Event starts at noon today, that is, by the time Len logs in properly, there may already be a lot of information.Thousands are so many that I would like to move somewhat systematically.

Nevertheless, a thousand Quessalampasarans...I think there are too many of them.Imagine what an amazing sight it is.

Well, anyway. I checked the bulletin board lightly and then logged in.

There is no Renchan in front of Renchan's house.If I'm late, I often play with puppies.I checked my login status and it looks like I'm logged in.

It is a parental privilege because there is no other way.When Renchan gets lost, you can tell me exactly where she is now.Well, considering Ron-chan's private life, it's going to take the form of asking Yamashita-san.

Therefore, I will contact Yamashita from my friend list.I can't find Len, where are you?

As soon as I waited, I received a reply.That's fast.

Looks like you're in the snowy mountains of your home.

Ah, that way. Send thanks and head for the snow mountain.There's really something along the way...I wonder if it won't disappear, this.

In the meantime, when I turned to the pond, there was a broom who played with the child's polar bear.Two people, one and the other, rolling around.I wonder what you're doing.

The bigger bear was taking a lazy look at those lentils.I kind of feel like a parent.


"Ah, onii-chan!

Len-chan stopped rolling and tried to get up, but the polar bear collided behind her.Wap, Ton-chan is falling down.It seems painful if it's real, but I'm relieved that I don't have to worry about it here.

I'm worried about my child's polar bear and I'm wearing a nasal spasm.It's kind of funny.

"I'm surprised...."

That said, Ron seemed to be having a lot of fun.

Where is the Cokeran?The answer is everywhere.

I'm coming to Fatos with Len.The first thing I wanted to do was go see my parents, Quesalampathalan.I'm interested in what she looks like even with me, so I'm walking with Ron.Aim for the fountain square in the middle of Fatos.It seems to be there.



"Lots of people!

That's right.

Should I call that an event?There are more players than usual.Fatos is usually a lonely village known as the city, but today it's crowded.

Naturally, we stand out subtly.Lotus is the main one.Lotus is shaking on Shiro's back.I hear rumors.

I wonder what you're talking about.I'm curious, but it's a complicated mood that you want to hear or don't want to hear.I don't like it if you say it badly.

I'm a little vigilant that someone might do something.I don't think so, but just in case.Well, we got to the square without a problem.

The square is crazy crowded, but it's nothing.Rather, it was a strange sight.

"Hey, what's that?

"Come on...."

There is a big ball of light in front of the fountain.I didn't know it was Quessalampasaran, but it seems different.The other players are going into those balls of light.I wonder what's going on.

No. I should have looked into it a little bit more.I've been playing this game for a long time, but I've barely participated in the event itself.Because I honestly think that an event in the form of collecting items is troublesome.

Ren-chan is very tingling.They're going in.Is it a mass of curiosity?

I don't think it's a problem because everyone is in it, but I want a little more peace of mind.So, is anybody there?

Looks like everyone on your friends list is logged in.Maybe you could send someone a message and let them know.Alice has taken care of me in the meantime, so let's try Lulu.

So I sent a message asking you to tell me a little about the event.

I got a reply in ten seconds.I'll be right there. The reply was too quick and a little scary.

"Ron. Just a moment."

"Nh... Yeah."

Oh, I'm sorry. She's gone a lot, but wait a little longer...!

Watch everyone enter the sphere of light in the corner of the square.No, I tried to keep an eye on it, but there was a little bit of a disturbance.Everyone's pointing at the sky.That's why I looked at you, too.


Len-chan jumped with joy and my cheeks just pulled.

It's the dragons that fly in here.I'm not so familiar with it, but I know who's here right away.I think it's Lulu. Of course, it's possible that Edgar will walk right through the transfer gate.At least you won't stand out from yourself.Probably.

A dragon stops over the square.And it was the witch who jumped in.

I wonder if I used any skill.Even though it was quite advanced, it landed beautifully and walked towards us.That's easy now.

This is it.The aura is different. Exactly the style of the strong...!

"What are you doing, idiot!


Ah, the aura has dispersed.

When did she arrive, Alice gave Lulu a drop kick.Alice became a horseback rider and shouted at Lulu, who fell in a way that seemed to suit her.

"Why! Fatos!In the middle of the square!Get in the dragon! I wonder if he's getting in!?

"Ah... I'm sorry...Calm down..... "

"Calm down!


Hmm. Chaos.