"I'm disturbed...."

When I was hanging out in bed, I heard a voice like that. Looking back, greet with a smile.

"Welcome, Kyou-chan."

It's my familiar sister, Kyou-chan. Of course, I'm with you, and this is just a gentle greeting with one hand up.

Roon-chan woke up when she heard her voice.


"Lon... Hello."


You look happy, Kyou-chan. What is this? They're both cute.

"I'm here to play... Was it a nuisance?

"That's not true!

Ron-chan said that and looked at me with a slightly troubled face. Yeah, if you don't look like that, I'll give you the place. When will I be able to play properly?

I stroked Len-chan and said.

"Kyou-chan is here, and you two are going to hang out.


Oh, I feel a little lonely. Hmm...

I'll see you later.

Adding that, Len nodded happily. Looks like you got it right. I'm honestly glad you're trying to prioritize me, but Kyou-chan can't come much, so I want you to play with your friends until you get here.

I'm glad to hear that! I'm so happy!

"The future, the face is supposed to be disgusting."


That's what I was told when I approached the entrance door. Sudden curses are a little lonely.

"But all of a sudden. I wish you'd told me."

"I e-mailed it."


Remove the smartphone and confirm. I see. I did get an e-mail. That's funny, I'm sure you'll notice it with a vibe... Well, there's nothing I didn't realize.

"I'm sorry, I didn't realize."

"You don't have to worry. I'm going now, so it was about the content."

Still, I'm sorry. I have to be careful.

"By the way, the future."


"Do you have something you can't eat?

Suddenly again. Does that have anything to do with the paper bags in your hand?

"No, it's nothing. I don't have any allergies."

"Yes, well, here it is. I'll give it to you."

Should I say yes or no? He handed me a paper bag. Thank you and I'll look inside. It is the logo of a Western confectionery store that I am familiar with.

"Eat with Renchan later."

"Len-chan! I got you some sweets from the chestnut! Let's eat!"


I don't know if I'm embarrassed, but I don't care! I wonder, I can't give you a confectionery whose sender is unknown. I got it from him after he left, and he'll definitely piss me off. So give up.

I didn't say that, but somehow you realized it, she just sighed.

I handed Renchan a box of sweets towards the amazing renchan. Len-chan blinked her eyes and looked at her face.

"Are you sure...?

"Yeah, yeah. Sure."

No, rather, if I say no here, I think it's just too bad. Ren-chan is constantly gazing at the box of sweets.

When I saw her nodding, Len-chan glanced.

"Thank you!"

Full smile. Cute.

"Hey, Cha-chan! Can I open it!? Can I open it!?

"I think so. How can we all eat together?


Roon-chan tears the packaging apart. It seems like such a place is very childish. Unexpectedly, I get it.

"Ah, um, Mr. Future. This is me...."

Kyou-chan also eats, right?


Kyou-chan looked back and nodded bitterly. Looks like they weren't going to eat it. Well, normally. But I want you to eat with Ron-chan. That way, Renchan will definitely be happy.

When she opened the lid, it was packed with jelly, cookies, and chocolate. Wow, Len-chan's face shines. I don't know, it's already sparkling.

"Renchan, how much do you want to eat?

"Er... uh... Yes, just one...?

"Only one. I can't eat anymore."

Even if I look at it with such a loud eye, I can't give it away. So don't look at me!

"I can't help it. Just two of them.

"I thought you fell right off."

"There, shut up."

I only meant two. In this way, Renchan will be happy to feel like there's more, right? So, yeah, we're on schedule. Is that true?

"Once again, pick up to two. Which one would you prefer?

"Well then, um... This and this!

Len chose minced jelly and chocolate. I'll get the spoon from the shelf and give it to Len. He puts it on the table and looks at the jelly in excitement.

Please choose me and Kyou-chan

"The future. But this is for Renchan...."

"I know what you're trying to say, but eat with me. She hates eating alone."

I don't know why. I didn't ask you directly. She seems to be eating breakfast by herself, so she shouldn't be able to eat it alone.

But I always try to eat with someone. Even if I give you sweets, I'll give them to you. I may miss you. Even if it's delicious, it doesn't taste good to eat alone.

Tsubaki and Kyou-chan were a little worried, but they each got chocolate. I'll get jelly.

"I'll take it."

When everyone took each of them, Len-chan quickly peeled off the jelly lid and took a bite. Oh, my goodness. It was delicious.

I'll eat, too.... ah, this is delicious. It is not too sweet, and I know the taste of fruit well.


"What happened?

"It's too dark to eat jelly."

Oh, so you chose chocolate.

Ron is annoying, and I'm quite accustomed to this darkness. But it seems difficult to eat jelly from two people who don't come much. That's what I was at first. I know exactly.

"But I know that Ron-chan is eating deliciously."

Well, yeah. You're in a good mood to sing a song.

"I'll bring you some more sweets."

"Yeah, I appreciate it, but it's good enough. I get angry if I spoil it too much."

"What are you talking about?

My mom.


Hey, what's with that stupid face? Because you can see it, right?

Then I relaxed and enjoyed the conversation. Lotus is cute to eat.