The item we got together when we tamed the furry rabbit was the lucky tail. It seems to replace other pet eggs, and if you transfer it, the ownership of the furry rabbit will belong to Renchan.

So, let's just trade. Then the hairy rabbit twitched her nose and looked at Len. Pohn, it's sticking in Len-chan's arm. That's how I started rubbing Len-chan to make it sweet.

"Wow! Wow!"

Ahahah. Renchan's reaction is really cute. Unexpectedly, it smells slightly.

"Mirai's expression feels disgusting www"

No, but I know how you feel.

Renchan looks so happy......

Well, if you're so happy, you've done your best. I'm sure she'll be happy to see this by now. He cares a lot about me, too.

"Fluffy fufufu... Wow....."

Rabbit is cute

Lotus is cute

It's too cute to be purified...

You're a friendly rabbit. Is this what this is all about?

"I wonder. But the Angora rabbit, I think, is a model of this kid. It seems to have a warm and friendly personality."

I don't know if it matches that, but I think it's quite friendly among the monsters. Besides, she seems to like to be held by you, and after a while, she'll soon fall asleep.

That's too much, cute! That's great! Something that exceeds the best because the cutest bunny in the world has such a rabbit!


"Hey, somebody abbreviate this sister."

"Too late"

"Abbreviated below"

"Shut up."

It is bad to be too cute.

Night. Relax at Renchan's home. Put a wooden chair in front of Renchan's house and sit there and relax. By the way, this chair is a regular commercial item. So there is no decoration or anything, it's simple.

"But I prefer a simple chair."

I understand.

I think I understand.

I don't know. I want a cushion. "

"Contemporary bean sprouts."

"No, it doesn't matter?

Speaking of greed, it's true that I want cushions too. Because my buttocks hurt.

The light bulb floats to the side, showing a small area of the wooden fence. Some of the puppies also have hairy rabbits, and even the giant horn rabbits are sitting there wondering when they moved in.

Ron-chan was slowly and carefully brushing the gathering puppies and rabbits in the middle.

Even with a smiling smile, Len-chan is very cute to play with. It's a good picture. It's a picture. It's a sketch. I'm gonna take a lot of pictures.

The puppies are nice, but the hairy rabbits are amazing.

I understand. I want to tame it.

I've been looking all day and I don't think I'll find it.

It's just a low incidence, so I think we'll find it soon if we're lucky. On the contrary, we'll never find out if we're unlucky.

By the way, what Mirai is holding...

"Hmm? It's black. Isn't she cute?"

Dressing black fox black. When I got hungry, it spread out in large letters. The wild is missing. No, I'm not wild because I'm Tammy Mons.

Roon-chan has been on a big adventure for lunch today, so I plan to spend the day relaxing. Let's take it easy and relax.



When I noticed it, Len-chan came back. I don't have any lucky heads today. Lucky seems to be playing with other puppies. It's so healing that the puppy is rolling and playing. It's so cute.

Well, Ron's staring at me for some reason. Looks like Sweet Pork Mode isn't over yet,

"Kuro, come play with us for a minute."

Slowly squeal, and Kuro runs to the wooden fence. When I dropped it off, Len sat on my lap.



Pohhhhhhh, it's coming back. I don't know what to do anymore!

Mirai's cheeks are still loose.

Shouldn't we call the police?

A girl has been attacked by a suspect named after my sister!

"Would you stop!?

That hurts. I get hurt, too.

"Because my heart is the heart of glass!



"Don't say anything until you're asleep."

"Paranoid B"

Should I introduce you to the hospital?

"Isn't it terrible?

You don't have to say that.

Hold Len-chan on her lap from behind. Gyu. Very easy to hold.

I'm sorry that it is being imported. Could I have a moment?

"Hmm? Who is it?

Ah...... It's golden. "

At last, Kimpei named himself Kimpei!

Someday you'll have settled down ~

By the way, I don't really feel so bad about this guy, but he's hiding and making me smelly.

That's our Kramus!

"Please don't. I'm going to die. How do you know?

It's an unusually pleasant clan for the front lines. Just listening to the conversation is fun.

Ah, well... It's about the interview.... "

"Ah, yes. Have you got a date?

How about next Sunday?

Next Sunday. Hmm... Well, I don't think there's anything special about it. It might be good. It's convenient for me, though.

I pinched Len-chan's cheek. Hang on.

"Yawakuni... It's a faithful reproduction..."

"Hey, honey?

"Nothing. Ron, do you have anything for next Sunday? You know, inspections."

I thought Renchan had no plans or anything, but is that so?

I'm in the hospital. There are tests, too.

When I was waiting with my cheeks pounding, I was turned away from my face because I hated it on the way. Too bad. I'll keep my throat peeled instead.


"Is this the right place? Is this a good place to be? Uriuri"


It seems so pleasant wow

It's like a dog or a cat.


Isn't that right? My sister is cute.

And you're going to be forgotten....


"Ron. So, how about next week?

"Hmm... It's been a long time...."

"Really? Do you have any tests?

"Yeah... Chushajust....."

Yeah, I see.

Well, yeah. Let's see.

"But, like this, when you just inject, oneechan feels a little bit painful...."

"What do you mean?

Think about Len's age.


At this age, it's fair not to even look disgusting when I hear about injections.


You know, a week ago, I might have been told, but this kid is as good as usual on the day of the injection.

"I heard that if you like it or not, you don't like it."

"Hmm... It's brighter....."

That's right.


"Don't be surprised. Don't be so heavy."


Well, I don't do it that often, so don't worry too much. I heard that blood tests are done once a month and that it is a big test about once every six months. Well, there are still a lot of different kinds, so there are quite a few kinds of tests.

I don't know everything about Len's illness, and I'm not sure what to test. So, it seems that you can do something that is not very burdensome.

I'll leave it to my father, so I don't know the details and can't tell you. She didn't care about that and said she wanted you to play with her. It doesn't seem to be getting any better or worse.

"So, Kimpika-san. Next Sunday won't be a problem. I'll ask your dads later."

Got it. Can we wait till night?

"Yeah, I'll be fine at this hour."

Got it. I'm looking forward to it.


That's why Len's interview ended a week later on Sunday. I still don't know what to ask, but I'm looking forward to it.