Len-chan came close, so I handed him the chicken. Ron-chan, who had received the chick, stared at him and began to stroke him by surprise. Mr. Hiyoko seems very pleasant.

"Wow... Mufufufufu....."

Ron's face is also melting. Is it because you seem a little dissatisfied with the peacock on your shoulder?

"Ron. Chicks should wrap it gently with their hands."



While tilting her neck, Len-chan wraps the chick in her hand. Should I say that where I'm putting my face out properly? I thought it would be okay if Len didn't have to tell me.

Chiyoko stayed still for a while, but eventually began to drool and fell asleep.

"Wow... Oneechan, Hiyoko-san is asleep...!

"Yeah, it's a good way to hug a leopard in my hand."

"That's right...."

Roon-chan stares at a sleeping leopard. It's cute. It's going to be like this. And the leopards gathered around Renchan. Len hasn't noticed yet.

"Cute. Die. He's dead."

Be a Buddha.

Lotus is cute. Chiyoko is cute too. "

Cute and cute, you're invincible...

Really. I can feel happy watching.

A little bit later, he noticed the chicks around him. For a moment, I stretched my body, but I gently laid the leopard that had fallen asleep immediately on the ground and hugged the next leopard. When the leopard falls asleep, the next leopard.

I noticed that all the chicks around Ron-chan were asleep. That's amazing, Renchan.

It's the difference between Mirai and me who couldn't put one of them to sleep.

Whose side it is, I know exactly who it is.

"Shut up."

I want you to leave me alone. I'm surprised that none of you slept until Renchan came back. It looks like it's just going to get a little bit cramped. No, but maybe it's because of Len-chan's cuteness! Yeah, definitely!

As far as Miray's face is concerned, you're thinking of nothing.

I understand. I don't want to know.

I've been dating quite a bit already.

"So shut up."

Chiyoko is only a bonus. No, really. The description of the chicken parent-child also comes with five chickens, as it says. Well, judging by the comments, it seems that many people have bought Chiyoko for this purpose.

When you pet a chicken, you get eggs from the chicken nest every day. You get one per day in the game, i.e. four per day in real life. Of course, but it's a game, so I'm relieved it won't hatch. In the first place, I don't even know if it's sperm or non-sperm eggs.

So, Ron-chan

"Nh... What?"

"Where do you want to put the chicken nest?

Rather than a nest, it would be closer to the container where the eggs are kept. It's a common bird's nest. It's not obvious, so I don't think it's a problem anywhere.

Ron seemed to have thought about it a little, but decided to put it next to the fence where the puppies were. The moment I put it down, the chickens came together. As the hen entered the nest, there was a faint noise.

She leaves the nest just to say that the hen is refreshed. I thought it was impossible and found out that there were eggs in it quickly. Yeah, well, what is it? Um...

Looks like it.

"Would you stop!?


Everyone kept quiet while thinking wow

Make sure you lay your eggs when no one is around.

You had a little more work to do, right? If you say so, it's a bit dirty...

By the way, the organs aren't the same, but the exit is the same as the anus.

"Is that what I'm saying!?

"Oh, no, really?


"Of course, the real eggs in circulation are properly washed, so don't worry!

"I mean, what is this?


"Will you shut up?

No, well, what are you talking about in the game? It's a realistic game, so this is a bit of a sense of evasiveness after all, yeah... What should I do...?

"Hey, honey?

Len-chan's gaze hurts. Let's eat with the idea.

"Renchan, chickens lay eggs every day, so you can eat them every day."

"Boiled eggs!

"Yes, boiled eggs too! Is that...? Did Renchan like eggs so much?

"You wanted to eat it around that big egg."

"Because of what some heartless viewer said."

You have a ruthless audience.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, no, but that's what they say...?

Well, then, you don't have to know. I left it with you. Let's make it quick.

"So, peacock. Can I have a fire, please?

I nodded and began to fly. You seem to be listening to my request.

Well, I'm getting ready to cook outdoors, but this is a game, and I'm careful to make it comfortable.

With the item's spark set, firewood appears with a faint sound. Besides, it is well organized and easy to burn. In addition, it is a friendly design that keeps burning until 30 minutes of effect time have passed.

"By the way, if you're looking for realism, it seems that even if you make your own firewood, it will burn properly, so you should do it yourself. I'm troublesome and I don't feel like I can."

It's familiar. It's surprisingly difficult.

Really? It'll be easy to get used to.

It's hard to get used to it.

I don't care because useful things are more and more user-friendly!

"Peacock, please."

The peacock slapped its wings on the firewood. Then some fire powder fell and the firewood began to burn.

"Oh... What is this?"


Ron is a little surprised, too. This is a little fantastic.

The fire that burned with peacock fire was golden. It feels special. Wow, but nothing has changed except the color, and there's that unique chirp sound.