A forest full of slimes. As far as I was concerned, Renchan stared at them with her eyes shining.

Slime. It appears in most fantasy games, where the strength is completely different from piece to piece. The slime of Japan's most iconic games is both the sign and the weakest monster, and on the contrary, some games have become sharp strength that does not accept physics at all.

The slime in this game is both.

These slimes on the side of Fatos have the ability to physically halve, but they also have half the health of other nearby monsters. So it doesn't make sense. On the contrary, it's not magic resistant, so it's a duck for a wizard.

Such an unfortunate monster, the slime that appears later in the story makes it a powerful enemy that inflicts Physical Perfect Disable, Magic Half, Health, and Auxiliary Magic on allies as well as being quick and hard to hit.

I don't know if it's a remedy, but when it comes out, there are no other slimes, and the magic effect is weak. If you defeat it first, it won't be such a scary enemy, but if you don't know it, it will soon become hard enough to have enemy monsters. It's some kind of first-death monster. What the fuck?

But it doesn't matter now. The slime here is the weakest slime.


That's right.

It's a slime shape, but it's a semi-transparent round. I am trembling, but there is no further change. Incidentally, the only way to attack is by hitting him.


When Len approached the semi-transparent slime, she began to get bored. Lotus keeps trembling with a trembling slime. What is this?

Well, for now. Commencement of delivery; and

"Ladies and gentlemen, I'm here to see Slime as declared."

Sooner or later!

If I thought it was hard to get started, did you skip the trip time?

I see.

"No, I just forgot to start."


Mirai, Mirai, Mirai.

"What does that mean?

I guess I forgot so much.


"Hmm? What's the matter, Goodwill? Have you tamed it yet?


Renchan has a subtle expression. I don't see much of a face. I wonder what happened.

"Don't you have a face, Mr. Slime?


Watch Len-chan stick to the slime. The trembling slime is transparent enough to see the other side of the body. I don't have eyes. I was a little worried when I was told. It's just too much love.

"What? But I've seen a tamed slime with a face..."

Yeah, what?

I don't see many people with slime...

I don't care if I see it in the first place.

"Yeah, well, normally."

If you have a rare or cute monster with you, you feel a lot of gaze, but I don't think anybody sees it as a slime. I don't look either.

If you try to tame it, you'll see.


Senpai, are you Mr. Tamer? I don't know anything about it, and I'll follow it for now.

"Len-chan, why don't you try taming for now?


I don't think she said she stopped because she wasn't cute. That's right, Lotus.

When Len took out her usual feed, she got a little lost and put it on the ground. He didn't know where to say it. Of course, but I don't know. But for the time being, it didn't seem wrong, so I quickly approached and started eating.

And then...

"Tame, I got it!

"You're still the first one!?

That's Yado-Ren-chan ww

Tame is a monster with less difficulty, but I'm surprised at the success of one shot.

I'm surprised, too, but I'm starting to think that you're a good kid. I'm scared to get used to it.

"Hey, something's coming out."

"Hmm? Can I see it?


I'll have Renchan visualize the menu and check it out. Uh, what...?

"Do you want to put your face on...?

Straight Ball W

What is that choice ww

In the meantime, that's what it is. I think you should wear your face if you like it cute. "

I see, I nodded and asked Len to push the button. I was just a little lost, but in the end, I seem to have pushed it properly. After all, it's better to be cute.

So, it's slime.

"You got it!


I kind of had a cute mouth that reminded me of some rat. You're shaking and staring at me with your crushed eyes.

Hmm... Well, I don't think it's bad. It might rather be cute.


Did Len like it too? They're staring at each other with slime.

"Come on. Come on."

When Len invites her, the slime jumps right into Len's arm. Lotus, who took it gently, hugged the slime.

"Ehehe... plump..."