Hey, Mirai's expression is getting worse.

"What did you think of this guy?"

"It's disgusting to say it modestly."

"Shut up."

Hey, it's a shame the viewers can't see it! Ahahah!

"Hey, Ron?

Hmm? What the...?

"Nothing./(adv-to, adv-to) (on-mim) thump/thump/thump/


Len-chan comes to me. Place your head on your lap and gently stroke it. It's so cute that it comes close and sweet.

I wish I could.

"I wonder if my sister will miss me like this."


It's awful, but, yeah. The viewer also has brothers and sisters. I only have Renchan, and I don't get along with her sisters, so I don't really understand.

"What's wrong with you?

I wonder if it won't interfere. When I was sleeping in the living room, I was kicked because they said I was in the way. "


Isn't that something you don't get along with? I thought so, but many voices were unexpectedly sympathetic. It's a lot of things.

I don't feel like I can get over it if Renchan does that.

"Ron, don't do that, okay?


"Oh? Are you asleep?

Looks good.

Sleeping Face Delivery ~?

I still have some time till night, so maybe a little. Therefore, I will be delivering it on my face for a while. Let's spend some time caressing Len-chan.

Well, it's night. The interview is scheduled for thirty minutes from seven. I'm getting ready for that right now, but...

"Alice, what is this...?

"It's a squirrel costume!

"Er... The one you said at lunch? Have you made it yet?

"Good luck!

Alice did it for me in just three hours. Wow.

Squirrel costumes are currently on display. In front of the sphere of light, Len-chan is twitching. It has a hood with cute little ears.

"Try it. Squirrel! Ehehe"


"Akan, adore and die. He's dead."

Moe Niki, become a Buddha.

Ron seems very happy. I don't think squirrels are suitable for wearing.

"Ah... I don't think so.

No, I don't think so.

I hugged Len-chan from behind and caught her. This costume is also fluffy, so it's very comfortable to hold. Fluffy and fluffy.

"Hey, what's going on?

Hmm. It's nothing. "


Really nice hug. It's starting to drool.

Roon-chan, captured by me, is chatting with the viewer in her upright position. Dexterity.

"Hey, Mirai-chan. The interview started at 7: 00, right?

Yeah, that's right.

"Where are you going? Ron's house?

Look back with Alice. That's Ron's house. A house that is almost untouched and left untouched by the operation. I was hoping to get a little more if it was true, but I put it behind because Len didn't seem to be very interested.

After all, I've done very little, so I might leave it behind.

"At first, I thought it would be a little renovated at home."


Ron-chan's wish made it go away.


Oh, yeah.

Rather than being opposed to the renovation, it meant that it was no longer necessary. That's why I put it behind me. I would like to get some hands on it someday.

When I noticed it, it seemed like Ron-chan was moving. As for me, I'd like to keep it a little tight, but I'll give up and let you go. So when I relaxed my strength, Len hugged my lucky head.


You know, you kind of suddenly lose your mouth? I'm rolling my lucky feet and stroking my belly. Lucky seems very pleasant.

Renchan, what's wrong?

You're suddenly quiet.


The audience doesn't seem to know either. When I looked up at my face, I saw that I was a little nervous. Unusual.

"What's wrong? Renchan"

"Hmm... Daiju!

I see.

I'll see how it goes for a while. You'll be with me and I'll follow you as soon as I can. I don't know if I can help.