It seems that the Cocheran will stop by just to play with Tammmons.That's why I'm doing my best to play today.

Well then, Renchan!


"You can come play with everyone.What do you want?

"I want to fuzz you!

"You always do, don't you?


"Of course not!

Well, that's why it's a fufu.

I don't know how...

Don't think, feel it!

Loren-chan is so cute!

I did it!

What the hell are these guys?

I'll leave it to Renchan today.Showing Len-chan heading to Kamakura while distributing.I wonder what I'll do with my bare body.

Len-chan goes into her body and sits on the chair.I'm across from Renchan to make it easier to show.

Ron-chan is so excited.

I don't know what to do.

"Exciting Renchan is cute."

I wonder what you're really going to do.After waiting for a while, the white fox burst out.Keep the white fox on Len's lap.

Ehehe. Welcome. "

Lotus strokes a white fox on her lap.Fufufu. I'm stroking slowly.The fox also seems to feel good.

This is fine, Fufu.

"Hey fox, there I am!

Are you insane to take away the fungus...?

Carefully stroke and gently flip the fox over.I'm still hungry.The fox twitched for a moment, but it didn't resist.

Ah, I closed my eyes.I wonder if this is going to sleep...?

But there are naturally children who interfere with the time of bliss.

When I noticed it, foxes kept coming in.It's kind of an amazing number.Soon the floor will be covered with foxes.Looking up at Len-chan while cumming... ah, I'm being watched too.

Hmm... In the meantime, should I try to imitate Renchan?

Lift the nearby child and stroke his back.It feels fluffy and unusual.So let's get the fox on the screen.

Move the sphere of light directly in front of the fox face.I don't know.


"Wow, that feels so good!"

What a cute creature...

I want a fox pan



I'll kill you.

"Punish? Punish?

No, wait, it's a misunderstanding.Don't you want to see foxes roll in the pot?

"What do you want to see?"

Absolutely cute guy ww

Hmm... Hot pot?But I often see cats, but I wonder if they'll come in as foxes.

Remove the pot from the inventory and place it in front of the fox.The fox strangely peered into the pot, but he entered the pot to see if he was comfortable with it.

It gets rounded and goes into a refreshing pot.Preparation of a pot filled with tofu.


Ah, Ron noticed.I'm looking at the pot with my very sparkling eyes.So, Ron-chan also took out the pot.

That pot is probably the one you use to cook your food...No, it's fine.

Did you figure out what Len-chan was up to? A white fox that goes into the pot.Fufu is the top of the pot.

Len-chan gently folds the lid of the pot.The thistle and the lid, that is, the fox moved and made a good face.Lotus and fox staring at each other.

………… Cute...!


My pussy.


"Lotus and fox are all cute."

"What is this... what is this healing space...?!

Just looking at it makes you dusty.All right, let's do it. According to you.

Surprisingly, something came rushing in from the outside.Something pushes the foxes and jumps at Len.I stood still on the pot.


I'm a little surprised, Len. Seeing something like that, I already sharpened my lips.

"You can't be rude.

It was the giant horn rabbit that rushed in.Even if Roon-chan gets angry, he looks up at Roon-chan with his loud eyes.I wonder if you wanted me to care that much.


Grab the rabbit, lower it once, and gently lower the pan.I'm sorry, but when I stroked the fox in the pot, I replied slightly.Looks like I'll give you the rabbit first this time.

Can I keep the pot?

Ah, yeah.

So there are two pots on my lap.It's a little hard to balance, but this is pretty good.

When I followed her gently, both of them raised their faces.He stares at me with his crushed eyes.What a cute thing.

"Why are you so cute when you just put it in a pot?"

It's strange... whatever...

It looks delicious.

I think a strange person has messed up, but let's not worry about it.