The day after Renchan's petite party in the hospital.Log in to the game and come to Ren-chan's home and wait for Alice and Lulu.It seems that they are going sightseeing during lunch today and staying at the hotel at night.I heard that I use a hotel that rents out VR machines for a fee and that I can log in from the evening.

As soon as she was waiting to play with the puppies, Alice and the others applied for a visit.When she agreed, Alice and the others appeared in front of the house.

"Welcome, Alice, Lulu.Whatever I say. "

"Excuse me.Mirai-chan, is Len-chan still here?

"Yeah, I didn't say anything, so I think it's 18: 00 as usual."

It's after seventeen o'clock, so we have less than an hour.We need to finish by then.

"Nh... Let's go.Len-chan is coming. "

That's right.

That said, I don't intend to do anything that difficult.To the extent that I will decorate this home for Christmas.Of course, I will make it easier to clean up.

Well, let's do it quick.


So, the decoration mission starts.

It ended in less than thirty minutes.

Well, it's data.

"I won't say that, promise."


When it comes to decorating, it's mostly a simple operation in the window at hand.Renchan's home has a large Christmas tree.The animals are gathering interestingly.

I put the Christmas tree next to Ron's house.Tomorrow, when I finish decorating, I'll be able to climb trees.I don't know if Ron will do it.

No, but maybe Ren-chan will?I think I like to move around.

Mirai-chan, it's about time we got back.

Either way, Alice said so.

"Oh, yeah. Thank you very much.Lulu, too. "

"No, I'll always be there to help."

"Nh... I'm looking forward to it."

That's how they left home.

Now, let's wait for Len-chan while she plays.

"Wow... Awesome!

That's Len's first voice when she saw the Christmas tree.I'm staring at you with surprise.Have you tried your best to prepare it?

"Ron. I'll deliver it.

Ah, yeah.

There will be an extraordinary event after today.I want to finish the delivery quickly.So, a little bit.

I saw a familiar light bulb and a black window come out, and I said.

"Guys. Merry Christmas!

Merikuri ~

Merry Christmas!

Of course, there are some voices like that.

Christmas......? What the hell is that? "

I'm in pain and annihilation

I told you yesterday that this Christmas was canceled!

"Oh, hey. Saying that in front of Renchan who is happy to receive a present from Santa.Shit, you guys. "

I'm sorry.

"Ahhhhh! Nothing. Nothing!Mailikulumimus!

I can't tell you in such a hurry ~

The remnants of subtle annihilation wow

Fuck off!

Ahahah. I'm glad you're having fun.

By the way, Len is obsessed with the Christmas tree and doesn't see any comments.Therefore, the comments around it are also thrown through, such as the pain of annihilation.Well, if not, I'll be careful first.

"Oh, Christmas tree."

Besides, it's an extra-large tree for home!

You admire a tree that's bigger than home.

Don't admire it. I don't want to be real.

That's why I want it in games!

Realistic, big Christmas trees and stuff like that can only get in the way.I think it's a privilege of a rich house with a big garden.When asked if they envy me, I don't think so when I think about anything other than Christmas.

Illumination, huh? It seems that the electricity bill is also very expensive.

It seems to be decorating well, but you didn't think it was in its initial state.

"Yes, Alice and Lulu also helped me.I really appreciate it, including yesterday's real Christmas party. "

Wait a minute.

Real party, huh......?

"Have you guys really met Real Goodwill...?

Fufu. Instead of seeing him, I put him on my lap!She was so cute! They stare at me strangely!I know Mirai's going to be overprotective!

"I just remembered. I had a nosebleed."

"More than Alice's tension, Lulu's remarks are normal."

"Miray, are you okay?Is something weird going on?

"Something weird...How many stuffed animals did you have when you woke up?

"Kano Horror"

I'm too scared because I'm in the hospital!?

Well, if you don't know anything, it's horror.Honestly, we were quite surprised, too.Well, when I left the hospital, the other doctor taught me.In the meantime, I think parents who knew and kept silent need sanctions.

"Well, don't worry, Santa just came."

Santa......I see. "

Dad's in trouble too.

"No, I wasn't your father."

It was your father's way now, wasn't it?

Well, yeah. The director was unexpected.

By the way, it seems that other doctors go to see other hospitalized children around lunch.It's because I don't know when I'll be here.No, yeah. I thought I was sorry.

What did Santa get you?

"Hmm? Uh...Renchan! "

I think Ron should answer this.Renchan, who was slapping the Christmas tree, turned around and tilted her neck.


"They're asking me what Santa gave me."

"Reindeer stuffed toy!Cute! "

My pussy.

Reindeer stuffed toy......You made the reindeer you're taking into a stuffed animal!

I knew it wasn't horror!

"Would you stop!?

I'm usually scared if I imagine it...!?

"Mmm... I don't like teasing people."

I'm sorry!

I'm just kidding. I can do it. Forgive me!

The destructive power of Abba's hate......!

"I can't help it anymore..."

I was forgiven!

"Thank you... thank you...!

