"Ready, Ron? You can't follow strangers, right?


"Since there are many people who know about Renchan, some people may try to attract Renchan's attention, but you have to endure it properly.


"And then..."

Um, Onee-chan


"It's a bit too persistent and annoying."


This is the end of the repetition of the brackets of caution for 30 minutes.

Sunday lunch. Ren was in the second place. The young lady is lucky to be in her home position and her sister's Tammy Mons shiro. Spanning the shiro, the goodness is a little rough. I also wipe the clothes. Moufufu.

I'm going to explore the second place today. I think I can experience a lot of production skills here, so I'm thinking about going around a lot.

If it's true, it looks like onee-chan was going to come with us, but I'm sorry. Since it's Sunday, your sister should play with her school friends.

I'm a little worried about being alone, but I'm fine. Lotus has so much to rely on!


Little bit.

That's why we're launching the delivery.

Standing on the side of the entrance to the second door, staring at the black board. I immediately heard a comment.

This time of year, and the delivery of Renchan's name only......

Ron-chan? Where's Miray?

Um... Onee-chan is out with a friend at school. So today, I'm alone. "

I see. So, what are you doing today?

"Like before, Fatos... no, wait. I can't believe that wall...."

"Today, I'm exploring the Second!

The commentators are making a fuss, in contrast to the pleasant goodwill. I'm very noisy whether it's bad or not, but I'm sure it's okay.

What a surprise, Ron-chan

"Seconds are a lot more people than Fatos."

"Yeah... I've been here once. But I'm pretty sure... Yeah, I'm good."

I'm a little scared, but I still want to work a little harder. I'll prove that I can go alone.

"Why do you want to do it alone?

"Er... I want you to feel a little at ease. You're always worried about me, so I'm fine with this."

"I cried."


"Renchan... you don't have to worry about it..."

I think there was someone who looked like Mirai, but let's not worry about it.

I think there was a comment that kind of looked like a sister, but I don't care about the goodwill. But it's just a little bit comfortable.

All right, take it easy. Fusufu.

"We're going to experience production skills today!

Ooh, processing and stuff like that.

There's Alice or something near Renchan. Interested? "

We're watching here, so have fun with everything you can, Ron-chan

If it doesn't work, I'll call Operations right away!

"Yeah! I'll do my best!

Now, let's get into the second.

Go up to Shiro and go through the gate. Like the last time I saw it, it was a crowded neighborhood. And, unlike last time, a lot of people were looking back at spasms. I'm kind of surprised.


Is there something strange about it?

Lotus costumes are called regular Japanese clothes. It is a rare garment here, but it is not without anyone, so this will be no problem.

Is it Tammmons? But Tammmons is also walking with some people. I wonder if this is different.

"No, it's just that Renchan has become famous..."

But I'm confident I'll look back when I see Renchan.

Familiar w

I'm not sure. We can't help it, so let's move on.

"Shiro. Shiro. Do you know what a guild is?

When Lotus hears, Shiro waffles and starts walking. It seems that Shiro will guide me today, so it is very easy.

Climb on to Shiro and make every move. Continue as you fap. Lots of people look back at the broom, but the broom is obsessed with the lid. Moufufu.

After walking for a while, I reached the Sewing Guild. Open the door and try to get inside.

It seems that half of the sewing guilds are in stores. I was told later that this is where people belonging to the Alliance sell.

The other half has reception or someone is irritating something. But now everyone is watching the spasms. What is it?

In the meantime, oneechan tells me that I should go to the reception for the experience. I was just about to go to the reception.


Suddenly, I was called from behind.


I was your sister's friend. Looking around. You must be looking for your sister.

"Hey, if you're not here,

"Oh, yeah. It seems to be broadcasting, so I thought it was clear. So now you're alone?

As Alice listened, Shiro sounded a little dissatisfied.

It seems that one person was dissatisfied. It's cute that you're just a little stubborn. All right, let me stroke you.

"Ah... I'm sorry, there was a spot too."

Alice strokes Shiro, too. Take your time. Shiro is also a little happy. It was good, and when I stroked it again, I felt like I was in a good mood.

What is this, what is this...

I want to see more of it on behalf of Shiro......

My shiro is so cute! Lotus is cuter!

Oh, yeah.

I can see it even with the current swelling. It's definitely your sister. I don't know what to do, but I'm glad.