I walked around holding a lucky man who had evacuated on top of my head. Tickling your stomach with your fingertips will make you feel very good. Lucky is cute after all.


Ron's voice. I wondered what was going on, and when I saw Renchan, I looked at the tree for some reason. I wonder if there is anything.

I followed Len-chan's gaze and saw it.


It falls from the tree. Fall, jump, roll. I got up right away. No, I wonder if he got up. I don't know because it is the same as other products.

It was probably a slime. So-so slime. Maybe it's because the shape is slime, but it doesn't look slime.

There are a lot of things like short hair. Ufufu, I mean, no, yeah... If you make a sound, it feels like...

"I wonder if it's mold or something!?

"Oh, wow, Mirai. That's the right shot."

"Name is Kabislime."

It seems that a mold has grown sometime, slime.


No, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

"You didn't hear me!?


Don't say no! Poor thing!

Which way is it?

A mold. A mold... I wonder if slime will mold...

A stunning fact that I didn't want to know. I mean, there's a lot of slime here that could mold. No, I don't think so because it's a game.

I was wondering if I could do a duffel, but Ren-chan was taking out a wooden bucket from the inventory. When did you get something like that? Did Alice give it to you? I see...

"Hey, sweetheart, I need hot water."

"Huh? Hot water? Fine."

"Hot water? What are you doing?

Bath delivery?


I'll kill you, Temee.

"Punish? Punish?


"I'm sorry, I was able to do it."

I wonder if you wanted to see the bath. I wish you'd told me that. I'm banishing you.

Magically pour water into Renchan's bucket. This kind of beginner magic, like life magic in Lanove, which is not an attack, is treasured because it can be learned unconditionally by the NPC. I'll let Len remember that too.

After putting plenty of water in, stick your hands in. Use the magic of lighting a small fire. Of course, it disappears immediately, but I keep using it. The water soon warmed up. Yeah, it's just the right temperature. Probably.

What do you think?

"Er... Yeah, thanks, honey!


Now, what do we do?

Len-chan turned back to Kabislime and put her hands out. I wonder if I want to tell you to stop because my heart is dirty...

"Come here?"

When Renchan called, the mold slime jumped into Renchan's arm. Ren-chan didn't have a particularly unpleasant face and accepted it.

"You must think my heart is dirty...."

"It's okay, Miray. Because I think it's everyone."

Rather, Renchan is awesome. Even if I knew it was a game, I couldn't do it. "

I have a physiological disgust......

"Honestly, I don't want to come near you."

Ron-chan stroked the slime of the bean whilst putting it in the hot water. Rub the slime with your hands as you watch the slime.

I finally know what I want to do. Looks like I'm washing it for you.

I didn't do anything strong, gently and slowly. Even though it looks troublesome, Len is smiling all the time.

Do you think I'll wash your mold slime? Normal?

"Lotus is too pure and noble to look at..."

"I didn't want to throw away this heart."

Watch Len-chan wash the slime. I think maybe the slime is breathing, but it seems there is no problem and I am not losing strength.

Rather, it's like occasionally spraying water and wetting Len-chan.

"Wow! Already.... No, you can't.

Roon-chan smiles and strokes the slime. Peace.

I wonder how long it has been washed. Maybe it's enough. While watching slowly, Ren-chan raised the slime of mold with joy. No, it was not. She raised the slime that had become beautiful.

"It's beautiful!


What do you mean? The mold-covered slime sometime had the same beautiful translucent body as the other slimes. This is proof of Len-chan's hard work.

"Try it, oniichan! It's beautiful!

Yeah, that's right.

Lotus is very cute to show me the slime with joy.

"Ron is amazing. Good luck."

When I stroke your head like that, Len-chan smiles happily.

When Len-chan took out the feed, she lifted it to a clean slime. Slime immediately ate it and Len-chan rounded her eyes a little. Yeah, you must have tamed it. I knew it.

"Hey, honey, I don't even need this, what?




It's like a slime that I don't know is coming out...

I've never heard of Core Slime either. When Len showed me the status of the slime, it was definitely written as core slime. Rare, huh? But it seems to be loose, and there may be someone I know.