeper, but it's still about Len's knee. It doesn't flow fast, and you don't have to worry about drowning. Probably.

Lucky swimming dexterity and chasing after it. Lucky looks back many times, so it looks like Ron is trying to follow me.

If you get used to the water a little bit more, I might teach you how to swim. If you only remember how to move your body, you can apply it in real life.

"Ah, yes. Mirai-chan, I thought you called earlier. What happened?

"No, I wonder what's beyond that beast trail."

Pointing to the back beast path and asking, Alice nodded, "Ah.

"There's a big pond. Bigger than a penguin pond."

"What is that? I didn't ask."

"No, I didn't."

Alice laughs with a stunned look.

This is terrible!

That's Alice, dirty!

Ah, Alice's cheeks pulled. Kohn, cough up. It seems to be because I didn't see it.

"But, Lulu. I heard you.


"I checked the beast trail. I kept my mouth shut because they said I wasn't interested."

Lulu's movements stopped. He's making me swim. Maybe he's trying to find a way to remember.

Hmm. Well, it's none of my business!

"Just the pond?

When I asked, Alice smiled and answered.

"No way, there were a lot of them. There are also lids involved in the water!


Whoa, Len reacted. I think it was quite a distance, but I'm holding my lucky arm and looking at me. Shake your plump neck and skip the water. It's kind of like a dog.

Ren-chan ran this way with great momentum.