Yamashita was holding his head.I wonder how this really happened.

Answer World Online, commonly known as AWO. The company that is the parent of the operation is so large that it rents one building in the city.However, it is a little far from the city center.

One floor in the building is used by the development and operation department.Many people look at computers or do a lot of work in the VR world.

There were many monitors in the one room on the floor, which was a break room.A monitor that shows the world of games at random, with many employees taking breaks and watching players play the world they've created.

Until now, all monitors had been random, but lately the biggest monitors had come to reflect the delivery of certain players at certain times.More than half of the employees on break watch the monitor.

The shiro is so cute......

"My pussy!

"Lotus is cute!

"Hah... after all, the little girl is yeahhhhh..."

Are you okay, these guys? The sight that I saw immediately after I took a break embraced my head under the mountain.

At first, elementary school students, as well as hospitalized patients, were often opposed to playing.Rather, the majority was the opposition.I was worried that something would happen.

It was downhill that politely persuaded it.Rather, the game says VR games should only be played by people who are sick and unable to get out satisfactorily.

Eventually, if something happens, it's decided to take full responsibility, and Len will play with it.

This game is about having a second life that can't be done in real life.However, many players still run there because of the combat elements.That's why they didn't get much of what they had in mind at first.

Renchan was playing exactly the way she had expected and enjoying herself with all her might.


"Oh, the brush!

Brushing today?

"I wonder which kid I brush."

Employees who speak calmly.And then...

Hmm......Mfufufu.... "

"Ah, so cute!


No, these guys. It's totally too late.

Yamashita held his head.It wasn't supposed to be like this.

Of course, there are many other people who enjoy it as a second life.That's a pleasure.

But the truth is, these people in the development department love animals like no other.Because the first concept of this game was like the idea of wanting to play a real fuzzy game with VR.

That's why girls who like to play with their huffs are so fond of them.

No, but I think this is a little too much.

"Er...May I ask you a few questions?

Yamashita shouted.The employees turned around looking very troublesome.I want to cry.

Somewhat chief

I'm busy watching Renchan right now

"Don't disturb me."

No, these guys. I really can't, these guys.Yamashita held his head in his heart.

"Oh, I see.Then let the people who are still working hard decide. "

"Eh? What are you talking about..."

"You decide who will be in charge of the event in the Touchdown Square.See you later..... "

"Whoa, hold on, chief!

In an instant, the door was blocked.It moves too fast. Do it at work.

"You know what? I mean, maybe I don't have to..."

Maybe I'll see Renchan.

"Say it quickly!

I'm scared. My eyes are bloody.Looking back, others are staring at us.

What is this scary?

"Me! I'll do it!

"Hey, don't run away!Chief, it's me! It's for me!

"Don't let a nasty man get near Renchan!Chief, it's me!

I wonder if they all understand the same thing.I wonder what you'll say and do when you understand...

"Fair play."

"No way!?

Everyone looks desperate.I don't feel confident in my memory these days that they were really dissidents.

"If you complain, you don't have to pull in the first place....."

"No, no, no, I'm not complaining!Hey, guys!


These guys are really...The cheeks under the mountain are very tight.

So I'll have you draw the lottery.The result is, well, yeah.


"Wow, oh, no!



It was a nose scream. Yamashita checked the employee who pulled the hit first and gently left the scene.

No, I'm really, really impressed.What are they?

Recently, I've been working harder than usual to create monsters, and really, really...

Well, I'll never give up this position of seeing Renchan.

Yamashita is still the same.