The dragon also came down without instructions from Lulu.Land on the side of Lulu.A lot of people have never seen a dragon before, people are looking at us.Some people take pictures of dragons.I know how you feel.

Well, it's a dragon. Naturally, my child reacts.

"Needs heg!

Yeah, I know you're not used to it!

Ren-chan rushed to the dragon with joy and jumped right in front of the dragon.The dragon stretched out his neck and licked Len's cheek.It's as clever as ever.

"Wow...Good boy. Good boy. "

As Len stroked the dragon's throat, the dragon sounded pleasant.I want dragons too...Let's try our best in the story....?

"Er...Why is Alice here?

"I'm ashamed that this stupid kid suddenly turned off the transmission.She said she was going because she was called.If I thought maybe I'd come, I'd already... really have... "


"I didn't praise you!


Alice... you're struggling...Still, was it being delivered?That might have been a bit of a bad thing.

Apologizing for the sudden apology, Lulu dyed her cheeks somehow embarrassed and turned to her side.

"Nh... Nothing...It just so happens that my hands are free.... "

"Alice, Alice.She said she was on the air and she was free. "

"Amazing, isn't it? The audience was very confused."

That's right.


Lulu became dull.Yeah. It's time we stopped messing around.Lotus, who was satisfied with stroking the dragon, is back.


"Nh... Hello, Ron.How are you today? "


Lotus with a smile.Even I don't see it directly.Eyes that look like they're expecting something.Looks like Lulu immediately figured it out, and when he sent the dragon back, he summoned the fox.Empty fox empty.When the fox found Len-chan, it jumped in joyfully.

"Mufufufu...!I knew it was cute. "




The feelings of the three of them came together, and I felt that way.

Well, a lot of people are watching, so I'm moving.The ball of light is on its way.Make a party with the four of you and head for the ball of light.It looks like it works the same way as a dungeon, and they fly it to a different place for each party.

"Eh? Was that the dungeon...?!

"Mirai-chan, are you serious now...?

"Nh... Otherwise, the dungeon is overflowing with people."

Well, if you think about it, it's only natural.Especially the dungeon of the end content is going to be terrible.

So... Four people enter the ball of light.Then we reached Fatos Square with no players.Others are the same as Fatos until now, and NPC is also there.

"Does this mean anything?

"Nh... Some people will be concerned about people's gaze, so I think that's why.Slowly listen to the story of Quessaran Pasaran.There's more to come. "

"I can also sweat...!?

"Yes, it's like that."

So Lulu pointed to the side of the fountain.There was a very large white ball there.White fluffy fur balls with cute eyes.It's kind of cute, on the contrary, it's kind of creepy, it's hard to rate.I wonder if that is Quessalampasaran.

Ren-chan was hugging the Quessaran Pasaran.Fluffy, what a happy voice.

Yeah. No. When? Aren't you acting too fast?

"Ahahah...That's right, Renchan, you don't get a rash. "

Alice and Lulu are laughing bitterly.Well, it feels like the usual.

I was a little surprised, but I also know how Ron feels.This Quessaran Pasaran is an incredible fluff.It's covered in very soft hair, and I want to hug it too.Besides, when I looked at Renchan's condition, it almost looked like hair, and her body was about to sink.

It's so cute. So is Quessaran Pasalan, but the happy Lotus is so cute...!I would love to leave this in the video!


"I'd like to leave a little video, so I'll start broadcasting."


"True or False"

We also got Alice and Lulu's consent, so we started broadcasting quickly.Immediately, a light sphere and a black board with comments flow out.And soon, the comments began to flow.

A sudden broadcast without notice!?

Thank you!

"What's Ron doing...?

Audience greeting.Among them was Roon-chan, who was hugging Quessaran Pasaran.I agree.

"Hello. I'm going to play with Kesarampasaran today."

Quessaran Pasaran!

I knew you were going to see me ~

Renchan's behavior will calm down as expected

It was also a fufu frame.

"So, Alice and Lulu are with us today."

Whatever Alice is, why Lulu?

Didn't you just deliver it?

Lulu Wei, suddenly stopped delivering, so I came here thinking maybe.I knew it. "

"Grass grass."

"I'm told, Lulu."


Yeah, yeah, yeah.

"Honestly, I knew."

All the audiences in Lulu are good people, right?Some people seem angry about suddenly stopping the delivery.No, well, now that it's Ron-chan's frame, it might be stopped by the operation.