Sunday. Today is the day of coverage. I have had several meetings until today, and the schedule has changed in time, and it has finally settled down this evening.

"That's why lunch is delivered from the hospital room."

What do you mean?

There's nothing connected.

Well, you haven't thought about anything, have you?

"Shut up."

I don't want you to say anything extra. Because that's the right answer.

Well, yeah. I was wondering if you were ready for something, maybe I could add a little more furniture to Ron's house, but when I heard that Ron was planning something secretly, the idea blew up. I checked with the operation, and I would definitely do it... No, it's fine.

That's why I'm free. I thought about delivering it even to Roon-chan because I was free. That's all.

"So, look at Len-chan, who's worried about which confectionery to eat."

Point your phone at Len. Ren-chan is looking at the box of sweets and roaring. They're worried about chocolate and cookies.


Ron-chan www

If you think you can hear a roar wow

"What's bothering you?

"Nh... Chocolate or cookies....."

Well, that's hard...

If you fail, you won't get it back!

You guys www

It would be too evil.

Ron-chan has been worried for a while, but it looks like she decided to cook in about five minutes. It seems that the chocolate will be back tomorrow.

That's why Ron's table was lined with jelly and cookies. I have a spoon just like yesterday, and I'm excited to wait. Looks like you're waiting for me today.

"Is that it? You're not eating?

"I thought it was a meal delivery."


"Hey, you're not here yet."


That's so sweet, Renchan

You too, Miray.

Excuse me. Len inflated her cheeks before I objected.

"Hey, you're so sweet."

Mon, cute

I'm sorry.

I see. Miray is kind.

"At least she's a good sister."

"Is that humiliating? Are you complimenting me?

I'm glad the audience is doing as usual. Not at all.

I get the same cookies as Renchan from the box of sweets. Take a bite. Sakuraku and delicious.

When I saw Len, I was about to eat jelly. You look happy.

"Just watching makes me happy."

I understand.

I want to eat and drink programs myself, but this is different.

"Rather, I want you to eat more."

Having finished eating jelly, Renchan starts eating cookies by herself. Karikari, fuyaaa.

Little Animal Renchan


I'm going to make a squirrel costume.

"Oh, no, Alice? Really?"

I haven't heard back. Apparently, he's serious. No, it's fine, but it's fine...?

After eating the cookies, Renchan took a satisfying breath. And I saw a cookie I was about to eat. I saw it.


Lift the cookie. Len-chan's gaze goes up. Shake the cookies to the left and right. Ron shakes too.

"What's so fun about this?"

"What are you doing?"

Miray, is that what this is all about?

"But I admit it sounds fun."

Well, yeah, I won't deny it......

Loose cookies. Len-chan is also loose. Well, yeah. It's good to have an appetite.

Smile bitterly and crack cookies. I ate less than half the smaller one and let Renchan hold the rest.

"Are you sure?

"Fine. Don't tell your father.

"Wye, the patient at the hospital, is determined to report it to your father."

"Hey, don't be stupid. Miray must be nearby!

You're going to die!

"No, no, that's right... Oh, the knock is soaking from the outside."

"Oh my god... I've lost my poor man..."

Terrible Mirai-chan! You bastard!

"No, no, this is crazy! I'll be here! I haven't done anything yet!

Not yet


Millay, I knew you....

"It's the silk of words!

It's a terrible lie. I mean, you're definitely not a patient right now.

Len is crazy about cookies without worrying. I will be healed by Renchan. Hmm.

Put Len-chan on her lap and put her on. Ron-chan leaned her neck, but she doesn't care about cookies. She's cute.

Miray, do it. Pretend to give it to Ren-chan and eat it yourself. "

Something I've often seen with animation. I haven't seen it lately.

"I don't think so. I did it once, but I couldn't get my mouth shut all day."

Did you do it?

Renchan, you're a magician ~

The grudge of food is terrible......

I was angry enough not to be a joke. I thought my cheeks were swollen, but they didn't say anything anymore. I may not have regretted it as much as I did then.

Well, I was totally in a good mood the next day, and I'd rather stick around all day. He missed you. It was so cute. Ehehe.