No response. So I'll hold my lucky arm and squeeze the two together.

"I'm not scared...."

In doing so, both of them seem to have settled down.

I feel the taste of mom......


"Are you guys okay...?

It could be terrible.

Slowly, a big man stood in front of Mr. Lulu. He's a muscular man. The man glanced at Lulu and snorted.

"Yeah, you're the wizard. What are you doing here?"

I'm a little scared. Unexpectedly, the power to hold two people becomes stronger. Lucky and Raccoon have licked the cheeks of the spawn.

"Nh... Tour. She wants to experience it, so I showed her."

That's how Lulu puts the spasm forward. Hey, maybe I'm scared.

But the man broke his face when he heard it.

"What is it? Say it first! But a girl like this? Are you okay?"


"Whoa! Come on!

A man smiled loudly and slapped the back of the span for a while.

They say blacksmithing is manual and automatic, but that's exactly what blacksmithing is all about.

And the blacksmith's automatic mini-game was to hit the shining spot of a small sword with a hammer. The more you put your strength into it, the better it will be.

So the goodwill was stretched out.



There was nothing in the swinging hand. Where's the hammer?

When I raised my gaze, my grandfather held his head a little farther away. My grandfather stood up slowly and looked back at me. My grandfather had a hammer that Goodwill had in his hand.

"Hey, isn't this bad? Oh, my God.

"No, wait, really wait. What happens at a time like this!?

Operation! Yamashita! Help him!

There will be a lot of comments, but the gaze of the goodwill will remain pointing at the grandfather.

My grandfather is walking here. They're staring at me anyway. I'm angry. It's only natural.

And Mr Lulu stood between them.

"Oh, this hammer, is that the lady over there?"

"Nh... I'm sorry."

"Ah? It's not you. Shut up."

Grandpa stood in front of the goodwill, and...

You gave me the hammer.

"Be careful. I'm glad it's me, because ordinary people die, right?

"Uh-huh... I'm sorry...."

"Ahh, don't cry. Don't cry. Look, I'll tell you. Look, I'm a little overpowered. How to hold it....."

I don't know, but he taught me very politely.

"A Gentle World"

NPCs here are all made up of people...

You guys should be apprentices too.

You too.

While my grandfather taught me, I panic. I feel irritated. Hit the glowing spot. It's kind of fun. Kankan Kankan.

The small knife that I made was not very good, but I couldn't say it was good. But this is satisfactory for you. I will use it carefully.

"Well, you can do it for the first time. Good luck, miss."

That's how my grandfather stroked me.

After leaving the blacksmith's Guild, I was a little tired at first thinking about going to the next place. After all, if you have a lot of people, you get tired. I'm really glad Alice and Lulu are here.

"Renchan, where are you going next?

"Nh... You know, I'm a little tired, so I thought I'd go home... I don't know.

"Nh... I think so. Because you don't have to. Can you go home alone?

Yeah, I'm good.

Finally, hug Sora-chan tightly, and then hug Needs Heg. Anyway, I just regret that I wanted to play with Needs Heg. But let's do it again.

"Thank you."

Lulu lowered his head and stroked his head with a smile.

Well then, let's go home.

Come on, let's go!

Be careful.

Be careful and nothing will happen for a moment!

Speaking of which, isn't Miray on the way?