"Yeah, it's the usual."

I wouldn't be surprised if it was this early.

Rather, I'm sure Renchan will take a hundred tames from here.

I wouldn't say a hundred tames.

It's so sweet, for the first time, Renchan has been tamed by wolf and cat and hundreds more.

Ahokusa. If you're lying, lie more. "


"... seriously?


What is that? It's amazing.

Yeah, well, you wouldn't normally believe it. Even if I came to the Touch Square, I wouldn't have thought there were a hundred of them.

While I was reading that comment, at some point the mountain of Lucco was very low. I don't think so, because it's not scattered around.

"Ehehe... a lot of plump... fluffy..."

Hmm. Lotus is melting too!

"Cute... I'll take one home..."

After you've tamed me properly.


That's why we're challenging Luco's Tame. Try raising the feed while covering the lid. No reaction. Well, it won't succeed that easily.

"Nh... If possible, after attacking to a certain extent, where I want to do it, but...."

"Ah... I can do it, but I'd like you to take me somewhere before you do it. Ren-chan won't say anything...."

It's okay. I know.

With that said, Lulu stays still and feeds while stroking Luco around.

Maybe, but I don't think Renchan will say anything in particular, even if you try to tame it the way it was meant to be. But I think you're going to look really sad. So easily imaginable.

So, well, I know I'm doing my best, but I want you to avoid it if you can.

"It's so cute... You too? Then I'll stroke you. Come on, come on."

Because I don't want to cloud Len-chan's smile, which seems very pleasant.

Relax and don't rush until your thumbs calm down. Tame Luco.

After Taming Luco, he returned to the first river.

Once again, it's a river trip!

But there's less than an hour left.

And the number of participants increased.

Unlike the first time, there was a slight increase in the number of participants, as commented. Are you a participant or a participant mons? There are eight more raccoons.

Lucas, who came in line with Len-chan as a leader, entered the river first. It's a little shallow, but there seems to be no problem. I started playing with the raccoons floating around.

"Ah, it's so sloppy! Me too!"

Whatever you say, Len-chan also storms into the raccoon herd. I don't know if it's sloppy.

And stay the momentum.


It sank.

"Hmm!? Ronchaaaahn!

Suddenly you're going too far, that girl! Where was your first sense of self-control!? Oh, there's Luco! Fuck you, Luco! Cute!

Is Luco a drug or something?

"Well, calm down, Miray, it's a game after all, so it's okay if it sinks."

Unlike real people, I can't breathe.

Oh, my God. Yes, it is. I didn't know that. Then you don't have to panic so much for now...

But there is lasting damage.

"When it's completely sunk, it's about 10% momentum in 20 seconds."

Determination of incapacity in about three minutes

"Short on earth!?

I knew we had to hurry!

When I tried to jump into the river with that in mind, the raccoons disappeared. There are only three left. The five that Len brought are gone.

Soon after I thought, the raccoons came back to the surface. With Ron-chan.


"Ah, Renchan! Safe!?"

"Hey, sweetheart! It was beautiful in the water!

"Ah, yes...."

Yeah, well, yeah. Is this the only one who panicked?

No, wait. Speaking of which, Alice and Lulu didn't say anything either...

Looking back, he looked at me with a kind of warm smile.

Well, in the first place, even if you can't fight, you're partying with Mirai, right?

All you have to do is revive it with the Revive Items.

"There must be a lot of loose ends."

There are Lucas in the first place, so if your husband gets pinched, he'll pull it up on his own.

"Ugugugu...! Because I was worried...!

Well, that's where Mirai is. Yeah. "

"My sister's sweet sister."

But my head is pounding.

"Shut up!

What's wrong with being worried? Shit. Shit!

"Hey, honey? Are you kidding me?

"I'm not mad at you!


In the meantime, I shuddered at Len-chan as she approached me. Hah, calm down...

Well, yeah. Let's just be careful. Mm-hmm.