Lotus asking questions about Alice. But I don't understand the question!

"Eh... No, no, no, no, no. It was a fufu, right?


"Hmm? Um... Er...."

Alice was just looking for help, so she slipped away. I'm sorry, Alice. Me and Fufu are apprentices.

"Ah... Er... Fufufu!


"Yes! Ufufu!



I don't know what it means!

Don't think, feel it!


"It's not just Mirai, it's the grass that's laughing all the way to Lulu."

Oh, really. Lulu's face is also slipping and plump. I can't talk about people either.


Soon, Ren-chan came to my side. I pulled a little on the sleeve of my clothes. I think it is better to think of it as a sign of asking rather than saying that it will be sweet.

"What's wrong?

"I want to go."

I didn't expect you to say that. I'm also interested in water.

"All right, let's go. Is that okay with Lulu? It's a little different."

"N. Of course. Interested."

"I'm coming too!

As a matter of course or course, we all ended up going there.

Go the Beast Path, five minutes. There was certainly a very, very large pond. It's really spacious. It's huge for nothing. Not in the pond, but in the lake?

More than that.

"Hmm... It's a beautiful place."

It's filled with very clear water. Perhaps the center is quite deep, but it seems to be getting deeper and deeper, just like the river earlier.

"Hey, Racco! Rakosan!


When I looked at Renchan's voice and the shallow side, I saw that Renchan was holding Lucco. It is an undisputed Lucco. If you look closely, there are a lot of raccoons rising up on the big rock.

Luco has nothing to resist and leaves her to Len. Plumpy.

Cute, isn't it?


Ron-chan was glad to play with Luco, so I slipped away.

"Luco!? Why Luco!? This isn't the ocean, is it?

Certainly, wow

Is Luco a creature of the sea?

I don't think we can live without the sea, but it should have been.

No, Luco is a mammal, so I know we have to go to the ocean! I know, but...


"Something's wrong."

"What are the tigers and lions talking about in the cave game?


There was no sound.

"Complete Discussion"

No, this is argumentative. Sometimes the settings of this game really fly away. "

Well, calm down. Accurately, you won't be able to see Roon-chan wearing a lacquer. You sure about that?

"I see. That's not good! I mean, there's no problem with that!

Hey, guardian ww

If Ron-chan seems to be having fun, that's fine. Definitely.

"Even so, I can't believe I'm facing the sun... It's so easy here, Luco."

"Do you really think so?

Niki!? You were missing, don't you think? Niki!

Old Luco used to sunbathe. However, it is said that humans have overtaken Lucco and have begun spending most of their lives in the sea to escape the threat. In other words, it's caused by humans, and there are no humans. There's no need for vigilance here. "

Oh, wow.

Shall we stop? Let's not talk heavy, shall we?

Yeah, it was kind of a tough conversation.

Maybe I should stroke it too. I'm going up to the rock where the raccoons are facing the sun. With the exception of the one who was sluggish, he was wandering on the rocks. Is it warm?

"Were you there when Alice came?

"Yeah. I couldn't circle the pond, that's right, but there's plenty of them everywhere. I wonder if it's Luco's territory around here."

"Nh... I wanted to know sooner."

"I wasn't asked!


I tried to approach Luco, who was sleeping on his back. I opened my eyes and didn't do anything. Just stay still and look at me. I don't feel like I'm being asked for anything.

What should I do? Can I touch it?



"I'll be glad to stroke your stomach."

Where did the wild go? No, yeah. I don't think so.

When I saw Len-chan, I was disturbed by Luco's stomach. Luco seems full of pleasure.

"Well then, so am I."

Touch Luco. Oh, the fluffy fur, too. It's so fuzzy...

"What is this...?"

"Hmm? What's wrong, Alice?"

"No, Mirai-chan, that..."

I wondered what was going on.

Len-chan was crushed by a rally of raccoons. Mugu.