"Ronchaaaaahn!Melii, Kurizu soooo Asahi!

"Shut up."

"Ah, yes. I'm sorry."

December 24.To oneechan who came in screaming, Jia Lian unexpectedly said with a cold gaze.No, because it was loud.

Jia Lian laughs a little bitterly at the oneechan who comes here as she soaks up.

"Christmas is tomorrow, right?

"Yeah, it's a mood issue!

I see. It's Onee-chan. "

"Wait. I don't know what that means, Renchan."

Keep it to yourself. When I smiled, oneechan's smile caught my eye.It's strange.

"Well, Ron-chan.I've been telling you for a long time today, but the game is off. "


That's right. The game is closed today.Instead, I was allowed to play only a little in the morning.At that time, I was very satisfied with the lucky ones.

And speaking of what we're going to do today, oneechan said we're going to have a Christmas party here.She managed to get permission from the hospital on the condition that it wasn't too noisy.

Very. Very exciting.

Well then, I'll get ready.


That's why onee-chan started sneaking around.He occasionally brings tables and chairs from outside the hospital room.Oneechan seems to be having a lot of fun preparing while singing her nose song.

"Hey, can I help you?

"Hmm? Hmm...Well, can you line up the chairs?


I got a job.Your sister carries a pipe chair standing on the wall.There were eight chairs.I feel like there are a lot of them.Speaking of which, there are many tables without hearts.

"Hey, isn't there a lot...?

"It's a Christmas party!

I don't know what that means.Jialen leaned her neck and thought it would be all right for now.

And soon, I got the answer.

"The future. Here it comes."

"Excuse me...."

The first time I came was with Hicchan.I was a little surprised because I didn't know they were coming.


"Ah, Renchan...!

When Jialen called, Hii-chan rushed towards Jialen with joy.Put your hands together and come here.

Hey, I'm glad you're here.

"The future. It's time for Renchan to hate you."

"I don't like that."

Your sisters are saying something, but they're ignoring it for now.I don't see you very much, so I need to talk to Takusa.

Well, Ron's partner also came to talk to me, so I'm going to pick her up.

"Yes, yes. Welcome."

Are you going somewhere?


"Oh, I'll be right back, Lotus.That's why it's a little hard to go when you stare at me with such a loud eye...!

By the way, Roon-chan, the future is going to get the cake.

"Come on, sweetheart!

"Ah, yeah...Er.... "

Oneechan, who has dropped her shoulders, leaves the ward.I meant to joke, but was it a little bad?Reflecting a little, a bitter smile stroked his head.

"Well, don't worry about it.By the time I get back, I'll be fine. "

I hope so.

My sister came back in about 30 minutes.Such a sister took someone she didn't know.But I kind of recognize him.

"Wow... I saw it on the delivery, but it's getting so dark...This is tough. "

"Nh... If I don't be careful, I'm going to step on someone's foot...."

"No, be really careful.Even though you called me, I don't want to be kicked out.

I also know the voice.Not every day, but often.As soon as you realize it, your name will appear.Hair color is different, but these two are definitely

"Alice and Lulu....?

"Oops! That's right!Ehehe, I'm glad you noticed!

"Nh... Nice to meet you, Ron.Lulu, it's me. "

The two smiled, but Jialen is a little confused.Why are these two here?I've heard Alice and the others live quite far away before.

"Why? Because Mirai-chan invited me."

"Yes, I wanted to go on a trip, and it was just the right time."

I'll see your sister.Oneechan had a very nice smile, like a successful prank.

"Surprise. Surprised?


Afterwards, the remaining two, until their parents arrived, had a relaxing chat.Talk about games and how your sister spends time at school.

"The future at school?Maybe it's the same as usual. "

That's right, Alice and Lulu were interested.

"Well, what do you know about that?Mirai... is Future Chan a friend of Ron's at school?

