"Ron, by the way. May I ask why your mother is here?

"Hmm...'Cause Dad makes Mom sad. "



Wait. Wait a minute. "

"Eh, what? Abuse or something?

"All right, let's wait a minute!

Maybe this is it. It feels like your father's beginnings were lower than your mother's.I think it is the result of what my father hated from the beginning.

But of course, I can't really explain the situation around here.It's thick, heavy and dark.The air gets worse.

"No, it's not.Are my parents close now?Well, remarry.There were a lot of things that happened with my previous father.Guess what, idiot! "

Thank you!

Ok. I got it. "

I sincerely apologize.I'm sorry. "

"It wasn't a good idea to step in."

"Isn't it kind?I'm in a bit of trouble....!

Thanks for saving me....! In the meantime, okay, let's flush.Mm-hmm.

What's the second part of China Mirai?

"Of course, my parents."


Answer of honorary students. It's not funny. "

Mirai is Mirai after all.

Well, Mirai Dashi


Ron is your mother, and I thought it would be nice to be your father, but I'll meet my parents at home after this, right?It's going to be awkward, so please give me a break.

"Next is a question for Mirai-san..."

"Ah, me? - What? - What?

"What would you do if you said you had a boy you liked?

"Eh?... eh?

A boy you like, Ron?No, that's impossible... hahaha.

No, no. Yeah. Mm-hmm.That's right. When Len gets sick and grows up, she gets someone she likes, and then she gets married...

"Well, yeah...I want to support you... "

"Just wishes."

But you won't know this until then.

"Well, we're not done yet. Don't worry about it."

"I know."

All right, let's forget it. In the meantime, let's cum and cum.Ron-chan doesn't seem to understand very well and leans her neck strangely.She's cute.

"Hmm...I like oniichan.

"I love Renchan too!

Even now, I'm glad you said that.I'm going to lose it.


"Something similar to"

Let's cum, let's at least ask my question!

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no...

"Yes, let's cum.Ron-chan, do you want something to eat?

"Hmm? Hmm...Onee-chan often brings it to me.... "

Renchan has no restrictions on food and is not particularly allergic.So when I heard that Ron-chan wanted to eat, I took it with me at the next visit.

That's why I don't think so...

Ah, but...

Raise your face as if Ron-chan had thought of something.

"I want to steam.I want to go to you, eat slowly, eat together. "


That's not what you want to eat again.But that's something you can't do here.Maybe it's a longing for Renchan.

Of course, we all eat together sometimes.But that's right, there's no pot.That's because it's dangerous. That's why we can only cook a pot after Renchan's illness has been properly cured.

"No sudden heavy talk."

Wow, a pot...It's hard in that dark room. "

I'm looking forward to seeing you when your illness heals, Ron.Hang in there. "


Lotus chuckles.All right, I'll stroke you.There's nothing I can do for you right now.

Next, please.

"Oh, yes. That's right...Okay, Ron. If you could talk to animals, what would you like to talk to them about?

Hmm? Hmm.... "

Oh, Renchan's lost.I'm shaking my body and wiping my lucky leg.It seems that Len was a little worried, but she opened her mouth a little bit.

Um... I want you to stay with me!


Just a little unexpected.I'm here because I'm friends with the animals.

"Because I didn't ask you directly.I want to talk to everyone and be with them. "

"Ah, I see...."

Now that I'm a friend of Tame's, this is just a system message.From Ron-chan, I'd like you to tell the animals directly.Let's stroke it for now.All right, all right.

That's Ron-chan, good boy.

I guess we'll have to be apprentices too.

It's just an apprenticeship.

Don't tell me ww

Speaking of which, I think Ron-chan would like you to tell me.

"Now then...What kind of work do you want to do in the future?

Ron stopped moving perfectly.

………… Oh, my God, can you do that?

"Ah... uh..."

Well, I guess so...You may not know what kind of work you still have, but I don't think you have the image of going out to work in the first place...

In fact, what kind of work can Renchan do?

If it's about art, you can do it in the hospital room.

"What are you guys talking about?Ron's illness will heal.You can't help thinking about that. "

Isn't that too optimistic?

"If the family hasn't given up, we're not talking."

Oh, yeah. He seems to be taking care of me.Thank goodness. I was a little embarrassed to react, so I pretended not to notice and told Len-chan.

"Ron. If you could do anything, what would you like to do?