Renchan often asks me to cook meat, but I transfer the meat to a small plate and put it on the floor. Then the lucky ones and puppies come together and start eating. Ron smiles and strokes the puppies while watching them.

I'm not crazy to miss out on Young-chan for even a second.

I don't know what you're trying to say...

"No, I'm sorry, I don't know. We'll be watching Mirai instead, so you can eat Mirai too.

"No, I'll leave it to you. I'm scared of you."

"I thought it was rude, but I was convinced it was correct."

No, well, yeah. If you were my sister, you wouldn't be able to make that choice.... "

It's okay, Mirai-chan. Because they're both. "

"Shut up."

At all, trying to eat salmon chazuke.

I noticed Len-chan staring at us. Not me, salmon.

"Hmm...? You want some salmon?



That's a good thing. You can say as much as you want.

I split the salmon fillet in half to make it easier for Renchan to eat, and tried to give it to Renchan's plate with chopsticks, although it was a bit bad manners.


Poof, Renchan ate it directly.

"Oh, oh... Delicious?"


I see.

Lotus is cute!

Is this guy a little confused?

Well done, Miray, indirect kiss!

If elementary school students, not to mention my sister, I would have pulled that feeling off.

I'm kidding.

No, yeah. I'm just a little surprised, that's all. Mm-hmm.

I was trying to get my mind back, but Ron-chan came after me.

"Yes, Onee-chan. Ahhn"

Lotus gives me a hamburger stabbed in a fork. Is this it? Is that so? I told you to eat. You sure about that?

"Hey, honey?

Ron-chan tilted her neck, so I decided to eat it quickly. A bite. Hmm... It's more juicy and delicious than I thought.

Yeah, yeah.

I can die now.

Hey www

Calm down, www

"Your face is weird again....."

"Hmm... I don't care because it's the usual thing to make your face sick."



As usual, but the poison is incredible.

Punish me a little, Mirei.

Looking at Len-chan while listening to the comments. Ren-chan is smiling and cheeking on the hamburger. Because Ron seems happy, that's fine for me.

After dinner, it's time to log out. I wonder what happened to Alice.

"Ron-chan, I'm going outside. What should I do?

"Nh... Here we go."


Ren-chan was hanging around with her puppies on the chair. The puppies stood still so they wouldn't wake her up, but if she went silent, she would be angry.

Rub your eyes hard and put your lucky on top of your head. The puppies stood up holding each other. It really soothes you when you look at it.

I went out with Len and saw it.

"What is it?"


By the fence, a sheep with more hair than usual. Alice trimming in a hurry. What is this? What's wrong with this?

"Greetings, viewer."

Ah...... I think it's probably a feeding effect.... "

You used a little expensive and good food.

When I use it, it will increase while I collect it. As a result, it will be fun. "

"Yeah, it's going to be fun."

It's not a sheep anymore. It's a walking ball. Wow. I'm looking at a hairball with my sparkling eyes, like Roon-chan's drowsiness blowing up somewhere.

Roon-chan's moving. Lower the puppies gently to the ground and hit the fur balls! It seems like it would be a little fun to be taken in softly.

"Fluffy, fluffy! Fluffy!"

Calm down, Ron-chan.

I can tell by looking at it www

Wow, is this going to happen...

No, really, this is a sight you can't see normally.

Look at Alice. She had tearful eyes.

"Can I help you?


I can't help it. Let's say I recover the hair balls that are still growing.

Ultimately, satisfied Roon-chan joined the fight, and it ended up being Roon-chan's logout.

Completed is the Wool Mountain. Speaking of how many mountains there are, it's about Deer. It's just hair.

The sheep returned to their usual appearance with a refreshing and clear expression. I just hate it a little. Just a little bit.

"I'm surprised... I didn't expect this..."

"I'm surprised too."

"No, yeah. I'm sorry."

"Fine. Lon-chan seemed to have fun too."

Such a lentil is playing with puppies in a pile of wool. Everyone is fluffing their fur. Because sheep enjoy their own hair. I don't understand the meaning.

"Hmm... Okay, I'm going home soon."

So Alice left only the wool behind. They're going to collect it tomorrow. I think it was difficult to collect because Len-chan was playing with wool.

Bye, Ron-chan.


"Take it easy tomorrow. Slime the day after tomorrow!

Even Mr!

Yeah, I didn't forget. Really?

So let's go see Slime the day after tomorrow.

Even now...?

"In some people, it's the first time I want to be tamed."

"Shut up."

I'm just doing what I want. In the meantime, I wish I had a cute slime.