'Oh, this is great!

"Can you ride the Dragon?

It's amazing. With Leger, you won't have any trouble getting anywhere.

What can I say, but it's still restricted there, and in the case of the general field, it's severely restricted. Strict, or more accurately, you can only go down where you got on.

That means you can enjoy the scenery, but not for transportation.

No, but I think it's good enough. It's a great view.

The leisurely flight of the Leger. The scenery flowing underneath is very distant and clear. But it's not a regular field, it's Ren-chan's home, so all we have is a grassy field. Still, it was amazing.

Speaking of Ren-chan, by the way.

Wow! Taki! Hahahaha!

Hmmm, I've seen this tension somewhere before!

"Do you like to be high?

"This is what it was like with Edgar's dragon.

"Ren-chan, Ren-chan. Are you having fun?

"It's so fun!

"You look even better than usual!

Ren-chan runs around on the back of Léger with Lucky. As a big sister, I want her to stay still because it's dangerous, but I heard that the system is designed to prevent her from falling, so I won't say anything. The system is designed to prevent you from falling down, so I won't say anything. You can find out more about ...... riding and what is ......?

Ren-Chan. I can't start, you have to come back.


Ren-chan comes running over to me. With the same momentum, she jumped into my stomach. I was expecting it, so I took it in without a problem. Yes, I'm in a very good mood.

Let's see. ....... Well, I guess we'll do the interview here, then?

Is. Best regards.

Oh, oh. Yeah. Nice to meet you, too.

I don't have a cushion or anything like that, but the Leger is extremely fluffy. I don't have any problem sitting there, I think. So, I sit down on the spot. As I sat down with my legs outstretched, Ren-chan immediately sat down on my legs.


"Tokuto Seiki!

I don't blame you.

Turn your hands around and squeezing. This position, too, this is not so bad. Yup.

"Te Te Te Te ......?

"The look on Millet's face is creepy.



"You really don't have to do it!

It's bad that Ren-chan is cute, oh, no, it can't be Ren-chan's fault, what am I saying?

Kimpika-san's smile was indescribable, but once again she sat down and straightened her posture. She's taking something out of her inventory. A notepad, maybe? I didn't know there was even such a thing.

So, without further ado, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed. Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed.

"Thank you!

Yes. Ren-chan, you don't need to copy that.


Ren is so cute!

Ren-chan is cute when she tilts her head back. I squeezed and stroked her.

I'm not going to let it go.

"If you do that every time, 30 minutes won't be enough.

"Goldfinger is in trouble indeed.

Oops, that was it. Petting Ren-chan should be kept to a minimum, you know.

When I urged her to go ahead with her hand, she gave a blatant sigh of relief. Isn't that too rude?

Then go to ....... Ren-chan. I'm going to ask you a few questions, can you answer them for me?


Well, well. Let's start the interview.

First, a commemorative photo, sort of. We were told to do whatever we wanted, so I called White to lean back and I became Ren-chan's leaning back. When I squeezed Ren-chan from behind, she gave me a slightly dumbfounded look. It's sad.

'So, let's get right to it,'


Oh, you're going to do it in the same position.

"What a surreal sight!

It's a bit of a stretch to say that.

No, I thought I'd sit down again, too: ....... No, it's fine, though. It's a perk. Squeeze Ren-chan.

How did you get started in this game, Ren-chan?

The lady says it's fun!

Let's see. ....... I mean, my sister asked me to join her.


It's not wrong, but I don't think that's what you want to hear. Sure enough, Kimpika turned her attention to me.

What prompted you to ask Ren to join us, Millet?

The animals are realistic and cute. Ren-chan is in the hospital room all the time, so I thought it would be a nice distraction.

Besides, I've been alone in a dark hospital room for a long time. I feel sorry for you, and I want to play with you.

Thank you. Now, next time, we'll include questions from our viewers.

"Hmm? Recruiting now?

No, we've been recruiting on our website.

"When did you get to ......

What the heck. I don't know what it is. ......!

"There was no such thing!

It was. We didn't tell you either, to reduce the competition.

"Hate it.

No really, it's rather awful. I don't particularly care for it, but you could have told me a little bit about it.

"Komoto: ....... What other Fluffy would you be happy to see, Ren-chan?

Hmmm ....... I want to ride a horse!

Yeah. It's not fluffy, I guess. Even Kimpi-san is smiling bitterly. Well, it's just like Ren-chan, isn't it?