Talking about the Tamer Sisters

No 101

Fox times!

No 102


Cute fox.

No 103

Was there a fox in this game?

No 104

You guys don't know?

I don't know, either.

No 105

Don't you know?

No 106

The fox is an exclusive quest monster with no taste, so it's no wonder you don't know it.

No 107


So this is a quest to love foxes?

No 108

For now.

But since it's like a monster, I can't stroke it unless it's tame.

No 109

Wouldn't it be enough if you could just stroke Tame?

Ron-chan doesn't want to know.

No 110

If it's Ron-chan, I really think so.

No 111

You idiots.

If you don't want to be tamed, I'll go stroke you.

It's Roon-chan.

No 112

What is this mysterious persuasiveness...

No 113

I'm worried about the fox stuffed toy that Renchan gave me.

No 114

Is that Mirai's present?

Absolutely not.

No 115

What is this mysterious persuasion?

No 116

It's supposed to be the same word, but the nuances are too different.

No 117

I thought Len-chan, sweet to oneechan, was so cute....

No 118

(However, I will not see my sister's expression)

No 119

It's always been Miray's expression that ruined everything.

Without 120

That's it, Miray!

I don't yearn to be numb there!

No 121

Numbness (disgust)

No 122


No 123

It's sudden.

No 124

/(v5r, vi) to scratch/to scratch/(P)/

No 125

I can't believe it.

No 126

I don't have a tympanic membrane.

No 127

Niki, who lost her tympanic membrane, went to the hospital.....

Oh, it's night. I didn't do it.

No 128

('· ω ·')

No 129

Finally, Roon-chan's cold gear.

No 130

So the shop is delicate, right?

No 131

I wasn't expecting it....

No 132

That's Alice!

No 133

I knew Alice would do it!

No 134

Fuwa looks forward to this too much.....

No 135

That's our teacher Alice!

No 146


No 147

I've seen enough snow to hate it.

Well, you've never seen it in the first place.

No 148

I'd love to have Renchan play snow.

No 149

Alice, if you think you're coming soon, Edgar's on your feet.

No 150


No 151

Which one?

No 152

I'm sure Edgar will!

No 153

Punish? Punish?

No 154

[]/(v5s, vt) to punish/to punish/to punish/

No 155

I don't know what to do!

No 156

What the hell....

No 157

Don't tell me about Edgar...?

No 158


No 159

Don't say anything disgusting.

Come on, think about it.

No 160


No 161

[]/(v5s, vt) (1) (uk) to get rid of/to get rid of/to get rid of/to

Ron won't be able to see the dragon.

No 162

Ron-chan cries.

No 163


No 164

You saved my life, Edgar....

No 165


166 Edgar

Why are you so close to being killed...?

No 167

Edgar, you're killing me.

No 168

All I can do is ask my chest....

No 169

While we're doing this, we're in the village.

No 170

It's your fault I couldn't see this!

No 171

Don't you deserve it?

Let's watch it with the past delivery later....

No 172

Did you miss it too?

No 173

Is the fox also a frog...?

No 174

I know you've got a quest ahead of you.

I know, but....!

No 175

I wanted to see Len-chan plugging foxes...!

No 176

Nice. This village house.

I feel like I'm in the middle of an old story.

No 177

It's a fantasy world.

No 178

Where are the fantasy elements...?

No 179

The fox of the village chief Tammmons!

No 180

There was a fantasy element!

No 181

What is Fantasy?

No 182

That's right, Ron-chan. Getting along with foxes is quick.

No 183


No 184

You look happy, and so does Lotus.

It seems fun, but it's also a fox.

Everybody's cute.

No 185

Where's my sister?

No 186

I think it's cute.

No 187

I don't feel like I'm being told ww

No 188

The quest itself is tomorrow.

No 189

You mean the fox tame tomorrow?

No 190

Time, time, time.

No 191.

Still, the fox is so cute.

I guess I'll do the same thing.

No 192.

If you love foxes, I really recommend them.

No 193.

More info

No 194.

Too old to stand on my skin.

195 Nobody

Leave me alone.

No 296

I've been waiting for you, this time!

No 297

It's Fox time!

No 298

Ron sleeps with a puppy!

No 299

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!

No 300

This is a good healing space.

No 301

It's also cute when Renchan walks behind her.

No 302

You have high through-skills.

No 303

It's always the case that this bulletin board gets confused.

No 304

Oh, are you new?

Well, calm down and get used to it.

There are confused people everywhere, right?

No 305

That's why www

No 306

Only on this bulletin board....

No 307

He's back, Snowy Mountain.

No 308

Nine foxes are tough, right?

No 309

(For animal lovers) Strong.

No 310

Oh, wow.

Otherwise, what?

No 311


No 312

I can see that.

No 313


No 314

What? Unusual vigilance...?

No 315

It's not unusual, is it?

No 316

Does it depend on the animal?

They don't even miss foxes as much as dogs and cats.

No 317

What are the tigers gonna do if you start talking about it?

No 318

Sure, it is.

I don't know. I don't know.

No 319

Oh, the white fox.

No 320

Unlike brown, I've been nostalgic from the beginning.

No 321

Does Len-chan have a body shape that is liked by white children?

No 322

There, because Len's hair is white....

No 323

The foxes keep coming out.

No 324

Fox paradise!

No 325

I want to take one home.

No 326

I know w

No 327

White foxes are worse than the others.

Let's find out if it's a fox.

No 328

If it's real, I'd like to keep it, but I don't think so.

No 329

You can keep foxes, but they should be fucking expensive.

No 330

That's right.

No 331

The black fox seems to miss Mirai.

No 332

That's impossible.

No 333

What about the premonition of a natural mutation?

No 334

You guys www

No 335

Nine tails!

No 336

Big fox!

No 337

/(adv-to, vs) (on-mim) groaning/groaning/groaning/groaning/

I want to look down on my stomach.

No 338

I know, but that's not what I'm talking about right now.

No 339

Kuo, are you using your assault skills?

No 340

Monsieur used his Attack Skill in front of Ren-chan.

No 341

There is.....

No, no, no, no. This is not good!?

No 342

You touch yourself like you're laughing at us.

No 343

Ah, I knew the damage was coming in...

No 344

No, it's, uh...

No 345


No 346

The foxes are staring at each other.


No 347

Nine tails are hanging around.

No 348

What if the foxes betrayed me all at once?

No 349

I feel sorry for Nine Tails when it comes to letters.....

No 350

Fox Legion vs. Kuo

No 351

I can't beat Nine Tails as much as I want.

No 352

Oh, that's exactly what Ren-chan stopped.

No 353

Lotus was cute to arbitrate.

No 354

Oh, my God! (Grunts)

No 355

"[]/(adj-na, n, adj-no) (1) (uk) (uk) (uk) (uk

No 366

I've been slow ever since I said I could add more snowy mountains to my home.

No 367

Snowy mountains and foxes.

You guys were at an event with Tame.

No 368

I've seen Tamer's thread.

Looks like you did get some information a long time ago.

No 369

I can't confirm that....

No 370

Better than that.

Tomorrow is Renchan's first snow play.

Let's see what we can do.

No 371

What about your heart?

No 372

Because it's a hiccup.

No 373

Ah, yes.

No 374

Snowball is a classic.

I don't know what's left....

No 375

I think there's a lot of snow to play with.

I'm looking forward to it.