Roon-chan spreads the toilet bowl to the table and grips the pencil. The foxes are lined up at the table and occasionally stroked while thinking.

Eventually, I started writing about whether I could think of a satisfactory sentence. Grab a pencil with a little unique grip, little by little.

By the way, it's not a strange grip, even though it's unique. I can probably fix it as soon as I teach you how to hold it. So, you don't have to fix it right now, do you?

"I did!

Ufu, my proud sister is so cute.

"Which one?

Looking at it, it was a very short sentence. But why? Somehow, my feelings are really conveyed. Maybe because I watched you think hard.

"Yeah, I think so. I'll give it to you tomorrow."


Ren-chan nodded with a smile and the foxes returned to their huffs. Eye blessing. Eye blessing.

Lunch break the next day. I stood in front of Mr. Akimoto's seat.


"Eh, ah, yeah. Hey, what?

"What? No, wait. Why are you pulling so much?

"Notice the future. Because the pressure is so great. They're going to kill me."

"I won't do that!?

I'm going to tell you how rude it is to arrive here somehow. I'm afraid it's too rude.

"Sorry, Oshima-san. It's the first time I've felt like killing myself."


I can't believe you're experiencing such pressure and lethality... What...


"I'm sorry, maybe I was just a little jealous."


"Just a little bit. Just a little bit."

It's personal, so I want you to forgive me. I'll try my best to make a stuffed animal.

"More than that. This is from Renchan."

Remove the envelope that was in the bag. I carefully folded the letter Len wrote and put it in a beautiful envelope. Of course, I put it in front of Renchan. Put it in here and give it to me.

Mr. Akimoto received a letter after blinking his eyes several times.

"Er... Can I read it?

"Of course."

Rather, who reads Akimoto-san without reading it? Oh, no, I know what's in it.

Akimoto-san opens the envelope and takes out the toilet bowl. The text itself is short, so I think I finished reading it immediately. Akimoto-san was laughing thinly.

"Ahahah... Yeah, it's straight. But, yeah. That's why I wonder how you're feeling...."

Good, then. Because it was short, I was worried about how it would feel.

Here's what Len wrote.

Thank you for the cute fox! Daisy!

That's all. However, Ron-chan was working hard to write just that kind of sentence. If that feeling was properly conveyed, I would be very happy as a sister.

"Thank you, Oshima-san. Can I make it again?

"Sure, please."

When I said so, Akimoto nodded happily.

Well, I'm seeing you again today. Go to Renchan's room as usual. I opened the door and waited for me.


Dozens of stuffed toys spread across the bed. Pleased goodwill in the middle of the bed. Cute.

Repeat, Take the son of the side, or take the lid, or take the other child, or take the lid. A moment of bliss.


Ah, Onee-chan

Len-chan glanced at her face and looked around at the stuffed animals around her. Hey, I got off the bed and started cleaning up. One by one, carefully put it back on the shelf.

"Can I help you?


Plumpy, carefully put it back on the shelf. Ron's cheeks are still loose. I think I've disturbed you, but it's better than being stubborn.

Finally, without returning the two foxes, Ron went back to bed. It seems that today's gift is fox.

I also sit next to Renchan who is sitting in bed. With a white fox on your hand, your cheeks are glowing with fox.


Len-chan immediately responded with a fox. Fox, fox, fox, fox.


I wish I had been playing with it for a while. Ron-chan asked for a white fox, so I'll give it to you. Len-chan held the foxes together and smiled. She's cute.

Your impulse is driving you to stroke Len-chan. Gently and slowly comb your hair.


Ron-chan was tilting her neck, but she closed her eyes as if she felt good without saying anything.

Yeah.... All right, sneak up.

Operate your phone while being careful not to let the light hit you. Delivery begins through the familiar delivery preparation screen. After a while, the comments began to flow.

Listen to Len's room delivery.

Room (Ward)

"Please don't..."

I want you to get used to it.

Slowly stroking Len-chan, I lie down on my phone. Lotus is hugging two foxes and stroking her head like it feels good. I think it's cute without a glance. Fufu.

That's silent wow


Ah, there are more and more new stuffed toys. Cute. "

Plush toys are cute. But Renchan is even more cute. "

That's it.

Fufu. That's Lotus. If that's what I was thinking,

"Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.

Ron noticed me.

"Yeah, I do."

"Already.... It's fine, but I want a word."

"Ron is too cute. I wouldn't regret it if I hadn't reflected."

This sister is www

Honesty is a good thing, but come on.

"It's grass that doesn't fix it."

"Oh, come on.

"I'm sorry, I'll reflect."


I don't want to be mad at you!

Ton-chan is already pointing towards you. Such a pretty lentil.

My cheeks are swollen and my cunt is cute

"And my cheeky little sister."

That's Mirai! I don't feel numb or yearn for it!

"Shut up."

"Hey, you're louder."

"Ah, yes. I'm sorry."

"Shut up, counter."

You look angry, but now you know you're not angry.

It's the usual kind of game.

I'm sure I know the line that really pisses me off. I won't go that far.

When I kept pushing Len's cheeks, Len placed the fox on the table. What are you gonna do?



Oops!? Len-chan jumped!

What is it, finally magigire!?

Hurry up and pick up your phone, Miray! Only the ceiling!

No, even if they say that....! Ron is horseback riding on my stomach, so I can't move. Ah, Ron, I have a bad feeling about this...



Looks like Renchan's counterattack started.

Tickling attack?

Cute ww

"Chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken"

"Ah, haha, stop, stop, Len-chan...! Akan! Akan!

"Where are you from, Kansai?"



No, this is tight! Just as I know Roon-chan well, you know me well, too. In other words, if you say what you want to say, you know where I'm weak...

"Hey, hey, hey, hey."


The screen is shaking fiercely!

What's going on here?

Maybe I can't push Renchan, so I'm trying to put up with it by knocking on the bed.

Grasp, what a waste of resistance.

Ugh, loud, no, Roon-chan, it's time to forgive me...!?

"Instead of letting Len-chan forgive me, I gave you chocolate...."

"Mo Mo Mo"

Ron-chan, have you been bought?

Chocolate can't help it.

It's also cute.

For now, I'm properly getting permission to show Ren-chan. Len-chan mops chocolate while eating foxes. Mm-hmm. Cute.

"I'm going to see Slime tonight. You're on time, aren't you?

Thank you for the announcement.

Well, it's always the same time, so I don't have to tell you.

I look forward to it.

"As usual, it's just a bump. Okay, Ron. It's time for me to go home and get ready...."

When I stood up, Len grabbed the hem of my clothes. Looking back, you can stare. Without a heart, my eyes are moist...

You'll miss me when I'm gone.

After all that fuss, I guess it'll be too much.

"Yeah... We have 30 minutes to finish visiting, so that's all.

When I said that, Len nodded happily. Yeah, well, can I be a little late? That's good.

"I'm sorry if I'm a little late."

Never mind.

Renchan takes precedence over delivery. We all know that. "

Aren't these people too popular...?

"Really. It would be very helpful for me."

I'm really, really grateful to all the gentle people. Maybe the operation is just blocking it.

I put Renchan on my lap for the remaining 30 minutes and spent a relaxing time. Satisfaction.