Yeah. What is this?

In the meantime, we talked relaxing, but the delivery ended before 7: 00.

"Hey, what are you gonna do after this?

"Huh? Nappy"


Instead, it's going to be real.I've been working hard for this day.

Seven o'clock. Two newly logged in people appear directly on their homes.Absolutely impossible.You've been logged in as

"Mom? Dad?

Two of my parents.

Sorry to bother you, Renchan.

"Recent games are really amazing...It's very different from real life. "

That's what I'm saying. My parents are looking around Roon-chan's home, and Roon-chan is so gloomy.That's a cute look. Let's get naked.

"Nhm...Onee-chan. "

"It's cute."


It's also true that we won't be able to move forward, so let's get ready.Take Ron, who is still in trouble, to the house.This is a special home that has been remodeled for one day only.

Dad, Mom, I'm coming.


Yes, it is.

They both follow us.And they went into the house, and they all round their eyes.

The house is pure Japanese-style.The tatami mats are laid out, and there is a kotatsu in the middle that can be used by four people.In the small stove, a pot was boiled.

"Today is sukiyaki.There are also udon noodles!

"I heard about it, but can you reproduce the fragrance..."

"It looks delicious. The future made it?

Well, just in case. It doesn't really matter because it's an automated cooking skill. "

I'm going to put up with my feelings.I did my best for Renchan!Fufu!

Even though it wasn't supposed to come out of my mouth, for some reason Len-chan stared at me with her eyes.But I didn't do anything wrong this time!

"For now, go ahead. I'm looking forward to it, Ron!



It's been about six months, but I remember that interview.I want to make a pot for you.After listening to that, I decided on a Christmas present for Len.

Sometimes it gets pretty tight.I can only thank Alice for making the kotatsu.No, I'm really looking after you all the time, so I'd like to give you something back...

"Hey, can I come in...?

"Please, go ahead."

Renchan startled herself into the kotatsu.Put your feet in... your face melted.


Yeah, yeah, that's good.I think it's the biggest invention in Japan.

Let's have dinner first.

The flavor doesn't make you feel full, so let's eat quickly.Unlike the real one, it doesn't boil too much, but I want you to eat it properly because I have prepared it.

Therefore, I will surround the pot with my family.

"Ron, what do you want to eat?

"It stinks!

"Isn't that meat..."

Cabbage is a little unexpected.No, it's delicious.Cabbage stained with flavour is also quite good.

"Father and mother do it themselves.Because it's troublesome. "

The more understandable the response is, the different.

That's what he says and laughs at.I'm Renchan's only friend.

I'll add the cabbage and meat to it.When I gave it to Ren-chan, I began to breathe and eat.Cute.

By the way, it's a game, so it doesn't make sense when you breathe.But the feeling is important. The atmosphere is important.I think so.


"Really? Good.Eat more. "

Lotus is very cute to eat deliciously.It smells slightly.


"The future..."

"Future Chan...."


Watch out, watch out, watch out.

I don't know if the smell stuck to me when I was eating slowly, but I was lucky to come into the house.And then the puppies.That's right. Wolf and his boys seem to be paying for themselves.

"Ah, lucky."

Len-chan thinks a little and looks at me.I've predicted it.

Put plenty of meat in an empty vessel and give it to Len-chan.When Len-chan received it with joy, she put it in front of Lucky's eyes.The puppies gather and start eating together.

"It's delicious, right?

That's the lucky thing to say, Ron-chan.The combination of cute and cute is the strongest.

"The future. Can't you take pictures?

"Leave it to me. I keep plenty of them."

I see.

Listen, why are you pulling a little?

"Looks like we need to discuss this slowly with Dad...."

Why do you pull my face?My mother is desperately laughing, but she's about to burst.You're a rude parent.

Hey, Ron-chan



I stroke Lucky Roon-chan.Yeah, I'm happy.

"I'll go to the hospital again after this."

"You can't sleep in real life because you have enough food.

My parents logged out.I can't sleep with my feet on the operation that you've done all kinds of things.No, I'll go to bed without worrying.

And such a lentil.


I'm lying in my lap with my lucky hug.Looks like Lucky's sleeping with him.Honwaka.

"Did you enjoy it?

I stroked Len's head.Thigh, Ton-chan moved and snuck in.There is no sign of waking up, so I will keep stroking it.

It wasn't like Christmas because it was sukiyaki, but if Len enjoyed it, I'm satisfied.I'll leave the Christmas to dinner today.Mother said she secretly prepared roast chicken.

Now I feel relaxed and warm.

Ah, but it's not good to have a monopoly.I got a lot of people to help me...

That's why I took a picture.I'll post it to your bulletin board later.

I can't stay today because it's not an emergency, so I'll enjoy Renchan's sleep while I can.You're so cute, you can't help it!

Before that, one thing I forgot to say.

"Merry Christmas, Renchan."

She strokes gently and says. Well, I don't think that sounds right...

"Nhh... I'm cumming... oniichan..."


I knew Renchan was cute!