Before 7: 00 p.m. I was looking forward to it, and Alice came home a little while later and Kimpika contacted me. Ask Ron to invite you home and get you in. By the way, I'm ready for Ron.

"Thank you for inviting me. Today is good....."



I thought I'd do it. I've been sneaking around for a while. I've been trying to get Deer and Kerr closer. Thanks to you, I was able to keep my ears shut. The noise is too loud to penetrate.

By the way, I got permission from Kimpika-san in advance, so I'm also delivering it. In other words, it was a direct hit.

Long time no see!

Thank you very much.

But I can't help it.

The tympanic membrane is gone.

Go to the hospital.

Yeah, yeah, it's the usual reaction. Now, Kimpika-san...

"My ears...! My ears...!

I'm dying.


Alice also said it was pretty bad if it was direct.

Miray, don't get bored ~

I got angry when I was wearing Kimpika with a stick of wood.

Incidentally, I'm going around thanking Ronchan for the fungus. Have you noticed Kimpika's misery? I don't suppose you've noticed.

After about three minutes, Kimpika-san recovered and Renchan came back.

"Hahahaha... Thank you for the welcome....."


"Kh...! When you see it with pure eyes, you lose your temper to be angry...!

I understand.

Honestly, you can't predict that, can you?


That's what Alice and I were doing. You know exactly what I mean.

Well, we don't have time to spare, so let's get going.

"So, where do I go? Home?"


Len-chan shakes her head. When I sent a sympathetic gaze to Kimpika, who tilted her neck, for some reason Kimpika's complexion got worse. Don't worry, it's not a bad thing. Probably.

"But if you're not actually at home, where are you going?

"Forest? Snowy Mountain? The pond? Either way, it might not be a bad view."

Sure, I think a pond or something would have been fine. Beautiful ponds in the beautiful sky. Lay the sheet on that side and eat cookies. I think that's fine, and I've thought about it before.


When Renchan said that, Kimpika didn't seem to understand the meaning. I take it for granted. I couldn't understand it either at first.

So, let's answer each other.

"Reggie! Put it on!

Len-chan jumps toward Legend. Reggie slightly stood up and lifted Ren-chan with the tail of her cuff. Keep it on your back for dexterity. Next, me. And Kimpika.

"Eh, eh, eh!?

Kimpika is in a mess. I want you to calm down a little more because it will not be bad.

"The sky, maybe a journey in the sky on the back of the founder dragon?

"I envy you so much."

Gilmaster Temee! Remember later, you bastard!


Even though Kimpika was not involved in Len-chan's proposal, Kimpika seems to be angry with Alliance members. Well, what is it?

"I don't know."

Hey wow

Let's take a good look at the sight in front of us.

Forget it.

"About not telling anyone to help him so far."

"I mean, it's true that I'm jealous of you...."

"Now I'm confident I can kill Kimpty with jealousy."

Same thing.

What is that scary?

Reggie's back was already covered. I don't know, this fluffy one. I don't know, man, I don't know. It's hard to say!

"When I was a kid, I was wondering if clouds could ride like this."

I don't know.

Abstract is not a level.

Be a little more specific!

Don't be ridiculous.

I can only say that it's very fluffy and fuzzy.

Ren-chan is rattling on Legge's back. It's rolling around. I've already enjoyed my fufu all over my body. Lucky runs away from Len's head. I wonder if it feels good for lucky people.

Kimpika is also lowered on Lege's back. Kimpika was somewhat touched by the way she stroked Legge's back. I don't even know how you feel. Except for the fluffy and fuzzy, it's the unreasonably strong Lass Boss's back. I'm impressed, too.

"This is amazing... He seems to be able to boast to his members."

"No, I don't think so.


"Here you go. Read the comments section."

Kimpika looks at the comment field that floats on my side. Looking at it, well, yeah, it's quite a storm of cursing and gossip. Of course, to Kimpika-san. Apparently, the operator has no intention of regulating Kimpika's comments. A demon?

"I'm glad I could ride the first dragon, but I'm also very jealous... What should I do, it's a very complicated mood...."


You decided to interview Kimpika's account, so please do your best to deal with it.

When Lege spread her wings, Kimpika trembled. I got a little bit scared, too. I know you heard what you were going to do.

Leggers slowly emerge. Of course, so are we.

I can't do anything like Edgar's dragon, but this might work. Take a relaxing, relaxing walk in the air.