Finish your errands and wait at Renchan's home. The last thing I saw was entering the blacksmith's Guild. I wish there was nothing.

I waited a little while, but Ren-chan came home. I feel like it's a little early. I thought it would take me another 30 minutes.

"Ah, onii-chan!

"Yeah. Welcome back."

He ran and hugged me. Is that...?



Hmm. Sweet mode. I'll give you a squeeze. Gyu.

Shiro is back too. Thank you. "


I'll stroke you as you approach. Yeah, it's a nice hairy day too.

Have Shiro sit down, and I will sit down and back Shiro. I am Ron's back. While stroking the catching Ren-chan, I said to the glowing sphere of light.

"Hey, kids. Looks like there was a fake of mine."

Whatever you think, it was you www

Aren't you ashamed that you'll flatten out?

"That's Miraya."

"What do you mean!? That's a joke!

I had a normal conversation with Alice. I know it's not exactly the same.

Len-chan moved and fell on his face. Keep staring at my face.

"Hey, didn't you play with Sumi-san? It's late for lunch.

"I've already played. It's okay."

"Nh... I think it's too short. Sumi-san will hate you.

"It's okay, it's okay. I'm familiar with corrupt relationships. By the way, Ren-chan, I wouldn't say anything, but you can't give me your real name, right?

"Ah... I'm sorry...."

I stroked around my throat with a bitter smile. He tries to flee with a ticklish twitch, so he catches him with both arms. Chicken chicken chicken.

Hmm! Tickle! "


"What are we... being shown...?


I'm really close.

"Aren't you jealous? But Ron is my sister. I'll have it all to myself."

When I hugged her tightly, Len-chan stopped by to be sweet. Hmm. It's pretty sweet today.

"Sometimes it's sweet, but why today? It was normal until now."

I've been trying to show you where it's okay to be alone.

"No, I know because I saw it."

I see.

Somehow, I know why. It wasn't that hard, it was a little too sudden, that's all.

"I think I'm just more tired than I thought. I've never been alone in a crowd of other people."

I think Goodwill worked very hard today. I was very nervous, because I knew very well. That's why I spoil a lot today. I spoil it very much.

"I hope it's sweet enough. I'll spoil you a lot. Uriuru"


Whoa, we got away. Ron-chan leans on her back and stares at her a little bit. Too much?



"You don't have to hurry. You don't have to work hard suddenly. Lotus is still small, so I want you to protect her."

"Hmm... But oniichan also plays, right? I don't want to mess with Onee-chan."

"Ron's a good kid!


Lotus is really a good kid. It's so painful. If it's true, I could say more about myself.

There's a reward for your hard work, Renchan.



The child I summoned was placed on Len's stomach. Like a pure white polka dot.

"Nh... Warm. What is this?

When Len-chan touched the hairball, her long ears came out.


"Oh? Is this the rabbit?

"Rabbit I've never seen."

Are you fluffier than the others?

"Yeah. Rare monster with long grasslands, hairy rabbit. Maybe the model is an Angora rabbit."


"Yes, Angola."

It is a rabbit famous for its long hair. The hair is enough to make clothes. It seems that if I leave it without doing anything, my hair will become amazing. I was wondering if that's how I could live in the wild, but Angora rabbits don't exist in the wild in the first place.

Ah, Angola. I know, I know. Angola. Angola. "

"You definitely don't know ww"

Seriously, is there such a monster out there?

"No, well. I had a hard time....."

I used to go looking for Renchan when she wasn't logged in, but it took a while. When I asked Yamashita-san, he told me it was as rare as Lucky Wolf. Today, I was finally able to tame.

"Today...? Weren't you playing?

"Yeah, we were looking together. It's a little impossible to say, let me create an account... I enjoyed it a lot, so maybe I'll meet you here sometime."

I think I've enjoyed it more than I've ever been tired of looking for it. I was very impressed with the recent games. If I didn't think you were my grandmother, I'd get angry.

"By the way, that's the one who found her. Can you thank him next time I see you?


Whoa, it's a little overhead. I'm already captive of the Ronchako rabbit. I know, I know. I was impressed when I lifted it up.

"By the way, this hairy rabbit comes out as a monster, but after taming, it's pet friendly."


"So, not long after Tame, that is, now that I don't have a good feeling, I can transfer it to Renchan."

"Mm-hmm.... eh!?

Ton-chan bounced. The state is strange and makes me laugh unexpectedly. That's a good response, Ron-chan.