"I like the sound of this chirp."

I understand.

Something good, right? I don't know what to say. "

Because it's a feeling.

Ron seems to be interested in such a fire. I've never touched it, but it's interesting to see your hands twitching and turning around. I finally took a breath with both hands.



No, Miray. Boiled eggs?

If you just relax, you'll be 30 minutes soon.

"Ah, yes."

Watch out, watch out. I bought a chicken and I'm losing my point. No, well, I think Chiyoko alone was worth it.

Set the pan and pour in the water. Some people seem to be obsessed with the timing of putting eggs in, but if they care so much, they won't be able to make them. Mainly because it is troublesome.

Well, what do we do until we're done...

"What are you doing, Goodwill?"


At some point, I'm getting hiccups and hiccups. I wonder if the beanies and puppies have gathered together and are kind of very fluffy and fluffy.

Tofufu Festival!

It's going to be amazing ~

It's too crowded, isn't it?

It's very fluffy. Lots of furs playing with you. Yeah. For now, it's a picture. It's a scratch. I'm gonna take lots of pictures...!


"I'm in a hurry because I'm taking lots of pictures right now, but something's wrong!

Ron-chan walked over to me and sat down in front of her. Suddenly I was a little surprised, but I think I was well held.


Ehehe. My scales!


I'm so cute.

Mirai-chan! Come on, Mirai!

Doctor! Who can fix a blown head?

It's too late.

No, that's why... I can't argue with that....?

Excuse me, you guys.

As I waited for this, the finished alarm sounded immediately. Excellent cooking skills, handy. I was told to make eggs manually, but I don't know what it means to do it manually, even though the system makes it tasty.

I didn't think it would fail. I don't think so.

Remove the eggs by putting your hands in the boiling water. It's obvious, but it can't be done if it's real.

Let's just watch and get really hot.

I know it doesn't matter because it's a game, but it's kind of scary...

Because it looks realistic, it would be extra. I was very careful when I did it the first time. Don't hesitate to stick your hand in it after getting used to it.

"Ron-chan, if it's real, you'll burn yourself, so don't imitate it.

"Hey, what do you think I am?

"Ah, yes. I'm sorry."

Well, you don't have to say it normally to understand it.

I don't have to say that, but I don't know what to tell you, and my kid gets hurt.

Well, that's philosophy.


I think it's just a matter of keeping an eye on it.

When I handed Len-chan the egg, I gladly sparkled my eyes. I knew he wanted to eat it. But I'm looking at you without even trying to eat the chicken.

If you were a chicken, you'd be eating raw eggs. Looks like I'm worried about Ron.

But it was until I broke the egg shell with boiled eggs.

The fragrant smell of fluffy fragrance. It's supposed to be just a boiled egg, but it's clearly distinct from the others. I wonder if this is the ability of peacocks. Subtle but amazing.

Looks like Ren-chan lost the temptation, and when she carefully broke her shell, she put it in her mouth.

"Wow... Delicious....."


I think there are some things about Renchan because she is not used to eating them, but even from me, they are very delicious. I wonder what to say. It tends to be a little messy in there, but that's different again.

"We can't say anything, so we can tame the peacock ourselves."

Don't be ridiculous www

How much do you think it costs?

Well, I guess so. The privilege of a man who gets it! But maybe Alice and Lulu should try it once.

What were you talking about, Len finished eating first. It's getting happier and happier, but you're glancing at me. Not me, but my boiled eggs.

I wish you'd told me. You don't have to put up with it.

"I only want to eat, but do you want the rest?

"Eh? Is that okay...?


When I gave you a bite of boiled egg, Len laughed with joy. As far as I'm concerned, that smile is enough for me.

When I look at Ren-chan eating the second boiled egg in a delicious way, I'm kind of happy too. It would be a lie to say it's not too bad, but you can still eat boiled eggs tomorrow. There are also chickens.

Don't hesitate to give it to me while saying it's delicious.

You're a good oneechan.

I'm flying my head off.

Ciscon's in the middle of something.

"Shut up."

Praise or despise. Not at all.