"Naturally.It's common school sense that Renchan accounts for 90% of future behavioral standards. "

"School common sense, not class...It's grass. "

"That's Mirai-chan! There's too much unanimity in interpretation to laugh at!

"Shut up!

Jialen had heard about it before, but after all, oneechan was oneechan.

My parents came and said hello to everyone and thanked oneechan for being here again....

It was a very, very pleasant time.Everyone smiled and seemed to be having fun, so nature and Lotus were also having fun.

But what does everyone want with Jialen on their knees?Hii-chan is laughing at it and wondering.But since everyone stroked me gently, I have nothing to complain about as Jialen.

It was a very fun and very happy Christmas Eve.

What? Mirai-chan, it looks like Ron's asleep.

"Oh, really.Okay, open up. I'll clean up tomorrow.I'll distribute sleeping bags!

"Nh... That's fine, but are we really allowed to stay here...?

"It's okay! I took your permission!Super Cancerous!

"Could you turn that effort a little bit more towards someone else...?

"I can feel it in your heart."

"Thank you, Mr..."

"Kyou-chan. I'll call your parents again."

"Ah, yes...Thank you. "

"By the way, the ratio of women is too high, and my shoulders are very narrow."

"Because of that, Mr. Edgar said he was going to have a stomach ache."

"That's a good decision...."

"Oh, of course, but you should go home."

"I know. I know, but I miss you so much...."

Late at night, Jialen woke up.Wake up and gently rub your eyes.If you rub it too hard, oneechan will get angry, so I will be patient.


Looking at the clock, it was three o'clock.It's still midnight. I immediately wondered why I woke up at such a time and realized that it was because I went to bed earlier than usual.Fortunately, I still want to sleep, so if I lie down soon, I'll be able to sleep twice.It looks like it is now.

I tried to lie down thinking so, but the door of the hospital room opened, so I accidentally took a serious look at you.

He came in dressed in bright red and warm clothes.My grandfather has plenty of beard.Jialen soon found out who she was.


When Jialen murmured, Santa looked at Jialen in surprise.It looks like Santa isn't seeing this room very well either, and she didn't notice what was happening to Jialin.

Santa smiled and stood her index finger in front of her mouth.Shh, that's right. Shh.

Jialen nodded with both hands to cover her mouth.Santa smiled and nodded.

Santa will first go to Hii-chan, who sleeps with her.And I put a dog stuffed toy with a cute ribbon next to Hii-chan.

Next, Santa walks towards Jialen.Be careful not to kick someone sleeping on the floor...

What? If so, why are your sisters sleeping here?I'm curious, but I'm going to ask tomorrow.

Santa took out reindeer stuffed toys from a large white bag.It is a cute and deformed plush toy about the size that even Jialen can hold.I handed it to Jialen.

"Wow... cute..."

Santa gently strokes the unwittingly murmured Lotus.When I saw Santa, I smiled and left.I leave the hospital quietly.

Jialen hugged Reindeer with surprise and was wrapped in happiness."Thank you," I said in my heart.

The next day, there was a little noise in the hospital room.

"Eh, what's with this stuffed toy!?

"Don't you know the future?There was a dog stuffed animal under the sound pillow. "

"No, no, I don't.I have prepared it properly..... "

Looking at such an exchange, Jialen leaned her neck.

"Eh...? You come here every year.


Sisters stuck in surprise.Jialen leans her neck and looks at the stuffed toys.

"It's so cute...!


We'll pluck the stuffed animals together.The sisters looked strange, but eventually they smiled and shrugged their shoulders.

By the way, I don't know about Jialen.

On their way home, Jialen and Hicchan told me the truth while keeping it a secret.Plus, they said they knew.

"Dean, Christmas is really early, isn't it?What are you doing?

"Hmm? No, what?I just want to finish my work early.My wife is making me dinner and waiting for me. "

"I see. By the way, there's a mustache on the shelf...."

……… You saw nothing. [M]Okay? "

Ah, yes.