Class is over, so I thought I'd go see Renchan at once, but she stopped me. Uh, it's my classmate Akimoto. Talking is not a friend of mine, a child of that kind. This is the first time I've been stopped.

What's wrong, Akimoto-san?

I tilted my neck and asked. I wish I didn't have to work too long.

"You know, I watch the delivery all the time."

"Huh? Oh, yeah? Thank you."

Renchan, you're so cute.

"Right! Ron is the cutest person in the world, so I can't help it!

"Ah, yeah...."

Yeah. Why did you take a step back? I wonder what those eyes are. You can hear the voice of his heart again.

"So, Oshima-san. I love making stuffed toys."

"Oh, wow. Hmm... If you have time, can you make it for me?

"Yeah, I made it."

"What? Did you make it?


Ooh... I was a little surprised. I can't believe you made it without asking me. But why? Lotus is cute, though. Ron is cute though. Because it is important, I will say it twice and say it again. Lotus is cute!

"The future. My face feels sick."


I want you to wrap it in a little more oblate. Oh, no, but I don't like that. Mm-hmm.

So, yes.

Akimoto-san gave me a paper bag the size of a cuddle. When I took permission to look inside, it was a white fox stuffed animal sitting on it.

No, but this is amazing. I think it can be used for sales.

"I tried to make that white fox for now... Well, how about that?

"How much should I pay?

"What happened suddenly!?

I mean, this is amazing. Ron is definitely delighted. I feel comfortable getting this for free. "I don't need any money! Well, but do you want an impression?

"Okay. I'm going to ask."

That's why I made a souvenir for Renchan.

Open the ward and peek inside. It's as dark as usual. But I'm used to it and somehow know where Renchan is. I'm lying in bed today. You're sleeping, aren't you?

I got closer to the sleigh and there was no reaction when I stood next door. Looks like he's asleep. If you look closely, you are napping with foxes in your arms. He seems to like me, and I'm happy with him.

Don't wake me up, stroke my head. I snuck in to make it sweet. Cute.

Yeah. Yeah... All right, I've had it. I think it's time to wake up.

I never had the option to go home without waking you up. I've done it once. Because I'm sleeping so well. As a result, I was very stubborn. Since then, I've been trying to wake you up even after a nap.

But it's not funny just to wake you up.

Remove the white fox from the paper bag. Akimoto-san made me a stuffed toy. Put it in front of Renchan's eyes and cling to her cheeks. Puffy, puffy.

Hmm... Plumpy soft skin. I envy it. It is always gloomy.

When it was pounding and pounding, Len-chan fell asleep. He opened his eyes, and looked at the white fox, and his eyes were opened.

Len-chan's gaze turned towards the fox she was holding. Then the white fox. I had my eyes turned back and forth several times and stroked the white fox.



"Hey, you're a little disgusting."


I haven't done anything yet! Not yet!

Len-chan wakes up and stretches out small. Each of those moves is cute. That's my sister. My sister is the best in the world!

"Hey, sweetheart, your thoughts are loud"

"What do you mean!?

It's the first time I've been told you think loudly!?

"Hey, who's this kid?

Lotus says holding a white fox. He liked it quickly. I know how you feel. Because it's fluffy and cute.

"My classmate made it for me. They're watching the delivery."

"That's right....!

Oh, Renchan's eyes are sparkling. He seemed so happy. I stroked and pinched the white fox and wiped the lid.


I look happy and I'm happy. Akimoto-san seems happy to hear it. That's what I knew.

Len-chan was wearing a white fox for a while, but unexpectedly took the usual fox in her hand. I hugged you both at the same time and laughed softly. It's adorable to have a stuffed toy on your cheeks.

Just a little. Just a little jealousy. I guess I'll be able to make stuffed toys, too. No, but when you start practicing, you'll have less time to play games, which means less time to play with Renchan. Trouble.

After a little trouble, I noticed that Len-chan was looking at me.



Ron-chan sits on the bed and slaps next to her. I wonder if you can sit here. I didn't have to object, so I sat down and Ron sat on my lap.

Len-chan comes to me. I wonder if you took care of me. When I stroked your head, Len looked happy.

Still, it's a little light. Definitely well below the seven-year-old average. I don't think it's natural to be in this room all the time.



"Can I write to you tomorrow?

"Oh, yeah. I think I'd be very happy."

Ron laughed happily and said, "Good luck."