Well, I'm back at home. I was wondering if I could play until the logout time at that place, but Ren-chan suggested returning to me herself and going home. That's right, Ron-chan!

Well, there's just something else I'm interested in.

In front of Len-chan's eyes, a big slime changed its shape, making it thin and flat. Ren-chan nodded happily. Afterwards, I lowered my eyebrows and buttocks with a slight apology and stroked the thinned slime.

"I'm sorry. I can come back when it gets tough."

Plump, the slime shakes. I wonder if it's an understanding. I don't know.

Ron gently rests on the slime. He lay down on a slime that swayed flutteringly.

"Wow... wow..."

Ron lays down on the slime. Fuwaa, I heard Len-chan's faint breath.

Wow. Slime pillows aren't my eyes. "

"Slime's Bed"

"It seems cool and pleasant."

I'm a little jealous, too. Hey, that one. I think I'll try the same event. However, washing the mold slime is a bit more difficult.

It was also a comment, but I have a physiological disgust... Until I was told it was a game and I cared too much.

"Still, the mold slime is very difficult...."

I understand.

"I want to do it too, but I feel chilly just imagining it...."

In a sense, the most challenging event?

It seems like people who don't care really don't. In a way, awesome.

I was wondering what to do, and sometime Ren-chan walked over here. He's pulling my hand.

Hey, you too.

"What? No... It's cramped."

Hey, you too.

Ah, yes.

No right of veto? Is that so? No, I'm fine. There's no way!

Go to the slime with Renchan. Follow Renchan on top of the slime. Oh, I see, this feels so cool... It looks like it's going to bite.

"That's good... This is awesome...."

I envy you. Damn it, I envy you!

Hey, hey, hey! I want to do it too!

You're Alice!? It's not good to run out!

There's been a sort of plain fight, but I don't care.

"Er... If it's Alice and Lulu...?

"Thank you, Ron-chan...! Me, big win!

"I don't know, but I look like a big winner too."

I knew Lulu was here....

"Goddamn it, Alice, I'm never ordering clothes again!

Eh!? No, thank you! Honestly, it was a lot of requests and trouble!

"Oh, wait, I'm sorry. I'm just kidding. Please make it."

You complained that there were too many requests and I don't like it. I don't need it anymore, I think I'd be happy to throw it away. Be careful, you may not understand the joke.

Looking at the comment with that in mind, I noticed soft hair tickling my nose. Look around. Yeah, well, yeah. That's what happens.

Soon puppies, wolves, and cats will gather. Ron seems happy with his lucky hug. There are puppies and foxes gathered like futons on top of such a lentil. It seems warm.

"That's nice. Shiro, shiro, let me do it too."

Mr. Shiro, why are you being honest with me at a time like this? It's heavy. It's heavy on the ground. Then why are you looking backwards? Please stop shaking your tail for now.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

This is definitely on purpose, isn't it?

"Tamer's Picture Played by Thames"

I wonder what the rating in the shiro looks like.

I want to hear it. Because it is a very sweet shiro for Renchan, there is no doubt that Renchan is above me and I am below Shiro. Can I cry?

Yeah, but it's warm. This is good. Great for a nap. Prolonged naps are forced to log out of the system, but it may be good enough to take a nap.

Warm and pleasant. This is a very good thing.

If it was so lukewarm, it stuck tight.



Lift your face up, honey. When I stroke you, you'll come down sweet. I think I'm in sweet mode.

Then I'll spoil you a lot!



"What is this?"

That's nice. Futon on the slim bed. It's the ideal place to take a nap. "

Tame, let's try our best.

It may be hard to improve your Tame Skill again, but I want you to do your best.

Maybe this is the way it is today, so set the alarm. Let's take a relaxing nap.

"What should I do with the delivery? Shall I hang up?

Absolutely! Stay like this!

Nap delivery!

I want to see Renchan's face in bed!

I thought about it a little and decided not to hang up. Good night, everyone.

Maybe he was tired. My sister went to bed first today. It is smooth.

Oh, Ron's still awake.

Doesn't Renchan take a nap?

"Hmm... Almost there."

Lie flat on your back and make yourself lucky. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Lucky cheeks are very soft.

I'll look next door. Look at the shiro. Shiro was round on oneechan. Reach out and lick me. But I won't move. Shiro likes oneechan's side best.

"Hmm... Now, let's just go to sleep..."

Good night ~

"Good night, sweetheart."

"Good night."

To put it mildly, everyone cried small too. Everyone is cute.

Ren closed his eyes with happiness.