"Well then, Ron.Can you come back for once?



It's only natural.

My disgusting sister and my fufufu Kesarampasaran, if you ask me which one is better, it's a sluggish slug.

I wonder if Mirai has any elements that can beat Fufu.

"Terrible, but I'm convinced."

I can see you in real life.I don't know what to do.I don't think I can help it.

But, it's just a bit dull.

"Ah, calm down, Miray.I'm kidding. I'm kidding. "

I think it's simply the first time I've been excited by a fap.

I'll be right back.

"It's disgusting that the audience is kind to me."


If you do it gently, this is it!

And that's Mirai.

The audience is right, they'll be back in a while.But it's also true that I miss you a little.I'm going to wipe off the ketchup pasaran and change my mood.

"Hmm...Mirai-chan "


Wait a minute.

I wonder what it is. While I was tilting my neck, Alice called out to Len.

"Ron. Please come back."


"Oneechan misses you.Or do you prefer the Quessaran Pasaran to your sister?

Uh, hold on. I'm afraid of that option.I don't feel like I can get back on my feet for a week if I don't get picked up.It would be better if it stayed like this...

When I thought about it, Len-chan turned around momentum.I was a little surprised. They're coming this way.Wait, wait, wait.And he hugged me.

"Hey, I like you better."


After all, for Renchan, it's more oneechan than any fufu.

Oneechan loves Len.

Unanimous and honorable interpretation......

"Yeah, yeah. We have to do this.By the way, Mirei-chan, I'm silent, but what's the matter?

I don't care what they say...Len-chan rubs her head against my stomach.It's so cute. Why are you naked?It is Renchan ingredient replenishment.

"Too happy to faint."

"Why can't Mirai be honest with me?

I'm having trouble watching because my speech is blowing away.

As usual!

"Shut up."

I don't know what to say, so for now, I'm going to squeeze Renchan.Happy.

Suddenly, Len-chan pulled her hand.I wonder what it is.

"She's so fluffy and fluffy.Nee-chan, too. "


I'm glad you asked me out!

"No, this guy. Why did the audience leave Mirai alone until this happened?


"You're closer to Alice than we are."

"So Alice should do her best."

"I can't."

Quick answer, grass.

I knew it ~

Alice is talking to the audience, but I'm Quesalampathalan first.I'm going to touch Kesarampasaran with Renchan.

This is... yeah...Her hair is very fine and fluffy.Softness that does not betray appearance.As you slowly get your hands on it, you'll slowly come in.Wow.

"I wonder what this is...Enveloped in peace of mind...Safe to be wrapped up..... "

"No, Mirai-chan.If we don't move fast, we'll run out of time.

"Ha! That's right!

Unfortunately, I can't stand it here.This event lasts two weeks.No, I don't think so. It's only been two weeks.We need to gather the cokeranes quickly to get the pet Quessaran Pasaran.

That's why I'm leaving Quesalampathalan.Instead of Roonchan, who enjoys the fluff of Quessaran Pasaran, let's move on to the event.In the meantime, let's talk to Quesalampathalan.


Yeah.... Nothing happens.Ah, but there's an explanation for the event.The description is lined up like a pop-up.

"It's a hassle to read..."

Hey wow

No, honestly, I know how you feel.It's a hassle to read how events work.

I don't care about stories, so just do it in a cheerful way.

You guys www

It would be nice if it were an interesting story.Sometimes it's a story that doesn't make sense.More or less for any game.This game isn't over yet.

"Hmm...I've read it almost exactly the same as the advance information.This Quessaran Pasaran recently came to town on a wind.So, while we were on the move, the children escaped.No one noticed.So please help me, if you don't mind. "

I see.

The contents are amazing!

It's so much more than Quessalampasaran.

"I won't say that, I promise."

It's often found in events where items are collected.I think there is still a reason to collect it.Some games have stories.Sometimes the reason for collecting the item is not clear.

"Cokerans are curious and interested in many things.So, if you're cooking, the Cocherans will be nearby sometime, or if you're playing music, they'll gather.That's why producers can attend the event. "

I think it's quite conscientious just to be collected with production skills.There are plenty of monsters to kill.

What is the Cokeran that comes out to the enemy who defeated the monster?

"Hmm... Cokeran is delicious."

Oh, wow.

I guess. I didn't want to guess. "

I know the Cocheran of Production Skills, but fighting is too much slaughter, isn't it?

It's just a feed. It looks poor.I'm going to want to help you, but it's an event, so I can't wait.It's just increasing on its own.

Well, with you. I wonder which is suitable for Len-chan.It's very easy to see because it explains how to collect various skills.



"My recommendations are at the bottom!

At the bottom.

I wonder if there is anything.The comment also says something that seems to have caught my eye.

Um... Play with Tammmons and the Quessaran Pasalan will drop in!



Of course, regular players can play with Tammmons.

Yes, but come on.

Somehow. Is this okay?No, well, only Renchan can do it, so it would be a problem, but anyone can do it.Nothing, okay?

Well, today Renchan seems to be obsessed with that Quessaran Pasaran, so I'll start collecting Cocherans tomorrow.I hope they get together...

It seems that even if I play with Tammmons, the Cocheran will stop by, but the question is, how often will it come?If it's about one dog per hour, I might have to collect it when I'm not here.

"Well, I guess I can't help thinking about it now.For today, I want to play Quesalampasaran. "

So I hugged Quessalampasalan next to Renchan.Oh, it's sinking, it's sinking...!I'm going to sink wrapped in muffins!

"Shit, I want to do it.I met him alone, but I was so embarrassed I couldn't hold him. "

I understand.

I know nobody's watching, but you have a mysterious shame.



Enjoy it with Renchan.Happiness also fufu.The sheep are also different.Wow, that's great...

"It's just the two of us!I'll do it too....!

"Ah, I, too....!

Alice and Lulu also attacked.Four of us, fuzzy.Bliss.

"Yeah... For now, that's it for today...Then go home on your own..... "

Are you kidding me?

I can't tell you about Lulu so much ~


But just right. I'm gonna get a little Quessaran Pasaran, too!

I guess I'll go too.It's a waste of time than embarrassment anymore... "

I think it's a good thing.Welcome aboard.

Ah.... The magic fur...