"So, what brings you here? There are more second-hand people here than here.

Of course I know that. Oneechan said that too. Secondary is the most crowded city. Still, that's why. You'll be able to say it's okay by yourself.

"You know, I want to try the sofa."

"Really!? All right, then I'll tell you!

That being said, Alice leaned her neck.

"So, which one? Or how far?

"Which one....? How far?"

"Hey, Millay, didn't you explain?"

I didn't. Because the preparation is only automatic and I didn't think I would be interested. So, Alice, please explain. "

"Ahahah... I'm in charge."

Alice explained politely, whilst covering her face.

Some of the production skills in this game are said to be manual, semi-automatic, and automated. Manual is a way to make it entirely by your own technique without relying on skills. The difficulty is naturally high and the time required is enormous, but if you can make something decent instead, it will be a very high-performance capability. Do you think the skill experience you get is also appropriate?

Automation should be made using skills as is. With the required ingredients and skills, they will be able to complete it after a little mini-game. I don't think it would take five minutes if I had the ingredients.

Semi-automatic is a way to manually make the rest halfway through and finish the rest automatically. There seems to be some correction for abilities and experience.

"You've never made clothes, have you? Well then, I think automatic is fine."


That's it, I miss you a bit. Anyway, I would like to try manual experience.

Alice seemed to have figured it out because it was full of bricks. I thought about it a little and gave it a book.


"How to make clothes in real life. It's a book I can buy with this guild, but I've already finished reading it, so I'll give it to Roon-chan."

"Are you sure?

"Of course."

"Thank you!"

I will try to open the book. There are a lot of difficult things to write. It seems to be readable. Let's start reading a little bit tomorrow.

Well then, can we do it automatically today? Ron-chan, what do you want to make?

Um... I want to give it to you. Hmm... Ribbon! "


Mirai, the ribbon?

Huh? No, Kitsu.

What do you mean, here?

The commentators are about to quarrel. Mainly because of your sister's comments. but ignore it. I was a little angry with you.

"Well, yeah. Mirai would be delighted with Len's handmade gift!

"I'm too happy to die."

"Hey, sister, do something."

There's a law of the tail.


The Alliance will give you the ingredients for the ribbon. They say they can give away simple materials just for the experience. Of course, we have to return the excess.

Using tentative mastery, that is, sewing skills that can only be used on this spot, you see a lot of writing on the square frame. It says the ingredients of the ribbon.

"Put the specified ingredients in the frame."


Place the ingredients in a black frame as told. And then the part that says, "Create." Touch it a little.

There was a slight noise, a needle and thread, and a very thick cloth. What is this?

"That's the mini-game. It's not that hard. There's a mark on the cloth, you know?

"Er... Yeah, there are five small circles. Ah, there's a number next to the circle."

"Just put the needle through in that order. Good luck with the quality closer to the center!

Well, it's a mini-game that's easy to understand for you. Let the needle go first for your hand. Slowly and carefully.... I think I went through the middle safely.

"By the way, there's a time limit."


I was told to look at the upper right part of the cloth, so I looked at the upper right part of the cloth, and there was a number that gradually decreased. I wonder if this is the time limit. I rushed through the needle.

It got a little messy, but I managed to finish it in time.

"Well, I wonder...?

I think it's good for the first time.

There's no way you can be so successful all of a sudden.

"At least you're better than me."

Oh oh......

Do you lose to elementary school students? Live strong. "

"Wait. Why are you sympathetic?

That doesn't seem to be a problem. The menu "Do you want to dye at the end?" came up, so I touched it and there were lots of color suggestions.

The colour has already been decided. When I touched the light blue, there was a slight sound of pop and a new ribbon on the hand of the spawn.

"I got it!

"Yeah! Congratulations!


Even if it's an experience, I'm really glad it's finished.

I get it, the producers will never forget it.

"Hey, I'll give it to you later!

It's stuck.

"Mirai's reaction is light."

"I just don't see it in the text, I expect it to be too happy and agonizing."

Would you stop saying that?

I would be very happy as a goodwill if you would be happy. My cheeks are irritated by accident. Fuyah.

Oh, someone's stroking my head. When I looked at it, Alice stroked me with a smile. When I tilted my neck, I was laughed at for nothing.

"Mirai-chan's overprotective is also convincingly cute...."

My sister is the best in the world!

My sister's head is the best in the world!

Shut up!


It's kind of a fuss. Lotus tilted his neck and put the ribbon in the inventory.