Now, when I asked what Renchan was doing, she was stroking the rabbit.It looks like I just finished stroking my back, and I'm rolling it over just like when I was a fox.I'm still hungry.

Speaking of fufufu alone, rabbits are more fufufu.It seems to feel good to stroke.

"By the way, that's why the bunny won't win.Everybody's different. Everybody's fine. I think so. "

"What are you saying all of a sudden?

"Are you okay? Are you out of your mind?

Should I introduce you to the hospital?

"Shut up!

Sometimes when I say something serious, this is it.It's not bad. No, well, I know the timing was obviously a mystery.

"Hmm? It's a little dirty...?

It was the horns of the rabbits that Len showed interest in.A fine horn worthy of the name of the giant horn rabbit on his forehead.Sure, it feels a little dirty or dull.

It was beautiful golden when I first saw it.Now it's a little cloudy or something...

While I was worried, Len-chan took out a small towel from the inventory.

"Eh, what is that towel?I don't know. "

Someone gave it to you when Mirai was gone.

No, I can usually buy towels at a grocery store.

I know. I saw it in Fatos.I was shopping alone and I thought I was great. "

There's a runaway guy!

You pervert!

Gilty! Gilty!

Wait!? I didn't do anything. I was just watching out for strange people!

You're such a weirdo!

Yeah. Uh... In other words, I wonder if Len was shopping alone.Sometimes you wait for me, and I think that's the time.Oh, you were shopping alone?

"I miss you a little, but you have to be happy growing up."

"He's like a parent, but he's just an overprotective sister."

That was good in the old days, but now I think it's dangerous to be alone.

Hey, you're getting old.

None now.

Hmm. I don't know.

Ron-chan began to wipe the corners with a towel in one hand, while placing the rabbit on her lap and stroking it.Politely, gently, polish the corners.The rabbit doesn't dislike it, but rather feels good.

After brushing for about five minutes, Len seemed satisfied.


"Oh... It's twinkling."

"Amazing, it's shining...!

"I think the horns of the giant horns are really made of gold."

If the current rabbit comes out as a boss, it won't look dazzling.

Indeed, www

It's dazzling just to reflect the light that comes into your bare body.Is this the colour of the original product?Wow.

It's beautiful now.

When Renchan said that to the rabbit, the rabbit licked Renchan's cheek with joy.Seems like he was happy with the rabbit, too.... I don't think I can see the horns from the rabbit...

The rabbit jumped out of Renchan's lap and left.Apparently satisfied. She's like a storm.Cute, though.

Len-chan didn't seem particularly concerned, and held the fox under her feet.Turn your stomach upside down.You look happy.

Such a fufu for an hour.Len-chan is not tired of wiping foxes.I thought it was just a little farther.No, because it's warm.Because there are a lot of foxes gathering around, it's a very comfortable room temperature in the glans.I want to go to bed now.

I've been broadcasting for a long time...Even though there is no movement, the number of viewers is increasing rather than decreasing.Roon-chan's been wiping foxes all along.

"Are you all free?


I thought I'd opened my mouth for the first time in a long time wow

I'm at work. I put my phone next to the monitor and flushed it.It's healing.

Certainly nothing will happen, but that's good.

I don't have time for this relaxing time......

Unbelievable comfort

"I don't know."

What the hell is going on?

Well, whatever I say, I spent an hour doing nothing.

By the way, it's about an hour. The Cokerans aren't coming yet, but what's going on?

If you say so, the Cocheran won't come.

Is there a problem?

Tofufu wasn't a game......?

I'm a little troubled with that.For Ren-chan, most of this game is occupied by a lid.After all, I gathered a little too...

and the rabbit came back.I feel a little bit bigger.Looks like you've grown more than once...?I don't think the size of Thames is going to change that easily.

Mirai-chan, Mirai-chan

"Hmm? What?

Maybe it's the Cocheran.



Liar Yan

Reach out to the incoming rabbit.Then a white polka dot flew from the rabbit.Hair balls spreading all at once.

"Wow!? What!?

Oops, Len is surprised too.In the meantime, I wrapped one of my hair balls in both hands.Ah, my child, Quessaran Pasaran.Looks like there's no doubt about the Cokeran.

"Ron, these are the Cokerans."


Len-chan wrapped up one of the hair balls.Gently open and pinch the fluffy balls.I don't know how small it is, but this is adorable.


Collect a lot of Cokerans together.Wrap your hands one by one on top of your knees.I noticed a pile of rubbing and hairball on my lap.

"Oh... I wonder how many of them there are..."

I'm going into the inventory.It's more like an item than a monster. "


I don't know what that means...Don't you have a dream?I don't think I can help it, but handling items is a little sad.

I put it in the inventory as I watched Len-chan hanging out with the cokerants.Less than fifty.It was about the same mountain as Renchan's, so it was about a hundred.We'll be a thousand by the end of the event.

Well, the problem is, I don't know if they're coming together at the same pace...

"Cokeran is so cute....."

When I looked at the Cokerans and saw Roon-chan smiling, I thought I had to work hard.Good luck and welcome your pet Quessaran Pasaran.

Thousands, good luck.

I'm curious about your pet's Quessaran Pasaran.

Good luck, I can only support you.

For Renchan!

"Yeah... Hang in there."