But it looks like I liked Ron.


He quickly ran towards the peacock. Yeah, I think this is good.

Are you okay? Looks hot though.

"Ah... What do you think?

Of course, but it's a game, so I don't think it's hot enough not to touch it. I've never heard of home damage in the first place, even if there was damage to the flames. That's why I think it's okay...

Watch while you're a little nervous. If I noticed it, I couldn't hear any comments. They all seem to care.

Ron arrived at the peacock. Stay back and close your eyes. Len-chan's eyes meet those of a peacock. Stay still and stare at each other.

Ren-chan gently raised her hand and the peacock lowered its head. It's as if it makes it easier to stroke.

"Wow... My thighs and thighs are slippery and different... Fushigi....."

Looks like you've been caressed safely. Nevertheless, I am concerned. Both feet are different, and slippers are different... I want to stroke it.

After a while, Len came back. The peacock is stuck on Len's right shoulder. What's so cool about that?

"Hey, sweetheart! Cute!"

"Uh-huh. That's right. Isn't that cute?... Was the peacock cute?"

I think it's usually cool.

No, but it's hard to call a little flaming bird...

Isn't this cute?

"Well, I won't deny it."

I will also reach out to the peacock. I thought I might be able to escape, but I got a quick touch. I stroked my head and tickled my throat. She narrowed her eyes to feel good and her cheeks unexpectedly relaxed.

I see. It certainly feels strange. Overall, it is soft, but it is also fluffy, hmm... Feeling forced to stroke the fire?

I don't know.

It's too abstract to be meaningful.

Learn more!

"No, don't be silly. I don't think I can be honest with you."

I really don't know how to explain it. Cute is cute.

"Hey, can I come play with this girl?

"Yeah, that's fine. Don't go too far."


Roon-chan runs away with a peacock. I knew you'd want to take care of a new kid. Instead of playing, I guess I'll show you where I'm going.

"By the way, does anyone else have any more peacocks? I want to know what I can do."

You don't have it.

"How unlikely are you?"

Even though the eggs of the Four Holy Beasts do not come out first, even if they do, it is a quarter more. It's impossible. "

I have it.

"Oh, well, that can't be helped... No, wait. Are you there!? Do you have it!?

I have it.


"I thought Mirai might not be the first, but I wonder if she's in the audience."

I'm surprised too, but I need you to tell me more about this!

"It's nice and cheap, so can you tell me what a peacock can do?

Got it.

This is expectation.

Whatever you say, it's a peacock. It's pretty strong..... "

As a prerequisite, it's Tammmons, but he won't fight.



"Ah... That's right...."

But somehow I expected it. If the Thames you get for money are too strong, you'll be more dissatisfied. No, but I'm surprised you can't fight.

Instead, the effect is cheese torus. When my husband becomes incapacitated, he recovers unconditionally, without disadvantage, once and for all. "

"What the hell is that?"

Phoenix rather than peacock wow

"And then there's a bonus to the flame attribute, and it's really delicious that the cooking made from peacock flames is given some kind of reward."


I lost my strength all at once ~

It's because the resurrection is too cheesy, that's all ~

No, well, resuscitation is cheap enough. Tamer is subtle, but I think a pure avant-garde would want it so much as to stick his hand out of his throat. I'm not going to raise it.

Nevertheless, cooking. Cooking. I have a certain level of skill, but it's not that high. I think Len's lunch box is exhausting.

But I want to try it...

My recommendation is boiled eggs. Mirai-san, there's something nice in the billing item.

Well, you're a spin of operations, aren't you?

What a blatant publicity!

"Hmm... Learn more"

I ate it.

That's right. I want to feed Len-chan something delicious.

"Hey, sweetheart...."

Oh, Renchan's back. Has it been so long?

Looking back at Len-chan, he looked around me and his eyes opened and hardened. That's a good reaction.

There are a lot of items around me that can be purchased as billing items. To be precise, chicken parents and children. It is a pet that can be bought for a fee, with one rooster and five chickens each. I bought two sets.

That means there are ten chicks!

"Ooh, what are those kids...?



I stroked one chick under my feet with my hand. Chiyoko sneaks up with joy. Cute.

"Come on, Ron-chan, you're so cute."

"Ah, uhh...."

Fluffy, fluffy. Ron-chan's getting sucked up. Lifting Chiyoko's gaze also rose. I don't know, it's cute, but it might be a little fun.

Shiyoko to the left. To the right. Len's gaze will follow. Lotus is already a prisoner of leopard.

I understand, Ron-chan. Chiyoko is cute. "

Renchan Single Fishing

Hiyoko was the strongest monster...?

No, I think it would be normal if it calmed down. Of course, I've never seen Chiyoko before. I think it's a reaction like this.