It rains temporarily. The rainy season this year's rainy season has been going on for a long time. I don't care because I don't like the rain or hate it.

Take a leisurely walk from school to hospital. Put an umbrella and listen to the rain. I said I didn't like it or dislike it, but I like the sound of rain a lot. When I hear the rain in a quiet place, I feel a little mysterious. I just feel like it.

I wonder what Len thinks of rain. That's why you might not care.

So I asked.

"Rain? Is it raining? That's right."

It was that kind of treatment.

No, of course not. This room has no windows and is soundproof. That means you can't hear the rain.

So, in the first place,

"Ron. Have you ever seen rain?

"Mmm. I don't have one."

I knew it. Of course, to be precise, I think Len has probably seen it before. But that must have been a long time ago. When I was a kid, I barely remembered.

So why don't we go to a rainy area? I feel like there was such a place on the side of the lost forest.

"By the way, aren't you exercising in the morning?

"I couldn't do it very well, so I'm doing it now."

I see.

Renchan is jumping ropes a little away from her bed. Don't do double jumps or anything like that, just jump normally. You may think it's dangerous, but this room has plenty of space to exercise.

But it's not that big, so there's a running machine in the corner of the room. I've seen you exercise several times if you like it, not just at a certain time. She stopped before she got tired.

"Hmm... Manzoku!"

Len-chan wrapped the rope around and carefully put it in the box in the corner, and it came to me. It slipped on my lap. Now that you've got it, I'll gently hug you and stroke your head. If I do that, Renchan will soon sweeten up. She's cute.


Oni-chan, it's awful.

"Ugh... I weigh myself....."

Straight curses are pretty strong.

"Yes, snacks"


I'll give you a stick-type snack that I bought at a convenience store along the way. Ten yen a bottle, that sweet everyone knows. Break the packaging happily and eat it. It's like squirrels and hamsters eating little by little.

Yeah, that's right. Squirrels are good, right? And the hamster. I wonder if he's in that game. Are you playing that game?

"Well, for now, that's it...."

Is that it?

Yeah, I'll see you later.

This is the egg that Renchan used to pull with a gacha. I don't know what happens, but I can't leave it alone. Sometimes I'm just having fun.

I don't know what's going to happen.


"Len-chan is so cute!

"Hey, it's hard to eat. Later."

Ah, yes.

The snack time lens is a bit cold...

As usual at 6: 00 p.m. I was staring at a big egg in front of Renchan's house. A very large egg, taller than mine. What is this?

No way!

The legendary one!

Boiled eggs!

"Hey, is this food?

"No, it's not. Hey, I'm banishing the idiot who said boiled eggs now."

"I'm sorry, I can forgive you. I'm just kidding, please!

"Too desperate for grass."

It's a strictly forbidden case to tell a lie to a pure Renchan.

Because I said Sarasa, I also believed in Len for a moment. It's subtly soggy. Did you think it was a snack? I'll get you something later.

"Ron-chan, this is the egg of the Four Holy Beasts."


"Yes, you can be friends randomly with Blue Dragon, Peacock, Xuanwu, and White Tiger."


Ah, this is the one you don't understand. Don't you know the Four Holy Beasts yet?

For now, Renchan, try tapping the eggs.


Ron approaches the egg. When you look at it like this, the size difference is huge. I wonder if the eggs are too big.

"I think I can make eggs because they're bigger than people."

You'll never get tired of eating it.

I know it's really big when you line up with Renchan......

When Pechi Tatsu-chan hit the egg, a choice appeared in front of Ron's eyes. Do you hatch eggs? Ron-chan looked back, so I nodded and touched it.

As soon as I heard it, I suddenly heard a sound from the egg. A small crack on the top of the egg. The crack spread out gradually and quickly covered the whole egg.

"Hey, sweetheart! The eggs are breaking!

"Yeah, for now, Renchan, come here."

As soon as I invite you, Len-chan will come running. As I was waiting for Shiro next to Ren-chan just in case, the eggs broke apart with a light sound.

And then came out a bird with a bright red flame. A peacock.

What do you think, Peacock? It's a peacock, isn't it?

No, I mean, yeah...

Little www

Well, this is unexpected.

"What did the size of that egg mean?"

Really. I can't believe a bird the size of a lucky bird comes out when I think about it. Subtly smaller than an owl.

"Brackets of the Four Holy Beasts"

"Four Holy Beasts (Laughter)"

Stop it, www


Hey www

Whatever I say at the top of my mouth, it's a terrible treatment.