It's nice to wear it around.

Yeah, that's good.

"I like dogs, I like cats."

"Yeah, that's great."

"The one with the right face is the best."

"Yeah, it's the best."

"That's why I made it."

"That's right, Alice! Marry me!

"If you'll give me Ron-chan!

"What about it?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm kidding."

"That's what happened."

I don't know.

I just know how cute it is to wear it.

This is how Alice and I reacted when we reproduced the conversation. Strange.

Alice contacted me today asking me to meet her, so I invited her home and she said she had made a costume. I really wanted to see Roon-chan, so I asked him. I was surprised at first, but I was happy to wear it when I heard that you were with the strangers.

That's why, in front of the house, inside the fence, the fluffy dog ear hood is playing with the dog. Dog ears. Yeah, this is it...


"My sister, who imitates the sound of dogs, is so cute!

Mirai-chan, let's just calm down.

I mean, there's an ideal place right in front of me! I want to take pictures!

Alice made me three kinds. Dog ears, cat ears, rabbit ears. Especially the rabbit seems to have used the long hair of the rabbit, and it is also used on the whole and on the bottom. It seems very warm.

Well, it really seems like it's just a costume, so it doesn't seem like there's anything special about wearing it. But it's okay because it's cute.

"So I'm going for a walk today."


"Where are you going for a walk?

More than that, is Cat Ear still here?

"Yes, yes. I'll see you later."

I'll take the rest for a walk.

Ron comes out of the fence. It's the puppies that follow them around a bit. And a lot of leopards. It's kind of a cute row.

When Renchan noticed the sphere of light, she thought for a moment and raised her hands.




What about Gaoh?

If we do this now, it'll be a disaster.

It's just that I don't deliver it, and I scream once a day. I don't know if it's stress dissipation or something.

When Ton-chan screams, the puppies gather. A big chorus. What is this?

It's annoying, everybody walks barking. The first stop is the Home Forest. It's a bit of a native forest that's expanding more and more because of the increasing number of tame monsters.

"Soon this place will be a lost forest."

I can't deny it all the time.

"If we were alone already, I'd be confident we wouldn't get out."

"Instead, why is Mirai and Len-chan getting in and out without hesitation...?

"No, I can't.

There's no way I can do that. The size of the forest is still not far from lost, but we can't go a little further. Alice is following me, but I wonder if she's in such a hurry.

"No, if you really can't get out, I'll be back in front of you when I get in and out of the house, right?

"Ah, I see...."

Speaking of which, that was the setting.

I'd forgotten it because it's never been this big in the first place.

Definitely the magic of competing for the top in all player homes.

"Excuse me. I'll tell Renchan."

I'm sorry.

Ron seems to like this home a lot. Probably angry.

Mirai-chan. I think Renchan used to go in and out of the woods normally.... "

"That's right. There are a lot of guides."


It's only natural that Mons who lives here is always there....

Even now, in front of me, Ren-chan was led by the wolf who welcomed me, and gradually entered the forest. By the way, it was hard to get on Wolf's back from the middle. Still, I don't run. The puppies, too, are relaxing with the chicks who run around a bit.

By the way, behind Chiyoko, in front of us are the parent birds. I wonder if you're watching me not to get lost. It's kind of funny.

"A Gentle World"

"Not only are there puppies, but there are also wolf, cat and owl..."

Amazing sight wow

Really. Soon, there will be animals everywhere, in front, behind, sideways and above. Everyone walks through the woods. Maybe I'm a little scared.

Where are you going with this?

Come on?

Hey wow

Don't you know that?

"It varies from time to time. Maybe I don't know because I'm leaving it up to the wolves."

A walk at Renchan's home starts in the woods and returns to your home when you reach your destination. The destination varies from a square in the forest to a pond around the forest or a snowy mountain. Because there are more children living in the forest, I think the forest square is the most common, but I can't say anything because I go to the snow mountains and ponds properly.

Oh, it's Black.

Running in front of me, I climbed up my body on my shoulders. Are you satisfied with the black fox, or has it calmed down by wrapping a fluffy tail around my neck?

All right, sweetie.