Thirty minutes left. The river tour is almost over. Speaking of what I do in the river, there are things that I don't think I can take off.

"Yes, I mean barbecue!

I understand.

I don't know.

This will depend on people......

"Oh, is that so? I thought barbecue was a classic...."

Isn't that right? There are a lot of animated barbecues in the river, so I thought it was like that. I can't change it now, so I'll do it like this.

There is a barbecue set in the riverbank. One of the loose items is a set of barbecue tools that you can often see in real life. They're going to say, "Worldwide view," but this kind of thing is probably a plaything. I think it's stranger to complain.

I don't think there are people who are difficult to go out because of real convenience, not just Ron. Some people will be busy with work, and others will not like mountain-specific insects. For such people, it is a great pleasure to be able to have a barbecue in a beautiful place even though it is a game.

"So don't be too loud."


"If you're doing some kind of RP, I'm not going to say anything with this delivery."

If you can enjoy it, that's fine.

Nice people!

Are you prepared with winners, various vegetables and meat? Food harvested in Fatos. In addition, Alice and Lulu also provided me with a good amount of ingredients.

It's definitely not enough for four people to eat, but if it's left, you can use it for another dish. It's a game, so you can relax.

"Ron-chan! Do you have chopsticks and plates?

"Got it!

Ron is excited with chopsticks and a paper plate. It's the first real barbecue for Renchan. You have to eat a lot and have a lot of fun.

"I want you to leave the yakiniku to me. I'm confident in yakiniku."

"Yakiniku, please go home."

Oh, no.

I wonder if Lulu wants to make it himself. I'm not going to say I can't make it myself. You can do whatever you want.

Mirai-chan, isn't it time?

Alice, who looked at the fire, said so, so I decided to burn it quickly. I bought it at Fatos and it's a little high quality. I wonder if it would be A5 or something like that. I don't have that much confidence in my taste, so I think it should be delicious.

When I put the thinly cut meat on the net, a good smell came on my nose immediately. The smell of roasting meat distracts your appetite.

The gravy juice is overflowing and falling into the charcoal, and it smells good again...

"Hey, how do you eat it?

"Yeah? You can take the burnt one and put it on you."

You just have to eat more and more things that seem delicious. I'm just checking to see if it's real, but it doesn't mean eating raw baked food and getting hungry.

"Well then... this!

Ron-chan took the meat that had changed color a lot. I'm leaning my neck with a stick on it. Don't you know how much I should wear it? Let's watch without saying anything.

I noticed that Alice and Lulu were playing with the meat and watching Len-chan. Without realizing that, Len put the meat in her mouth.


A happy face. Looks like you liked it.

Looks delicious

"Shit, I want to eat yakiniku."

Dinner terrorism at such a time......!

"Ah, yeah. I'm sorry?"

It was before eight o'clock, so I thought it would be a good time, but is it no good? Well, I didn't really care.

Yes, ahn

When she noticed, Len-chan went to cut the meat into small pieces and give it to the raccoons. One at a time in a raccoon floating in the river. The raccoons started eating mochi toys with meat in their arms. What a cute thing.

"It's cute, but was it nice to have meat on Lucco?

I don't know, but now?

Whether it's carnivorous or herbivorous, after Tame, it's a common feed.

"Ah... I see. It's useless to think about it."

Some people are feeding meat to horses. Ah, speaking of which, the horse hasn't gone to see him yet. I wonder if there are any horses you can ride. Tiny horses. So we can go to the plains together!

"I don't know what to do next, Alice!

"Oh, no, what happened? If you don't speak up, I won't know."

He answered while eating the meat. I'm sorry, don't worry, I didn't ask for a response.

Don't do that. I wonder what to say. The last barbecue ended without anything in particular.

Collaboration, what did I say? Just because we had more people with us, we were doing the same thing. Well, as far as I'm concerned, it was fun, and Renchan seems to be satisfied with Tame Luco, so let's say.

That's why I came back to Renchan's home. Of course Lulu is with us. He really wanted to touch Legend. At the contact event, you couldn't reach Lege.

"After all, the ancestor dragon is cool. It's cute. I want to tame it."

Lulu whispered while fluffing Lege. I can't feel my expression anymore.

"Well, as far as I'm concerned, I'm interested in a new area."

That's it.

I heard that it will increase naturally, but it really will increase and grass soon.

Did you make a pond or something?

Yeah, well, that's how it is. There were more ponds at Len's home some time ago. On the back side of Ren-chan's house, there's a small pond between you and Lege. Even though it is small, there is a common school pool.

The first inhabitants, of course, were Lucas. I saw about a dozen raccoons swimming freely and felt relieved. I wonder when you tamed a dozen of them?

This pond, half rock, the other half sandy. There are a few raccoons facing the rocks, and Renchan is hanging out with the raccoons. I'm holding Luco in my pillow.

Luco didn't hate it either, but rather sticks to her on her stomach. Oh, my God, I envy you!

"I want to be a raccoon!

"What are you talking about all of a sudden, Mirai-chan!?

"Sudden Flying Speech"

I knew Mirai wasn't Mirai.

Well, Mirai Dashi

"Stop nagging my name."

Well, it's an appropriate name! It's so appropriate that even if you ask me where it came from, I can't answer anything! So I don't mind... I don't know if it's good or not...

"Lulu, is that enough? It's about time you had a good night."

"Nh... I'm sorry. I'm satisfied. Thank you."

Lulu returns away from Lege. It seems to be in a good mood somehow. I'm glad you're happy.

Well then, Lulu. Thank you for today. It was fun. "

"Nh. Welcome. Let's play again."

"Yes, invite me again."

Last time he signed up for a friend, Lulu waved back.

I think it was a meaningful collaboration. I'm sure Lulu thought it would be fun. I'm a little anxious because my expression is hard to understand.

"Did Lulu enjoy it?

When I asked Alice, she smiled funny after just a moment. Not only Alice, but also the comments that flow are strange.

Mirai-chan. You signed up with Lulu, right?

"Of course I did...."

Well then, it's okay.

No, I don't know what it means, but I accidentally tilted my neck and there was an answer to the comment.

It's okay. Lulu is famous for only registering friends with people who want to get along or get along. "

It's because it's his personality.

Surely ten people, including Miray, a little more than twenty, right?

"Isn't that enough!?

Even if you're on the front lines, that's unusual. Basically, I know it's called solo somehow.

"Well, that's another way to play."

"I know that."

There is also a straight line of Ronchakami tofu, and maybe solo is also fun.

But if you can. I think I'd like to play with you again.

Hey, Ron-chan