Ren-chan, who was playing with Deer and White Tiger, looked back. I leaned my neck towards the little monsters who were kind of standing up. After stroking Dear and the White Tiger, we'll go to the gathering.


Thinking for a moment, Len held up the fox. Hmm.

"Today is fox victory."

This is an appeal contest!?


It's peaceful......

Peace is good, right?

Ren-chan is sitting on the spot and wiping foxes. Hungry, backy, and tailless.

After caressing plenty, Renchan seemed satisfied and finally hugged the fox. And then...


Ron took out the usual brush. Gently and carefully brush foxes. I don't know, the fox fell asleep in no time.

And the second round. Lucky people always looked envious, but they started to stand up and appeal again.

"Well, this goes on until the end."

Ah, after all, do you want to wipe it all up?

Is this just an order?

"Yes, but after that, you'll have your first one in your head until you get back in front of the house."

I don't think Ren-chan is conscious of something.

Len-chan put a sleeping fox on her head. A little happy face is cute. And the next kid, this time, puts the owl on his lap and begins to wipe his head.

After such a peaceful walk, he returns to his house. From here on out, it's Renchan's relaxing time. Say goodbye to Alice here. No, goodbye or I got permission from Renchan to mow sheep, so I guess I'll be home for a while.

Renchan's house hasn't changed much since Yamashita-san left it at first. Not at all. I think time with animals is more important than changing the house.

Perhaps Yamashita-san had prepared the house somewhat in anticipation of it. No, is that how you think about it?

"Well, Ron-chan. What do you want to eat?



Well, I'm not the one making it!

What's going to happen now?

Don't you know? You're late. I don't know. "

No, you don't know either ww

"Dinner time?

That's what it is. It is customary to eat dinner after a walk.

If you add a kitchen to your house, you can make it yourself, but it's not in Ron's house. I've got some furniture, but it's still the minimum I need. Like a table or a chair or a bookshelf.... no... do you need a bookshelf?

Anyway, this isn't just about Roon-chan, I think most people who don't have cooking skills do.

It's easy to talk about what to do then. I have an appointment.

There are several restaurants in every city, but there are order slips in those places. A small piece of paper with a long list of menus to serve. Check what you want to eat on the paper and put it on the table. Then the order slip disappeared and ten seconds later.

Oh, you're here.

The sound of banging on the door. As soon as I opened it for you, the delivery man came into the room.

Wait. I don't know this system. "

Well, you're the one who doesn't read the manual?

It's not explained in the game, but it's written on the official website.


I never used it even though I knew it. If I'd known, I could have used it!

"Mailman (Dog)"

Cute ww

It is the animals who bring the food. It's not just Len's service, but everyone seems to be with us. Two dogs came in with wooden boxes on their backs. Then sit at the table and wait. I just waited.


Len-chan quickly began to wipe off the dogs. As is always the case, I will take out the dishes. Take your time. The dog will go home after cooking.

The dogs don't seem to hate it either, and it seems to feel good somehow. These are adult dogs, but they're cute.

Shiba dog, huh? Is there anyone else?

What I can confirm is golden retriever, bulldog, chihuahua.

Wait. Bulldog, maybe, but how's the last one?!

Chihuahua will bring a box bigger than herself without any suffering. Wow, Sur. "

Shit, I want to see it. I'll ask you to cook later. "

Chihuahua. I've been here before, but that was a little interesting. I think you're pathetic, but it's really painless, so I'll bring it in lightly. That's what I wanted to leave in the video.

After cooking, the dogs get up. Len-chan feeds the dogs one by one, whether it's a chip or not. The dogs ate happily and went home in full gratitude.

You're a polite dog.

At least you're more polite than us!

I want to deny it, but I can't deny it......

Let's do our best to deny it.

On the table is a hamburger set that Renchan ordered. Big hamburger, corn soup, rice set. I am a salmon chazuke with salmon fillets.

Is that enough for Miray?

No, it's not enough, but I don't even feel full.

But isn't it tasteless?

"It's okay because I eat while watching Fuhafu Ron."


Officer, this is the man!

Doctor, this is my sister!

"You really need to stop!?

"No, wait!? That's not what it means this time!

Because it's really, really different!